Monday, December 31, 2012

Prayer Request for Murphy

From comment section:
Please pray for Murphy, that he is able to make a full recovery. Please ask for his blood test results to come back Okay. Thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Steve the Dog

From Teresa:
Please pray for Steve, my daughter’s Jack Russel. My daughter has epilepsy and Steve has been an absolute guardian angel. He suddenly got sick yesterday and did not come home from the vet. They are trying to help him, but they’re not sure what is wrong with him. My daughter is devastated.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Fidel the Dog

From Gayle:
Please pray for my 4 year old Rottweiler Fidel. My Vet suspects he had been poisoned. His heart is racing, his blood pressure is high, his liver enzymes are high, behind his eyes are hemorrhaging and he is vomiting. He is not tolerating the medications well and does not appear to be improving. I am so worried. Please pray for him to make a 100% recovery. Thank you very much.

Urgent Prayer Request for Chica the Dog

From Susan:
Please pray for my dog Chica Pasculli who got hit by a car yesterday and Dr thinks she might have possible head trauma,thanks

Urgent Prayer Request for Ruby the Dog

From Deb:
URGENT PRAYER NEEDED ~ join me in prayer for safe return home for 'Ruby the lost greyhound'...I believe in the power of prayer in numbers

Prayer Request for Chester the Cat

From Sindy:
I just came across your site. Thank you for what you do. Please pray for my cat Chester. He is 12 will be 13 in May. He was just diagnosed with diabetes. I can't imagine life without him. Thank you God bless.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prayer Request for Ragdoll Blu the Cat

From Comment section:
Our Ragdoll Blu is missing just now. She got out of the house through an open window. She is an indoor cat and is not used to being outside. Please help us. I pray to St Anthony to please bring Blu home safe and sound. Thank you.

Sad News: Lucy the Dog, Good News: Duncan the dog

From Jenn:
I wanted to thank you for offering a place for those of us with missing or hurt companions to go for prayer requests. It really did help me not turn into a basket case yesterday. Duncan, my chocolate lab, was found last night. We picked him up from the animal shelter this morning. However, my baby girl, Lucy, was hit by a car or truck this morning/last night. I had raised her from birth, as her mother is my yellow lab (Samantha). While we are so very grateful that Duncan has returned to us, we are so completely sad that Lucy was lost. I believe that when my time comes I will be reunited with all of the pets I have lost, but for now I must make the painful journey alone. Thanks once again,

Sad News Sammy the Dog

From Toots earlier today:
Please pray for my neighbors dog Sammy. He is undergoing exploratory surgery right now. The pancreatitis test came back neg. But he had abnormal fluid in his abdomen and was severely dehydrated? They have him on pain meds and fluids until the tests on the fluid and more blood work come back.. He's such a sweet dog & loved by his human mom & dad very much.
Unfortunately, Sammy died today.
Thank you all for your prayers but Sammy didn't make it through the surgery. It's a sad day for his human parents & for those of us who knew him. He will be greatly missed. He has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Please pray for his human family who are suffering with this loss.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Prayer Request for Leroy the Cat

From Comment section:
Our cat Leroy went missing on Christmas Eve - we miss him so much. Please pray for his safe return. St Anthony you brought him back before. Many thanks

Urgent Prayer Request for Lucy and Duncan the Dogs



From Jenn:
Would you please add my prayer request.

My two youngest labs escaped our yard this morning at 10:00.  They've been gone for almost 7 hours now, and we have been unable to find them.  My chest aches with the loss of these fur-babies.  We haven't any children yet, so my dogs fill that hole for me.

My husband and neighbor have gone door to door with flyers.  I have posted ads on Craigslist and FaceBook, plus called the animal shelter and near by vet's office.  I don't know what else to do except ask for prayers.  I'm not sure if pictures can be included, but I thought I would send them along just in case.  

Duncan, my youngest, is the chocolate lab.  Lucy, my middle "child", is my black lab.

Thank you so much for taking my request, Esther.

Peace be with you,

Monday, December 24, 2012

Prayer Request for Ray-Ray the Dog

From Amy:
Prayer request for our little beagle Ray-Ray. She has been sick for several weeks and will not eat or take her medicine with food. She is only 3 years old and such a joy. It is so hard to see her suffer. She needs a miracle.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Prayer Request for Bali the Dog

From the comment section:
Please pray for and heal my friend's Black Lab, Bali. He's had lung cancer and after a dangerous surgery, he's having complications. He and Elaine found each other in a very special way, so many years ago - both needed each other then and they're so special together. Please protect him in the current surgery and pray for his recovery and bless them both with healing, peace, and togetherness.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prayer Request for Kitten the Cat

From Valerie:
Please pray for my cat "Kitten" he has stones and has been thru 3 bladder flushings and I cannot afford another surgery. Please pray that this last flush has eliminated his stones and he recovers. He is a very gentle cat and loves us very much as we love him. Please pray to help him recover and have some more good cat days left in his life....thank you

Prayer Request for Buddy the Dog

From Carmella:
Please pray for our little guy "Buddie" our Bichon. He has been very sick since Thanksgiving and the treatment and medicines are not working. Vets cannot figure out what is the cause. I hope and pray for his recovery. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prayer Request for Aimee the Cat

From comment section:
My kitty Aimee got out of the house when my husband accidentally left the door open on Saturday. As of today, Wednesday, she has not returned home. We found her collar in a neighbor's yard. I ask for prayers that Aimee will return home safe & sound as soon as possible. We miss her so much. Thank you all for helping, and God bless.

Prayer Request for Babalouie the Dog

From Melony:
My little dog Babalouie has a vet appt. Tomorrow to have his sugar levels looked at can you all please pray for him and also Please pray that his eye's get better?? ~ Thank you all ~

God News Ngus the Cat

From Reiko:
Thank you so much for the prayers,Ngus ,all dirtied up and with some bruising on his leg somehow found a way to get back home after almost a day being gone!i wish answered prayers for all...God Bless everyone and their precious pets!

Prayer Request for Maggie the Dog

From Donna:
Hello ... Wrote to you several times since April re our Mollie beging diagnosed with diabetes. Now I'd like to request prayers for our schnauzer Maggie ... a little under the weather, throwing up every now and then but doesn't seem too upset. Just hope it's a bug. Taking her to vet on Friday to get checked. Please pray that she will be her normal, healthy self again. Thanx and bless you all ...............

