Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Prayer Request for Bindi Loo the Bunny

From our Facebook page:
Can I please request some prayers for my beloved little senior bunny, Bindi Loo? He is currently dealing with a serious ear infection and his left eye has gone blind and cloudy. We are treating the eye for a possible infection but the vet warned me that it could be cancer. This is one tough little bunny and he's been through a lot in his 10 1/2 years. If anyone can recover from this, it's Bindi. But he might need some help. Thank you for any prayers his way as well for running this wonderful site.

Prayer Request for Olivia the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray that my cat Olivia is safe and returns home soon.. she's a stray who lives in my backyard and I love her so much..she's my friend. Please pray she's on her way home

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Prayer Request for Mimi the Cat

From comment section:
Mimi is on her final journey tonight. Is it really so long ago when I first posted she was ill ? She was just so loving and patient , funny and intelligent . I would like to think I will see her again .She brought us so much joy. I thank God for the twelve years she remained with us.

Prayer Request for Daisy the Cat

From comment section:
Would you all please pray for my cat, Daisy. She is frail, and she is having some mobility issues. I do not have any children, and this loving cat is my child. She was by my side when I was dying, and I just want to have her for many more years. Please pray for her return to health so my love and I can share many more special days together. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Prayer Request for Sparky the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my dog Sparky. He has a large tumor in his stomach and has spread to his heart. He is dying. My Sparky is almost 13 years. He is my love and companion. I can’t bear to see him suffering. I am praying for a miracle if it’s the will of God if not I pray that God remove any form of pain and suffering and that God takes him peacefully in his sleep. Thank you. Love and blessings

Prayer Request for Mac the Dog

From Trevor:
I have a senior dog, MAC, having little seizures. He comes out of them all right, has a bit of a sleep, wakes up and has another. Seems Ok for awhile, even rolls over for a tummy rub, then it starts all over again. Six hours until the vet opens. Not a lot of sleep forecast for tonight. Thanks, and God bless you

Monday, November 6, 2017

Prayer Request for Lulu the Cat

From Sandra:
Please pray for my cat lulu who has been taken away by people. Please pray that he finds his way back home by himself or that I will get him back. Thank you so much for your prayer support.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Prayer Request for Mimi the Cat

From comment section: Pl
ease pray for my dying feral cat Mimi who brought us such joy and happiness these last 12 years.