Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Prayer Request for Cookie the Cat

From Renee:
please pray for cookie the cat who is lost, family is very upset that she finds her way home

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Prayer Request for Bugsy the Cat

From Gabriella: P
lease pray that Bugsy our cat will come home. He has been missing since August 21... Last year he went missing and your prayers helped to bring him home,

Monday, August 26, 2013

Prayer Request for Dizzy the Dog

From Denise:
Thank you for this page and the comfort you give pet owners who can feel so alone and helpless when their pet is sick. Please pray for my dog, Dizzy. She took sick over the weekend and is at the vet's now for tests. Please pray she doesn't need surgery, because I cannot afford it and I would have so much guilt if I have to fail her in her time of need. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Jasper the Cat

From Reena:
Please pray for my beloved cat Jasper... May his eyes continue to improve. May he remain in your loving hands till You will him to return home. Thank you for the gift of his friendship and love. Thanks.

Prayer Request for Lily the Pet

From Jancy:
Dear St. Anthony,patron of the poor and the helper of all who seek lost articles, help me to find our beloved pet LILY who had gone out this morning and did not return. Please pray for her safe return. She is hardly 4 months old. She is very much afraid to be alone.

Urgent Prayer Request for Princess Aurora the Puppy

From Wendy:
Would like some prayers for Princess Aurora, a 17 week old puppy with a distended tummy, paralization swollen lymph nodes, just a hot mess. She is being watch and treated to uncover what her medical issue is. Please send lots of prayers for her healing so she can be helped.

Urgent Prayer Request for Sumo the Dog

From Hannah:
We need some special prayers for a sweet little dog named Sumo my dog by her today and she needs a operation tonight, she is 14 yrs old please pray that she comes through I'd operation please thank you all and God bless

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Mortimer the Dog

From comment section:
Mortimer, a 3 yr old Basset Hound developed Pancreatitis and is extremely ill! Now at hospital with IV, feeding tube and he needs prayers. Please help with your prayers for him and his mom (my very good friend) who is so worried about him. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Prayer Request for Lucius Fox the Cat

From Andrea:
Please pray for my cat Lucius Fox he has been missing for over 2 weeks. If he doesn't return please pray for a safe and caring home for him. It brakes my heart to see my family loose a hope everyday. Thank you and God Bless.

Urgent Prayer Request

From Trevor:
Asking for prayer for a good friend Kerry who is taking her 15 yr old dog, Monty, to the vet for the last time today. Please pray that she can feel supported for this worst of tasks. Amen

Monday, August 19, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Sookie the Dog

From April:
I'm begging for prayer for a lost and terrified foster dog. 2 weeks ago, a rescue greyhound got loose from her handler and ran 6 miles up I-95 until she veered off into the woods. This poor girl is extremely skiddish, very terrified of men and was on our way to our home for fostering when she got loose. I have prayed for this sweet Girl's safe return, but so far no luck. We have had sightings, multiple traps out for her, people out everyday spreading the word as well as news stations and radio involved. Her name is Sookie and she's a 3 yr old black ex-racing greyhound. We love her and miss her, please pray for her safe return.

Urgent Prayer Request for Perseus the Pet

From Crystal:
Please pray for my precious baby Perseus. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma and all his lymph nodes are enlarged. He now has fluid filled sacks developing on different parts of his body. I pray over him every night. He has the kindest spirit of any animal I have ever had and loves every animal. He is very special to me and has shown me unconditional love that I was missing from my life. Thank you to everyone who holds him in their prayers.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Feast of St. Roch!

St. Roch, Patron Saint of Dogs

Picture source

You can read about St. Roch here

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Payer Request for Shiner the Pet

From Nancy:
I believe in prayer more than anything. Please pray for our beloved Shiner that he will be completely healed of any illness on this night. Thank you!

Urgent Prayer Request for Sierra the Horse

From Marianne:
urgent prayer request for my good friend Amy's Paso Fino horse "Sierra", who keeps going lame. She rescued this horse, gave her another chance, took care of her-for months. Now the vet is saying that the coffin bones in both front legs (where the leg and feet meet up with the hoof, and the hoof wall), are sinking. They think may have to put her down in the next few days. Amy and her 5 yr. old daughter absolutely LOVE this horse. Please pray that they may have the strength to make the best decision. Thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Starbright the Dog