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good News Chance the Cat

From Nuie:
Thank you so much! At around 3:30a.m., Chance emerged from the walls in which he was stuck- safe and sound! Blessings to you, and thank you again,

Prayer Request for Ngus the Cat

From Reiko:
Our 8 month old Siamese cat got out of the house and now we can find him anywhere..please help us pray for his safe and immediate return his name is Ngus...please,please,thank you and God Bless

Prayer Request for Chance the Cat

From Nuie:
Please pray for our dear, sweet kitty, Chance, who vanished today! He and his brother, Oliver, are indoor cats, and it is highly unlikely that he managed to find a way outside, nor would he have wanted to, as it was pouring rain. We're certain that he crawled his way into the walls (through a gaping hole in the back of a cabinet), and has gotten trapped! He is silent when he is scared (like when he is in the car, or when he recently got stuck behind something in a little nook of a closet), and so, we can't tell quite where he is. Please pray that Chance soon finds his way OUT, and back into our loving arms, safe and sound. Sending love and light and blessings to all the creatures mentioned on this site, and to their people. Thank you.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Prayer Request for Kenzo

From Margie:
Please pray for our Kenzo. He is very sick. He has a very bad liver and vet doesn't give much hope. I know with all the prayers he will live, cause he is our sunshine. I'm a believer. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request for Eddie the Dog

From Susan: You have prayed for our Eddie Dog before,As we almost lost him about 6 months ago.....Then he made a miracle recovery...And we then called him EDDIE THE MIRACLE DOG....But now his health is starting to fail him....So please if you will...Pray for our Eddie dog again.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prayer Request for Woodrow the Dog

From Patti:
Please pray for Woodrow the Bull Terrier...his blood and kidney levels don't look good but his doctors are trying another route for his infection!

Good News - Ellie the Cat

From Robin:
Hello! I just wanted to give you an update. Ellie is doing better! She’s actually drinking and eating some on her own. She still has a way to go, but she’s making progress. Thank you so very much for all your prayers. We both really appreciate it! Merry Christmas & God bless.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prayer Request for Jerry the Cat

From Comment Section:
My 4 1/2 year old in door only cat, Jerry, got out on our first night in our new apt. She is greatly missed. Please pray that she will find her way home back to me. It has been over a month since she was last seen. Please tell her not to worry about any more trees falling on our new house. Our new house is made of concrete and will be able to with stand a tree falling. I miss her so much and I am worried about her safety from fox and I hope she is eating. I love her so.

Prayer Request for Jeezy the Cat

From Chantal:
My daughter lost her Cat December 6,2012. In Wyandotte, Michigan. His name is Jeezy. He is black with bright green eyes and a brown dot on the left eye. My daughter Loves him so much and cries every day. He is sick and needs his medicine. We have searched everywhere, knocked on doors in a four block radius of her entire block, posted and handed out 500 fliers and offered a 300 reward. Please pray that he is safe, well and comes home soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Mitzi the Dog and her owner

From Lou Ann:
Your prayers would be so appreciated, please, for Mitzie, a very sweet dog in California. Mitzie's human papa is a senior gentleman who has some serious health issues and was just discharged from the hospital again for a very serious procedure. He could not wait to get home to his Mitzie girl; however, the day prior to his returning home, Mitzie began suffering extreme weakness in her legs and has rapidly progressed to where she cannot stand - support herself and she is now hospitalized and undergoing workup. Initial thoughts from the vet are a disc problem, cortisone has been started, but further radiology results still pending. Mitzie and her human papa are both literally broken-hearted not to be able to be together, and she is such a tremendous support to him, and especially at this critical time with his health. Please pray with me for Mitzie's veterinary team to be able to diagnose and successfully treat whatever is causing Mitzie's weakness, that she can return home quickly so she and her human papa can be together. Thank you so very much!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sad News - Sassy the Dog

From Jan:
It is with sadness I update you that Sassy was laid to rest. Sassy will be forever loved and missed but she now romps and plays in The Good Shepard's fields. Consoling thoughts and prayers go out to Sassy's family. XO

Prayer Request for Sassy the Dog and Family

From Jan:
Please pray for my friend, Jeff W. and his family as they go through hard times with their much loved older dog, Sassy. They have gotten a call back from their veterinarian and the news is not good. I do not know the details as yet; but prayers are much needed. Thank you and God bless!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Molly the Dog

From Jan:
I'd like to post a request for prayer for a much loved and missing dog, Molly. A Facebook friend of mine,Carol O. has asked for help.

Here is a C/P of the post she had on Facebook: "My daughter needs HELP. Her old black lab is missing. She was not acting right yesterday and one of the kids let her out unattended. Molly did not come home last night or today. She saddled the horse and rode all the pastures she could, up and down highway 54 on both sides crossed highway and look. She stopped at all the neighbors and no one has seen her. She is a black lab with grey around muzzle. She is missing a bit of hair on tip of tail and she walks a bit funny. She is old and need her medicine for arthritis."

Thank you so very much for your prayers.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sad News - Sissy the Dog

From Maria:
Please say a prayer for my sister Julie and her husband Mike who lost their beloved dog "Sissy" today in a tragic accident...she was a great dog and will be missed by so many.
Please say a prayer for Mike and Julie as they mourn the loss of their beloved dog.

Prayer Request for Tancy the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for the healing of my cat Tancy. She has always been somewhat of a problem but just in the past days has stopped eating except for a few treats and will not come upstairs where she usually spends most of time. She will be four years old on January 6th. I cannot afford a $600 dollar plus vet bill if I take her there today, I have devotion and faith in St.Francis of Assisi and have been praying to him. Thank you...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Prayer Request for Benji the Cat

From Heidi:
He has IBD and severe inflammation in his intestines and Vet said if he does not get better soon he will die within 2 months. PLEASE PRAY for a complete healing for my BELOVED BENJI kitty so he can live a healthy happy life with me for years to come! He is SOOOOO special!

Prayer Request for Kallie, Max, Jasmine and Bronc

From comment section:
Our cats Kallie, Max, Jasmine and Bronc disappeared. Well we can't find them, they could be sick, hurt, hunger or even worse dead. I don't know where they are but my family and I really miss them. we would really love all your prays whether they are to bring them home or for them to RIP. I really need closer so I don't cry everytime I see their pictures.

Prayer Request for Ellie the Cat

From Robin: Hi.
I would greatly appreciate some prayers for my cat, Ellie. She is sick and not eating. She is at the vet hospital. Her prognosis is pretty good, but she needs to eat. She hasn’t eaten for three days, and the vet isn’t sure why. She’s only 11, and has been in good health until recently. She is borderline diabetic, and this is definitely not helping. But the main problem is that she won’t eat. I ask that you pray for the good Lord to cure what ails her. I just lost a puppy a year ago. It would be really hard to lose another animal so soon. My animals are very loved. Thank you very much and God bless.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Aya the Cat

From Bethel:
Please pray for my cat aya. she is terribly suffering through a poisoning. i dont know any vet in here but i know, in God's will, she'll be fine. As of now, she cant barely move nor eat and react through things. She's so helpless and i need your prayers. And i do believe, by faith, God and all the Saints of pets will make my pet alright and playful again as she were.

Urgent Prayer Request for Sweety the Dog

From Rhatna:
Prayer request for my dog Sweety: She's been through a hard time this morning (lost her firstborn pup). And she's going to have another baby. Please pray that this time the baby is going to be delivered normally and not going to die while still in the mother's womb. Thank you. God bless.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Bam the Cat

From Taylor via Bam's flier:
Hello! My name is Bam & I’m a 7 year old male cat (neutered). My mom recently passed away & I’m in need of a forever home. She never came home from the hospital and I’m still living in her condo in Hawaii Kai all by myself. My new friends are taking care of me for now and are making sure that I go to the right home because my mom really loved me. I’m a lot overweight & would need help with my diet and getting enough exercise. I was adopted from the Humane Society when I was just 5 weeks old & haven’t been around other animals since then.
Please pray that he gets a good home soon.

Sad News - Tony the Cat

From Doris Anne:
My dearest and most precious Tony, a Mainecoon, lost his battle with cancer. Pray that St. Francis will give him all the love until we meet again.

Good News! Bo the Dog

No sooner had I posted the original message when Marsha shares this good news:

He just got home ......thank you a million for prayers 

From Marsha:
Please pray that Bo is found he is a 2 yr old Shih Tzu that has gotten out of the house almost 2 hours ago we live on a very busy street please, please, please bring him home or someone find him and bring him home safely...thank you

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for BaileighJo the Puppy

From Rose of Sharon:  It has been four long days and nights since our sweet pup BaileighJo became missing from our yard. She was secure on her line for not longer than five minutes, and poof she was gone. We have been searching daily, over 600 posters placed in shops, churches, and mailboxes. 
"Jozie" is my daughter's pet. Earlier this month she had to accept the loss of her 20 year old companion cat SugarPlum. But now it is only a few weeks since she had to say goodbye to "SugSugs" and Jozie has vanished. Not one person has called with even so much as a sighting. 
I have been praying through out the days through tears to God the Father, Mother Mary pleading as a mother to a mother, St Francis of Assissi to keep her safe from harm, and St Anthony for baileighJo to find her way to us and for us to find our way to her. 
Please help us pray to St Anthony for the safe finding of BaileighJo by us for our daughter Annelore. May he find this too much for Annelore to bear, and grant her the answer to our prayers. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Harley the Cat


From Maureen: T
his is my kitty Harley, and he is very ill, and our family would appreciate any prayers for healing for him. Thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Binky the Dog

From Irma:
We were staying in the Warwick hotel in Dallas that decided to walk my dogs without my permission or calling me first. They lost one of my dogs. Binky did not deserve this. He was the kindest lovable Chihuahua. He was an inside dog and I fear so much that he is out there suffering. After five days I had to return to Houston, feeling like I abandoned him. Please pray that he is not suffering, hungry, thirsty or sad. There are no words to express what I am going thru for him. Please pray for him. Thank you

Sad News - Jellybean the Bunny

From Steve:
I'd like to offer a belated thank you for all your prayers for our Jellybean. She too has passed away. We loved these little ones so much and had them with us for about eleven years. We miss them, and pray God has a special place of rest and peace for them, and that we might one day see them again. Thank you and may God bless you.
Please say a prayer for Steve as he mourns the loss of his beloved Jellybean.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Molly the Dog

From Nicole:

Please pray for my Molly.. She is 6 years old and all of a sudden is acting older then her years and just not her normal self. We do not know what is wrong with her but I am very worried. Thank you for your prayers. She is my sweetheart :)

Prayer Request for Tigger the Cat

From comment section:
My wonderful cat tigger is sick. He has been a faithful companion. please pray for the return of his health. he is so loved and cherished.

Prayer Request for Marley the Cat

From Teresa:
"Marley" my sweet, beloved little black cat, with a white fur "heart" on his belly, has been missing since the night before Thanksgiving (6 days now). He is declawed and defenseless. Not to mention it is freezing outside. I am worried sick for my kitty. I had a dream last night and my deceased Grandmother was cooking in my kitchen. I looked out my front window and up the driveway in the snow came my Marley. But it was just that...a dream. Or perhaps my Grandmother is watching over him from heaven.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sad News - Zoe the Cat

From Valerie: Please pray for Miss Zoe whom lost her fight this morning. We will truly miss our special girl ♥  
Please say a prayer for Valerie during this sad time.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good News! - Mini the Cat

From Regina:
Mini is finally home, safe, sound and hungry! Thanks for all the prayers!

Prayer Request for Babalouie the Dog

From Melony:
~ Please pray for my little dog ,Bobalouie ....he is losing his sight and has diabeties ~

Urgent Prayer Request for BBK the Cat

From Jan:
My daughter, Shannon, contacted me today with the news that her kitty, name is BBK, has gone missing. BBK was apparently sleeping in the boat and when Shannon's husband took off for fishing, BBK inadvertently went along! He jumped out of the boat when the vehicle slowed down; a man brought this to Shannon's husbands attention but BBK was do frightened he took off running. They have been searching everywhere for BBK trying to find where he is hiding. Would you please post a prayer request for BBK that he come out of hiding and is found, please and that BBK is safe and well and nothing untoward happens to him as this all took place just off a hiway. Thank you in advance, God bless you

Good News - Winkerbeans the Dog

From Jan:
Winkerbeans is doing fine now, enjoying once again his little snacks and treats and doing well once again. Thank you so much for your support and prayers for him.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Cotton

From Jan:
Please pray for my beloved Cotton, she is at the OSU Emergency Vet Hospital with fluid in her abdomen, they are doing tests and have no news yet. This could be a serious condition, she is my best friend. Thank you Jan

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sad News - Lil Red the Dog

From Maria: Lil Red the dog was put to sleep this afternoon...she had been struggling for sometime...the cancer took over...thank you for all your prayers...her owner let me tell her goodbye, along with the rest of our family...I told her to go find Nanna...I prayed my mom would help her pass...seems ironic...It is a year ago this week that my mom went in the hospital and began her journey to be with God...Lil Red helped her in her journey...gave her love and comfort...I am sure my mom did the same for her...thank you for all your prayers...asking continued prayers for Lil Reds mom dear sister.

Prayer Request for Ted the Dog

From Trevor:
Hello All, me again. Ted is just 10 yrs old and tired after a hard life. He seems to be hard of hearing and not seeing well. Our vet can't find anything wrong with eyes or ears. Please pray that he ages well from here on. I believe we still have quite some time together still. Thank You.

Urgent Prayer Request for Kelia the Dog

From Joyce:
I adopted her from a shelter 10 years ago this month. She is a beautiful lab/german shepard mix. She has a multitude of problems: hypothyroidism, bone infection which required 2 bone biopsies. She recently had bilateral ACL repair. Keila is prone to skin and ear infections due to being hypothyroid. I love her like I gave birth to her. She is truly a family member and my best friend. Please pray for her health. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for all
you do to help the pets in need.  You are truly dedicated and caring!
 God bless each and
everyone of you abundantly!


Photo was shared by one of our friends.  Mahalo Mary Jane!

Picture source

Thank you Dear Lord, for all the blessings You have
bestowed on us, especially the many times You answered
our prayers for all the animals in need.

Urgent Prayer Request for Zoe the Cat

From Valerie:
Please pray for our cat Zoe she is 15 years old and very sick, I know she is getting tired but I don't want to lose her.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prayer Request for Winkerbeans the Dog

From Jan: "Winkerbeans has been sick all afternoon. He threw up three times! But it was yellow/green like he ate a plant. Maybe he's trying to get it out of his system with plants"

Book Recommendations

One of our prayer warriors and friend recommended the following books:

by Joan Wester Anderson
Published by Loyola Press.

by Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M.S.
Published by Broadway Books, New York, 2001.