From Jaki:
Dearest PFOP ~ I want to share this with you and PFOP community. There is a very concerning one of the neighbor dog. I do not know his name. I never knew his name at all. I called him StarBright. It's all about Hope for him. His shining eyes showed that all is lost hope. He has been neglected and abused. He is all alone under the shed and is chained up. The couple does not care about him at all, it was horribly watching him living this way. He hiding under the shed hasn't comes out much. That this has us concerning the way he's living due to all the rain and hot sun searing high up in the high temp. We have a very super wet rain everyday. He has a very black jet coat which is way too hot for him being out in the sun. He has no one to play with dogs , petting him or needing attention or need alot of love. Nothing !! His pets owner dumped dry food on the very wet grass along eating what was left on the grass and soil !! And letting the rain filled up in his bucket along with misquitos babies in it or some flies. That is not good for his health. He may have a postive HW. Please pray for Starbright and help getting SB for a wonderfully forever home. I prayed that the right and the best peoplel stepping up and rescues Starbright in time before fall season approaching. he truly need get out of the gravely stituation. Please pray saves StarBrght's life. He truly needs alll your help and your prayer. pray for people and rescuers comes and saves Starbright in time this week anything possible !! It's truly a heartbreaking watching the way the pet owners mistreated SB in a horribly way. All im saying is please everyone comes to pray together for Starbright. Pray for help getting rescuers and people rescues and saves Starbright's life in this very now. Thank you

Urgent Prayer Request for Fifi the Pet

From Facebook:
Please help pray for our beloved pet Fifi, give more strength for her fast recovery, . Please make her healthy again to live with us longer... We love fifi senor San Roque!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Mable the Puppy

From Robert:
Mable is only 2 months old and 2 pounds and even though we have only had her about 4 days she has brought such joy to my family. On Monday she was diagnosed with parvo and we help her fight through it as best we can. She is weak tonight and my heart aches with worry that she will pull through the night and recover. She has a most loving aura and even though she is so weak she still tries to watch us all and give comfort. I ask that she be restored to us in health and continue to bring us the joy she has shown us in such a short time. Humbly I ask this for myself, my family, and most of all for our beloved Mable.

Urgent Prayer Request for Belle the Dog

From Gabriella:
Please pray for our dog Belle, she was diagonsed with a brain tumor. Please St. Anthony pray she is healed. She brings such love and joy to our home.

Urgent Prayer Request for Joaquin the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my dog Joaquin ,he is very sick and weak but I believe that miracles can happen and he can be healed that his strength and health will be restored. He plays a great role in our family's life.He has been bringing joy to our family for 7 Years and I still believe that he can be healed so please include him in all of your prayers .a big thank you from me

Monday, August 12, 2013

Prayer Request for Scooby the Dog


From Lilani:
Prayer for a Lost Pet Father We ask You to help us find Scooby our dear pet who is now lost. We know that You placed animals on the earth for many reasons, including companionship for man. We therefore ask You to help us find our lost companion, and pray that You will keep her safe and protect her from harm until she is found. We join our prayers with St. Francis, St. Anthony of Padua, and all the saints, and pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Urgent Prayer Request for Rhiannon the Dog


From Monica:
Hello your prayers have helped my 18 year old dog Rhiannon...I know her death is near."I want her to have a healthy happy death when God sees fit but if he can pls heal her infection...her heart is weak for the procedure to fix it...she is doing great but had some bad moments..that the saints be with her especially San Martin de Porres...I ask him to be with her by her side every step of the way...

Sad News - Bridget the Dog

From Jeannine:
Here is an update on our sweet Bridget. Sadly she slipped away on Sat. morning from complications from her stroke. Her week in the hospital was spent surrounded by caring and skilled doctors and technicians. Because of them she didn’t suffer any undo pain or discomfort, and received much attention which she always loved. Because of their efforts she had a very real chance of recovery. Unfortunately it was not in God’s plan. She is no longer facing a life possibly filled with medical issues and that gives us some peace. We of course are heartsick but were blessed to share her life for the short time we did. Please keep these wonderful doctors and technicians in your prayers that they may continue to do good works and bring comfort and healing to God’s creatures. Regards,

Urgent Prayer Request for Abigail the Cat


From Monica:
I would like to request prayers for my kitty Abigail. We have only had Abigail for about 3 years. We adopted her from a very loving family who moved out of the country. She is 16 years old. She is a beautiful and very affectionate brown striped Maine Coon. This past Saturday she went into diabetic shock and her kidneys were not working properly. She has been at the hospital since. We could not afford to put her in a 24 hour care. At night she is by herself without any monitoring. Today we visited her. Her blood sugar was still too high for us to take her home, but it is lower than it was on Saturday. Please pray that her blood sugar levels will stabilize by tomorrow so that we can take her home. We really cannot afford for her to be in the hospital much longer. Thank you for your prayers and I will prayer for all of the other pets who need prayers.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Prayer Request for Steise the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of my 10 year old kitty, Steise (Pronounced Stesha - it’s a Gaelic name). My husband left a screen on the front porch open on Wednesday August 7th at approx 3am. Stesh and my other indoor cat Gabriele Seamus jumped out the window. Gabe doesn’t take off- so at 6:45am I was sitting on our side porch having my coffee and Gabe came walking up through the garden mulch meowing..I came off the porch and snatched him up and immediately came inside to do a head count. No sign of Steise. I have been searching for her tirelessly. I live in a rural area..our 1.26 acre lot is surrounded by 80 acres of field corn and there are woods directly across the road from our house. I have a humane trap set for her, and some of the tops I wore this week hanging out around the house and also set Tuna Fish in our barn last night, but when I checked it this morning it was untouched, so I disposed of it. She is microchipped and I contacted I have contacted all my neighbors and handed out flyers. I have been in contact with a “Pet Detective” from Missing Pets Partnership (EXCELLENT Website!!!). Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Stesh is NOT an outdoor cat. She is very fearful and skittish. and classified as a Xenophobic cat, so according to the experts, she is not far away (unless she got spooked or chased), but is too scared to move and will remain in hiding. When someone comes over to our house, she hides and will not come out until long after our guest(s) have left. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and I am praying for all the beloved fur kids posted here. Thank you all- I am beside myself and trying to keep the faith that she will come home.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Prayer Request for Pedro and Floyd the Cat