Both look like really book reads!  Mahalo Lou Ann!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Update for Mae the Cat

From James:
First of all thank you all again! Our Mae is home and has begun eating and although we are not out of the woods yet we have been allowed hope! Right now that's all we can wish for : )

Good News! Annie the Cat

From Christina:
My mom FOUND Annie after 21 days (after Hurricane Sandy)!! Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers!!!! She's SAFE now!

Good News! Aleksi the Dog

From Marius: I have found Aleksi sunday evening I thanks you and your group dearly. Kindest Regards

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Mae the Cat

From James:
Our cat Mae has not eaten in about a week. We have taken her to the vet and have almost reached our limit in funds that we can spend on this. She is staying over night and being given medicine and other fluids. We are hoping that we can bring her home and nurse her back to health. We understand that it may be her time but are willing to do whatever we can to secure a few more healthy years. Any help in prayer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much : )

Prayer Request for Lil Ray the Cat

From Maria:
I'm praying for the return of my pet Lil ray he got lost at North Hollywood please come home Lil ray we need him but we are try to be Strang our Lil kitty Olivia here there we cry for him because we love him miss and he our son even he is a cat because for us he our son always will be until we die come back home Lil ray we love you and always love you your mommy Daddy Maria,Anthony we miss you alot your sister Olivia is waiting to meet you.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Kitty the Cat

From Bradford:
Please pray for my pet cat, Kitty who is having difficulty passing urine and stool. This problem has been there for about 15 to 20 days. She is not eating much nor drinking much water. The doctor has prescribed medication, but we are finding it hard to give her the same as she struggles a lot. Please pray that we are able to give her, her medication. Pray that she takes her medicines easily. Also please pray that she recovers fully, as we cannot bear to see her in this state.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Prayer Request for Ren the Dog

From Vicky:
Please pray for my chihuahua ren. He is limping and keeping his right back leg up....please pray God will heal him and he is better soon. Thank you so much and God bless.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prayer Request for Panther the Cat

From Heidi: PLEASE can I get MORE prayers - this time for my baby boy Panther. I have been so worried about Ben I never noticed a black lump on Panther's anus. He cries if I touch it and we go to the vet on Wednesday to see if it is a cancerous tumor. PLEASE ALL - you worked a miracle with Ben - can you pray for my Panther NOT to have cancer and make a miracle for him too! HE Is my Baby who kisses me all the time!

Urgent Prayer Request for Aleksie the Dog

From Marius: I am currently in Russia I am from South Africa.  My dear friend just informed me that my dog Aleksie ( a small qiwawa) is lost it breaks my heart please pray with me that the dog is safe and that I will find it again I thank u Regards

Monday, November 12, 2012

Good News - Ben the Cat

From Heidi:
I THANK ALL of you who prayed for my Beloved Benji cat! I just received the BESTEST news - he does NOT have lymphoma - just IBD! BLESS you ALL and again THANK YOU for your prayer

Urgent Prayer Request for a Pet Dog

From Lorrie:
I have a 6 year old Boston Terrier that has started having cluster seizures. He is my best friend and I hate seeing him this way. Please pray for a recovery or that the medicine will start working and decrease the number of seizures he has.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Prayer Request for Injured Puppy

From Christine:
Please restore vision to our 15week old puppy who was injured
St. Lucy, we ask your intercession for this injured puppy.

Urgent Prayer Request for Brinkley

From Laura:
God please make Brinkley ok, please don't take him away from us. Please pray for his health and please let him get better!!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Prayer Request for Dougie Fresh

From his owner:
Urgent prayers for Dougie Fresh that he gets a good check up he's not feeling well

Urgent Prayer Request for Simon the Cat

From Gloria:
Please pray for Simon the cat recovering from 11 hrs of surgery after being thrown off a balcony.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update - Toby the Dog

From Chris:
I have great news! Two days after his surgery the vet in charge at the time thought we should euthanize him. I posted my requests for your prayers and asked for prayers from all my friends and family. I never stopped praying. Then I got a sign. I always wear a cross under my clothes next to my heart. Along with the cross is a leaf pendent for someone who is very dear to me. That night when I went to get ready for bed I looked in the mirror and my cross was on the outside of my shirt all by itself. The next day we got a call saying that Toby was sitting up in his cage all by himself! The vets are calling his recovery remarkable and a miracle. They said his recovery was one for the record books. We have him at home now and he still has to go in for checkups and is on a lot of medication but he is his old frisky self again! He still has the staples in from his surgery and the medicine makes him sleep a lot more but when he's awake he's all over the place getting into mischief. Thank you all for your prayers for Toby and God bless all of you.

Updated Prayer Request for Ben the Cat

From Heidi:
Please Pray for my Ben kitty boy. He had surgery to take biopsies to see if he has lymphoma. We are still waiting for the biopsies to come back but they wont let him come home as he can't eat. PLEASE PRAY to God to make him well and not have lymphoma so he can come home and be happy and healthy!

Urgent Prayer Request for Lil' Red the Dog

From Maria:
Please pray for Lil' Red ...she is reaching her end...she is full of cancer...pray for peace for her and her owner and the wonderful people and other dogs surrounding her ...let her journey be a peaceful one...we love you Red...Nanna (my mother) loved you were a great caregiver to mom when she was passing away in on Nanna to come meet you and help you to pass in peace.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prayer Request for Annie the Cat

From Christina:
My mom's cat Annie has gone missing since Hurricane Sandy hit NJ. She's been missing for over a week now. Please pray for her to find her way back to my mom safe and sound. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sad News - Cloud the Dog

From Joanne:
Thank you so much for all your prayers, but sad to say Cloud passed away. It's so hard to let him go, but I have to accept the fact that he's gone and in the other hand, I was happy because he's now with God. Thank you so much for your prayers! :)
Please say a prayer for Joanne as she mourns the loss of her beloved dog.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sad News - Amber the Dog

From Rose:
It is with great Heartache, and sadness My Golden Retriever Amber , fought her last battle today with canine cancer.. I had to have her put to sleep so she can get her angel wings ..Thank you for all of your prayers for her...
Please keep Rose in your prayers!

Urgent Prayer Request for Rascal the Cat

From Helen:
Please say a prayer for my kitty Rascal who has been missing since the 12th of October 2012. A neighbour told me he passed away after being hit by a car but I don’t believe it. I feel he is still alive. Thank you. Regards,

Urgent Prayer Request for Cloud the Dog

From Joanne:
Please, pray for my dog CLOUD. He's very ill. I love him so much and I don't want him to die. I'm begging for your prayers.

Updated Prayer Request on Babe the Homeless Cat

From Dianne:
Update On Babe: I just wanted to say thank you all for your prayers and support and contituing prayers. I found Babe this morning in the park. Hungry but ok I also was able to find her daddy (Art). I have Babe under my van.And the weather is warmer and not raining. Art and his wife have apointment tomorrow at the church tomorrow around 9am to get help with an apt and they will be ale to keep Babe with them Please keep them in your prayers that everything will work out for them.Most important for babe.the one guy is still being very mean still.I know that the lord will keep her safe and that the lord will help Art and his wife and babe Thank you so very much

Good News - Cashew the Bird

From Denise and Nicole:
Up date on Cashew~ She is doing much better....eating, drinking & acting like her NUTTY Self! Thank you God & Everyone for Praying & Answered Prayers! Nicole & Denise~

Prayer Request for Finn the Cat

From Sonia on Facebook:
please be with my cat Finn so his skin may heal.

Prayer Request for Kwatro the Cat

From Maria Rosa on Facebook: I ask that my cat, Kwatro be safe wherever he is, and be brought back to me. He's been gone for a week and it's really hurting me and my children because he is part of my family.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sad News - Geronimo the Dog

From Kristina:
...Just want you to know that Geronimo went to heaven on Tuesday. (Oct. 30) My gangly teenager (14 years and 9 months) was the best guy. He won over countless hearts. He was truly ALL love. Nothing was too much for G and gosh, he was so dang much fun! We played, worked, prayed and snuggled together. He always wanted to be where his people were until the very end. We went everywhere together. I can’t think of anywhere in New England that I went that he didn’t. He loved adventure and relished being out in all kinds of weather, so Tuesday evening’s post Hurricane Sandy thunder, lightning and rain was so appropriate. We stood in the rain, lightning and thunder and figuratively and literally soaked it all up. This picture was taken in the parking lot at a local city farm. Ironically, it was just before Halloween and some people thought this was a costume. I had just got him a fleece jacket to stay cozy and warm and I put swimming noodles in the back seat, so his paws wouldn't slip into the corners. Ends up, he looks like he is ready for trick or treating as a gator, dragon, iguana, an over-sized gecko?! I can't thank you and the prayer warriors enough. ALL your love came back to him and that means the world to me. We shall ALL meet in heaven...
Please keep Kristina in your prayers as she mourns the loss of her beloved Geronimo.

Prayer Request for Sweetie the Cat's brother

From Kristy:
Please prayer for lucky sweet's baby brother

Urgent Updated Prayer Request for Babe the Homeless Kitty

From Dianne:
Thank you for all your Prayers; Just an update on Poor Babe the kitty And it is not good news She is still in the park it has been raing and very cold. Her daddy did find a place for a little while but then then something happened and now she is back in the park and when on the neighbors said that they would kill her and cut her up in little pieces if they find her.I have been looking and looking for her most of the evening and praying and crying Please help her pray that we I will find her and be able to find her a home I don't even know where her daddy is.I can not even have her at my house. I'n very scared Thank you
St. Martin de Porres whose feast day we celebrate today, intercede for Babe and all the homeless animals.

Prayer Request for Noel the Cat

From Beatrice in the comment section:
Please help us pray for our beloved cat Noel. She is the light and love of our life and an angel on this Earth. She has been missing since Sept 26th when she disappeared from our cabin in the mountains of Utah. She is a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat that is an important part of our family and we have missed her greatly. I will not lose faith that she is still alive and well but we need her to come home soon before winter arrives. We have prayed to St. Anthony and St. Francis in the Lord's name. Please help us send her love and protection and to bring her home quickly. Thank you for your prayers. Beatrice.

San Martin de Porres

Picture source

Picture source

This very humble Dominican lay brother has become well-loved not only in his native Peru, wh ere he is referred to as "Fray Martin" or Brother Martin,  but all over the world.  It is his virtues of humility, obedience, gentleness and compassion that won the hearts of those in his own order. Let us try to imitate San Martincito's virtues and use his exemplary life as a model for our own lives.

Martín de Porres,
seguidor fiel de Jesucristo,
haz que nos esforcemos en imitar tus ejemplos de unión con Dios por la oración,
de amor universal y de entrega sacrificada y gozosa al servicio de los necesitados,
especialmente de los que más sufren física o moralmente.
Confiamos en tu bondad y sensibilidad por los necesitados y te pedimos,
querido hermano nuestro, que presentes a tu amigo Jesucristo
nuestra petición de auxilio en nuestras necesidades.
Así sea.

Martin de Porres,
faithful follower of Jesus Christ,
let us strive to imitate your examples of union with God through prayer
of universal love and offer sacrifice and joyful service of those in need,
especially those who greatly suffer physically or morally.
We rely on your kindness and sensitivity for the needy and we ask
dear brother, that you present to your friend Jesus Christ
our petition of help in our needs.
 So be it.

"...Martin's charity toward the poor and homeless was legendary.  He cared for the sick and injured wherever he found them.  He had a special ministry to African slaves.  But he treated sick animals with the same devotion he extended to humans.  Innumerable legends describe his service and communion with creatures of every kind..."

'He was a man of great charity...who also assisted in the larger duty of spreading the Great Love of the world.'

- a contemporary witness"

Source:  Give us This Day

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sad News - Chester the dog

From Lori:
Thank you all, it was very tough to finally let him go, I just couldn't bare seeing him suffer anymore. God Bless you all

Urgent Prayer Request for Cashew the Bird

From Denise on Facebook:
Please send Prayers for my daughters bird ~ Cashew! Last year we almost lost her due to being egg bound. God answered our prayers and Healed her=) Now she is laying at the bottom of her cage all worn out due to the fact she just laid her 7th egg, which is a lot for a parakeet. Thank you God & Everyone for answered prayers!

Prayer Request for Melissa's Dog

From Melissa on Facebook:
I have been praying for my 9 year old Akita with arthritis in his leg. Coild youl also pray for Ty. Thank you

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Urgent Updated Prayer Request Amber the Dog

From Rose: please need your prayers for my Amber.(golden Retreiver) age 10 .. She can't get up ,not eating, she has nasal cancer .. The vet is trying some different meds for a few days then i have to make that dreadful choice.... But the power of prayer is amazing ... please pray for her ....

Happy Feast of All Saints!

This blog owes a big debt of gratitude for all our patron saints' constant intercession for our pets and owners.

Mahalo nui loa!

Dear Saints in Heaven and above all, Mary, the Queen of all Saints, ora pro nobis!

Picture source

I found the foregoing picture depicting saints and their animals.  From the left:  St. Jerome, St. George, St. Seraphim, St. Francis and St. Antony.

Good News! Lydie the Dog

her owner: Good news, and thank you. The pathology report feels that all the tumor was removed and that it's unlikely to spread. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Good News - Catherine's Lost Cat

From Catherine:
Thank you for the prayers, my cat came back thin but w only a few scratches.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Ben the Cat

From Heidi on Facebook:
PLEASE we NEED your support and Prayers! MY Ben cat and I go to our own vet at 11:20 Pacific time to see if he does have lymphoma or this regurgitating is just IBD. PLEASE won't you all Pray Ben does NOT have cancer of any type! He is my SPECIAL fella and I need him desperately!

Prayer Request for Isaac the Dog

From Lisa on Facebook:
please pray for my little isaac. he is not feeling good at all

Urgent Prayer Request for Toby the Dog

From Chris on Facebook:
Please pray for my little Toby. He's only 4 years old, an maltese/shih tzu mix and only 7 and 1/2 lbs. He had to go through major surgery for a liver shunt and stones in his bladder. He's been unresponsive since his surgery on friday and is now suffering from seizures. I love him so much and am just devastated about what he has gone through and now the complications. He is such a sweetheart and I love him dearly. I haven't been able to sleep since all of this started last tuesday night. I beg you please pray for a healthy recovery for him and that he soon will be back in my arms again giving me kisses. Please help! Thank you so much for your help and prayers.

Sad News - Poochie the Dog

From Audrey:
Please pray for comfort. Poochie was 14 and 1/2. She collapsed outside, we brought her in and laid her in her blanket. She looked me in the eyes and took two breaths, she was alive during the night when I came to stroke and talk with her, then we lost her around 7 am Sunday, October 28. Please I cry and grieve, but Poochie passed with a smile on her face, I know she must have see her guardian angel. I placed my religious medal around her neck. Thank you for your kindness. God Bless.
Please pray for Audrey during this very sad time.

Urgent Prayer Request for Max the Cat

From Comment section:
My cat Max went missing this morning. Now that the storm from hurricane Sandy is gathering we are sick with worry that we will lose our beloved pet. Please pray for his safe return

Urgent Prayer Request for Mini the Cat and all pets in danger of the East Coast Storm

From Regina:
I am desperately in need of prayers for our Mini cat. We have a big storm coming and she got out of the house. Every time you prayed for her and posted on your site she came home. Please help again.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sad News - Chester the Dog

From Lori:
Hi I would like to update you on Chester, He was suffering, I had set a date twice if he was not better that i would put him down, but he would show lil bits of hope like digging for his toy, or playing with the cat poop, (he liked that) but finally had to put him down, He had a great life with us and we had a greater life while he was in it. A lil about Chester, We went to Humane Society to "LOOK" and there he was just coming in. so we brought him home. Everytime we would leave him home (he suffered from separation anxiety) he would have all of our dirty clothes in a pile and just lay on them, and when we would walk in the door, he would hurry up an grab a squeaky toy and go at it like I'm too cute, you can't yell at me now :) and he was. I thought it was too cute. Towards the end when we would leave he went into a big bird cage, and when we came home he had everything that was around the cage in the cage??? like what the heck?? anyhow we came home one day and he had his head sticking out the lil window of the bird cage. just too cute. He is sooo missed and a very happy part of our family, thank you all for your support and prayers, I will attach the video of him again to see if you can view it it is just tooo funny ♥

Friday, October 26, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Bandit the Dog

From Sabrina:
I wanted to write and tell you how comforting these prayers have been to me this week. My chihuahua, Bandit, has congestive heart failure. Earlier this week, he took a sudden turn for the worse. I took him in to the vet Tuesday, and were given the "last resort" medication. He told us that if Bandit had not shown improvement by Thursday, there would be nothing else to do. While searching for some insight online into the signs of end stage canine chf, I found this site and began reciting the Novena, the prayer to Fr. Seelos, and the prayer for a sick pet. I cannot describe to you the clarity and peace of mind that came over me. I suddenly realized that bandit would find a way to show me if he was tired. So I battened down the hatches, continued his meds, and saying my new prayers. I am happy to report Bandit is still with us, and is beginning to stabilize. I'd appreciate if you would add Bandits name to the prayer list so that I can have a little help in lifting him up to The Lord. Thank you again,

Prayer Request for Chico the Dog

From Monica on Facebook:
Please pray for Chico, he is lost and we are heart broken. He was lost Oct 25 in the Cow Creek/Pecos, NM area. We are worried sick for his welfare and pray that he is found or finds his way home

healing through St. Martin De Porres' intercession - feast Nov. 3 - NOVENA

This old Peruvian holy card belonged to my dear father.
Mahalo Mary Jane!

During his life, St. Martin De Porres was a power intercessor for sick people whom he cared for; many were healed.

Last year, I prayed a novena to St Martin De Porres asking for his intercession for the constant pain above my right knee, lasting almost a year. My doctor did not provide relief, neither did the chiropractor.  Unless I stayed off of it or put ice on several times a day, the pain was there. During the time of praying the novena, I was seeing a physical/massage therapist.  As I entered the office for a weekly visit, she noticed the way I was walking. It was determined that one leg was one quarter of an inch shorter.  She prescribed a heel lift and the pain ceased!


Feast is November 3.  Start Friday Oct. 26, for 9 days in a row, say:

Saint Martin de Porres, 
your concern and charity embraced 
not only your needy brethren, 
but also the animals of the field.
You are a splendid example of charity; 
we thank and praise you. 
From above, 
hear the requests of your needy brethern.

(Mention your request here...)

By modelling our lives after yours, 
and imitating your virtues, 
may we live content knowing that 
God has looked favourably upon us. 
Because this is so, 
we can accept our burdens 
with strength and courage 
in order to follow 
in the footsteps of our Lord 
and the Blessed Mother.

May we reach the Kingdom of Heaven 
through the intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Urgent Prayer Request for Lydie the Dog

From her owner:
Our 11 year-old chihuahua, Lydie, had another mass removed today. Please pray that it is not malignant, and that she recovers. Thank you.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Lady and the Cat

This was shared by a friend on Facebook.  I am not sure who the artist is but will try to find out.  There is a content kitty looking at the Blessed Mother as she reads her book.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prayer Request for Bailey and Baxter the Dogs

From Jacque:
Please pray for 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers, One whose name is Baily has cancer, and has to have chemo every 2 weeks for the rest of her life, she is 6 years old. Then her father Baxter suddenly became sick yesterday. Your prayer line is great, no stronger a power is that of prayer. Thank you

Prayer Request for Mooch the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for the return of our cat, Mooch. He has been missing for almost a week now and we miss him so much. He is gray with beautiful green eyes. We pray that he will come home, and that no harm has come to him. Thank you

Monday, October 22, 2012

Good News - Jack the Dog

From Juliet:
I would like to thank you as your prayer on the website helped my pet dog Jack (Labrador) recover from sickness. Thank you very much and god bless you.

Another Urgent Prayer Request for a Rescued Puppy

From Jean on Facebook:
Please pray for the precious puppy my friend found today. She no more than 7 or 8 weeks old. Undernourished and Extremely dehydrated. This angle is very ill. We have been trying to save her and she is extremely weak. My friend is curled up with her keeping her warm. The puppy has found a place where she knows she is loved. We haven't named her because we have been just concentrating on getting pedialite down here and baby food. She's warm in Rhonda's arms and we are praying she makes it thru the night. Please pray for this little angel. She has finally found a loving home where people care. Please pray for her recovery. Thank You
Puppy made it thru the night. She is still resisting any nurishment but we are still force feeding her. However she has decided she likes the juice from the cat food. Still thats not enough and going to the hospital. The major concern is dehydration. She's has attached herself to my friend Rhonda. She slept with Rhonda last night for warmth. The pedilite was room temperature but made her shake. Thats a good thing and a bad thing so Rhonda wrapped her up in blankets and slept with puppy last night and again tonight. She is going to the bathroom just alittle but because she had nothing in her system we are thrilled to see her going at all. My friend Rhonda is taking her to the animal hospital tomorrow morning and wants IV's put in her to help with the dehydration. Rhonda has worked at a clinic in the past and said with major dehydration that her throat may be sore from dehydration and she thinks that is stopping her from really eating. Tomorrow we take her. She is holding on for us and knows Rhonda is her new mama . Tonight force feeding with baby food and pedialite and a paste full of vitamins and nutrience. Thanks you Jan and keep praying for her. We still haven't given her a name, more pressing matters. It's kinda around the clock right now. She's sleeping all cuddled up with Rhonda. She slowly moves around, she's just all bones. God bless her. Thank you all

Urgent Prayer Request for Rescued Puppy

From Maria on Facebook:
Please pray for this sweet puppy we found ...his owner has not come forth and his time at his foster homes is limited. He is a Boxer mix, brindle, very sweet about 3 months old, love children and other dogs, please pray we find him a good home...thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Bandit the Dog

From Elvina:
I would appreciate prayers for my little lost sheltie Bandit who was lost when a large dog came after him. Bandit is a wonderful, extremely loyal and loving dog. He came into my home as a rescue. He is a major part of my family and our life. He was lost May 6, it has been a terribly long time for him to be gone. Bandit is 8 years old so I desperately feel the need to get him home. I know he is being watched over and protected, I just need to get him home. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Urgent Prayer Request for Geronimo the Dog


From Kristina: "...Geronimo was diagnosed with his third cancer in June..a heart tumor. He got pneumonia just over 2 weeks ago and seems to be fighting the pneumonia well, but he is tired. The x-ray showed a couple of lesions on his lungs His legs aren't so strong and his appetite is not great. It had just began to turn around before this. He will be on strong antibiotics another 9 days. I pray to do what is right and for God's will for him. I still say your prayers each day for all God's creatures. Your website is such a blessing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sad News - Ringo the Dog

From Maureen:
We lost our Ringo tonight, but, I wanted to thank you for your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request for Ringo the Dog

From Maureen:
My friend's dog, Ringo, has been very sick...The vet thinks it might be cancer, but, can't find the source of the illness. I'm asking you to pray that Ringo will be strong enough fight this illness. He is a beautiful, 7 year old Australian Sheppard. He is the sweetest dog...Please say a prayer for Ringo and his owner Mary. Sincerely

Friday, October 19, 2012

Updated Prayer Request for Magnum the Puppy

From Magnum's owner: Thank you for the prayers magnum is steadily improving

Coco - One Year Anniversary of Death

Today is the first anniversary of the death of my dearest four-legged companion and best friend.  Our cat Honey used to love to groom Coco. It was a way of relaxing for both of them.  Coco will forever be in my heart.

Urgent Prayer Request for Mattie the Dog

From Mary Ann:
I just found your blog and am called to ask for prayer for our family as we release our German Shepherd, Mattie, tomorrow morning. She went to the vets on Wednesday for a check-up of an unrelated disease and was found to have cancer in many vital organs. Before she experiences pain, we have decided to return her to the Father who blessed us with her six years ago. Although she was 3 when we adopted her, she was, and always will be our puppy girl.
Pleae pray for Mattie and for Mary Ann and her family.

Sad News - Taco the Dog

From Carolyn:  On May 13th  of this year my little Jack Russel mix dog Taco passed away, you were so kind to me at that time and posted Taco on the wall.
On Monday October 15th of this week, our other little Jack Russel Scout was run over and he passed away. He was only 61/2 years old.  My husband and I are both devastated by this, yesterday we buried our little Scout next to Taco.
This has been a really hard week for us, I'm asking for your prayers and I am hoping that you will post Scout on the wall. I see that Taco's name is still there.
I had tried to send you an email before from the old email that I had sent you in May regarding Taco, but I am not sure if you got it so I sent this one separately. I am sorry if you get two of these emails.
Thank you for your help in the past, your website is such a blessing.
Please keep Carolyn in your prayers as she suffers yet another loss of a beloved pet.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good News! Foxy the Cat

From Charmaine:
Aloha & mahalo nui loa for the love & prayers-my baby Foxy came home abt 3 hrs ag-skinny but Alive & Home! I couldn't believe it! After i posted my prayer request i noticed that the blogs owner lives in Hawaii-i took that as a sign as i grew up in Hawaii :) Anyway thank you so much again and i will continue praying for all of the others also missing their furbabies both big and small-to the owners-keep the faith & hope-Prayers Work!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prayer Request for Gia the Dog

From the comment section:
I am asking for prayers for my friend's dog Gia. She has been missing for 3 days now. He has been putting flyers all around town. Please pray that someone finds her or she returns on her own. We are all so worried since we haven't heard from anyone in the past two days and it's getting cold out. Thank you for your prayers!

Urgent Prayer Request for Seriously Injured Feral Cat

As I was walking my dog this morning I saw a tortoise shell cat under a car (in a parking lot). Thee was a red thing on her/his chest.  It was a big deep gash and to make matters worse, the cat's leg looked broken as she/he dragged it behind her.  I called the humane society. They wanted me to contain it.  I couldn't do that.  But an angel by the name of "Mitch" who works around there will be keeping an eye on her and leaving food for her until the humane society picks her up.

Please pray that this poor kitty doesn't suffer much, that the humane society does in fact come and get her help, and for Mitch as I understand he has helped other cats in the past.

Mahalo nui loa!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Sir the Dog

From Karen on Facebook:
I saw this on a Facebook NewsFeed and I then saw your Facebook page and thought you could help this couple!!! Please read the following:

Charlie Parker and his wife would rather lose their home than live without their chocolate lab named Sir. They've put their house up for sale to raise $50,000 for a reward to help find their best friend. Sir was wearing a camouflage collar when he went missing in Beaumont, TX. If you have any information about the dog,

Update - Nikita the Dog

From Lou Ann:
My friend posted me to please extend profound thanks to you and all our Prayer Warriors here for all the prayers for her beloved Nikita. The pathology report from the biopsy was later coming back than expected (making for a very long week, of course), but fortunately revealed benign "inflammation" at the site. Nikita remains her very loving, devoted, playful, and energetic senior self :), and her human "mum" is vastly relieved!! Sincerest special thanks to all here for the many prayers and thoughts, and special thanks indeed to all the Saints and Our Lady for their intercession! As I like to say, "Hearts, Hands, Paws, and Hooves together!" always,

Prayer Request for Jewel the Cat

From the comment section:
I posted before but didn't see it so I am trying again. Our family cat Jewels is missing she is black, 7 months old and kinda friendly. she is an outdoor cat that wanders out every once and a while but always comes back after a day never have been gone for more than one day. Please she is so very missed and would be really thankful for your prayers to bring her home.

Urgent Prayer Request for Tasha the Cat

From Pat on Facebook:
Please pray for Tasha . She is a beautiful rescue cat that is in surgery right now. She is so loved by her owner and we would appreciate any prayers.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Babe the Cat

From Dianne:
There is a poor older kitty in the park, where I live named Babe, she is 9 yrs. her owner is a homeless man,I think he is on drugs. Not for sure but he leaves her in the park everyday. It is very very cold and it is now raining. Most of the time when I go to work she is there, I have been feeding her. and then sometimes at night when I come home she is there always waiting for him. he says at nighttime she sleeps in his sleeping bag with him at his friends house. He's says that he has had her her hole life and they have been homeless for the last 4 yrs. I m just so very worried about her. As I can not have any kittys,I already got into trouble for having some stray kittys Please pray that the lord will incessered for this poor kitty babe and her daddy as I'm not sure what to do.I know the lord will take care of them as no problem is too big or too small for the lord and ask and you shall recieve and have faith and trust in the lord. Thank you so very very much god bless you all and may lord protected all our lost and sick animals

Urgent Prayer Request for Biff the Cat

From Ashley on Facebook:
Please pray for my 18 year old cat Biff. He doesn't want to eat anything, and there's nothing I can do for him. He's too old. Please pray that we both find peace, in whatever form that comes in.

Prayer Request for Foxy the Cat

From Charmaine:  i lost my cat Foxy who got out of my house 5 days ago and am just sick about it-i've looked everywhere for her-posted flyers,ran ads,alerted neighbors, etcplease pray that Foxy my cat returns home-she's my baby!! 

Urgent Prayer Request - Pebbles the Cat

From Rob:  Pebbles is missing since 5.30 am this morning. She is family pet and is over 14 years old, but sprightly for her age.
My mum, 82, is deeply distressed at her absence. All prayers (especially to Saint Gertrude of Nivelles), thoughts and good wishes for her speedy and safe return are needed and very welcome.
Thank you.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Daisy the Dog

From Kristie:
My family and I are asking for your thoughts and prayers for our beloved pet. Daisy has been a part of our family for the past 7 years and her recent illness has our family in a state of hopelessness. We truly need your prayers. Thank you in advance and God bless,

Prayer Request - Mac the Dog

From Trevor:
Our youngest, Mac, has had a hard night trying to pass urine, he finally did then drank and slept. My worry is bladder stones as Bichon Frise can be prone to them so we're going to watch over him for signs of continued problems. I ask that we all pray for him to be watched over too and guided through this period to continuing good health please. =0)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Toby Dumas the Cat

From Dawn:  may I please request a prayer for my cat Toby Dumas, he has kidney failure and we feel does not have long to live, my prayer is if it is God’s will I would pray Toby’s kidney’s would heal or stabilize and that he does not suffer.

Urgent Prayer Request for Domino the Dog

From Laura on Facebook:
Please pray for my friend, Regina's dog, Domino, who is suffering with bone cancer and having surgery to remove a leg. Thank you everyone!

Prayer Request for Daisy the Puppy

From Flora on Facebook:
Please, pray for my grand pup Daisy!!

Sad News - Otis the Dog

From Patricia on Facebook:
Please keep Patricia in your prayers.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Nikita the Dog

From Lou Ann:
A dear friend just confided to me that her very precious, Nikita, a beautiful red Siberian Husky had a biopsy performed yesterday, 10/8/12, for a worrisome growth on her leg. Nikita is a most special loving "princess" to her family, and her presence is so important to them, as many of you well can understand. Prayers have been requested . . . we are praying fervently that the biopsy results reveal only benign healthy tissue. Of course, I thought of this most special and sacred site right away. Your prayers are so much appreciated. It will be several days until results are back. My friend and I are so very grateful for your prayers for Nikita. Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, St. Jude, St. Roch, St. Francis, St. Anthony, St. Rita, and Our Lady, please hear our prayer. My profound thanks, bless you all.

Urgent: Updated Prayer Request for Amber the Dog

From Rose:
My amber still needs prayers for nasal cancer.. The up dosage of predisone is no longer working as well..I know what has to be done ,but I also believe in the power of Prayer ..My heart is twisted ...Thank you

Updated Prayer Request for Sweetie the Cat

From Kristy:
Please say a prayer or sweets he is not doing good again

Monday, October 8, 2012

Good News - Annie the Cat

From Connie:
Annie is home went to check outside on the porch she came flying through the door Thank you all for praying for Annie's safe return home and most of all THANK YOU LORD!! Prayers are our way to Jesus I Love you Jesus

Sad News - Brindle the Puppy

From Denise:
Thank you Everyone for your Prayers for Our Brindle & for Us!! Her fight is over!! We had to do one of the Hardest Things That We Ever Had To Do In Our Lives~ Bring her pain to an end! Our Hearts are Broken! But we were So Blessed to have had her in our lives! I just pray that she'll be waiting for me when I get there! We Love You Brindle ♥

San News - AhChoo the Cat

From Rebecca:
Thank you for the prayers - I know they helped keep AhChoo alive much longer than any human expected. Sadly, she succumbed to the lung cancer. She lost her sister of 16 years in July 2011 and I really think she was just ready to re-join her.
Please keep Rebecca in your prayers.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Prayer Request for Rusty the Cat

From Ann on Facebook:
please pay for my rusty cat to come home he has been missing since 9-26-12 and has never been out of the house.... I miss him so much! please come home Rusty

Prayer Request for Annie the Cat

From Connie on Facebook:
Annie is missing my cat since thurs Annie come home

Good News: Boots

From comment section:
Thank you Little Flower, St. Francis and St Anthony for returning Boots to us save and sound! and to anyone else that prayed. Boot has returned safe and sound.

Urgent Prayer Request for Miley the Dog

From Bellina on Facebook:
Please pray for a boxer pup named Miley who got salmon poisioning and now it's spread to her brain, we need a Miracle healing for her and for a host of other people (like John who has cancer), animals and all who love them. Thanks and God bless

Good News - Gracie the Dog

From Bellina: My little Miracle girl is completely back to herself. Even eating!!!!!!! There was a time I didn’t know if I was going to loose her and Our Lord just as He saved me from deaths door knocked down yet another door and saved my little one‘s life. Truly a Miracle that even the Doctor can not deny. Thank You Sweet Lord for remaining the God You have always been. Truly Faithful, Loving, all Kind, Patient, Understanding, The True Meaning of Strength and my Daddy, Savior and Uplifter. Thank You Blessed Holy Trinity for saving my baby. Thank You for saving me. I will always love and adore You. Thank You Mommy Mary and every Saint and Angel Above for interceding for us and carrying us to The Cross daily. I truly do love You. Thank You Lord. Thank You!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Feast Day! Blessed Francis X. Seelos

Happy Feast Day!

Mahalo to Mary Jane for sharing the following litany.

O My God, I truly believe You are present with me.  I adore Your limitless perfections.  I thank You for the graces and gifts You gave to Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos.  If it is Your holy will, please let him be declared a saint of the Church so that others may know and imitate his holy life.  Through his prayers please give me this favor ... (HERE MENTION YOUR SPECIAL INTENTIONS) 
My family's First Class relic of Blessed Seelos

Litany of Blessed Francis Seelos:

Lord, have mercy on us!
Christ, have mercy on us!
Lord, have mercy on us!
Christ, hear us!
Christ, graciously hear us!
Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos,  pray for us             
Francis, pattern of cheerfulness, pray for us                             
Francis, lover of labors, pray for us                                        
Francis, model of confessors,  pray for us                             
Francis, gentle refuge of penitents,  pray for us            
Francis, example to seminarians,  pray for us                            
Francis, master of poverty,  pray for us                                      
Francis, pillar of peacefulness, pray for us                           
Francis, comfort of the sick, pray for us                        
Francis, companion to the dying, pray for us                        
Francis, paragon of holiness,  pray for us                    

O God, who made your priest, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, outstanding in love, that he might proclaim the mysteries of redemption, and comfort those in affliction, grant, by his intercession, that we may work zealously for your glory and for the salvation of all.   Amen.


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