From Pat:
Please help me pray for my 2 cats who have developed cat flu.Pedro is particularly bad and may need to have his eyes removed, or worse. Floyd is not as poorly yet. They are 3 years old,ginger and brothers from the same litter. They are the most loving, happy and loyal cats. They have been with me since they were 10 weeks old. I love them dearly. Thank you.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Bridget the Dog

From Jeannine:
Please keep our beloved 5 year old Cavalier Bridget in your prayers please. She suffered a major stroke on Tues and is very ill. We need to discover the cause so she can be treated and another stroke prevented. She has brought us much joy and love and we will need the strength to make whatever decisions are best for her. Thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Jessie the Puppy


From Stephanie:
If you guys could spare some prayers for my sister's puppy, Jessie, I would be grateful. Jessie is at the vet, condition unknown, at present. She ate a wild mushroom while camping with her family today. She is such a sweet puppy and very loved by my sister's children. Thanks to you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.

Prayer Request for Bay the Dog

From Sandra:
calling on u again to pray for my friends dog BAY he took a turn this eve and is in the vets your prayers helped on a number of times tk u

Monday, August 5, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Meili the Dog

From Odie: I am requesting prayers for my dog, Meili, 10 years old Lhasa Apso, my baby girl. We found ou
t yesterday that her lymph nodes on her body are swollen when I brought her to a vet for potential acupuncture procedure. I brought her again today to our regular vet today and she confirmed the node swollen. A lot of tests were done - aspiration, blood work urine work, x-ray of lungs, stomach. Results will not be back till tomorrow or Tuesday. I am very heart broken as one year go she had to go thru a surgery to remove a cancerous growth which I posted on your site for prayer requests. The surgery was successful and I was just thankful that it will be a year since by end of this month. Now, this news. I am very very scared that the tests result will not be a good one. But I need prayer to give me strength to accept good or bad. And, for Meili, that we will continue to have a happy girl for as long as God grants us the time. Thanks a lot!

Urgent Prayer Request for Thor the Dog

From Heather:
Please pray for our dog Thor hes a chocolate lab who is in a critical condition. Hes bleeding out inside and is getting a blood transfusion. Also they think he might have cancer in his spleen. All his lab values are critical. Hes a very loyal loving dog he is a part of our family. We love him very dearly. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Leon the Cat

From Katie:
Please pray for my three-year-old cat, Leon. He is an indoor cat and snuck out yesterday. We have searched the whole neighborhood for him to no avail. I have faith that if everyone keeps him in their prayers, he will find his way home.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Prayer Request for Sammy the Cat, et al.

From Lisa:
I humbly pray for intercession for the safe return of Sammy, beloved companion cat of Selene, who is, as any child, at the center of her heart. I also humbly pray for intercession for the safe return, against all odds, of our rescue kitties Puppy, Mau, Smoochie, and Mara who are gone, but not forgotten. Finally, I ask for your prayers of support for the return of these and for all who are loved and lost and for the humane treatment for all of God's creatures.

Urgent Prayer Request for Blue the Cat

From Martha:
Please pray for our cat blue. She is very very sick. She is 15 and so important to us. She will noy eat. All 3 cats have respiratory symptoms and are on antibiotics. She is do old and we love her so much. I know your prayers will help.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Leelu the Cat

From Kristy:
...You're prayer chain has blessed me in the past when my dog was sick so i ask with a heavy heart again for your help. Our 14 year old cat Leelu has been missing since last night and that is not like her at all. She has not eaten since 4 pm yesterday. She is an old, frail girl so i really need everyone's prayers to get her home. We literally have been canvasing and calling for her everywhere and it seems like she has disappeared without a trace. Now it is up to the power of prayer and God. I would so appreciate all of your help. Please pray for our sweet Leelu. Thank you so much and i send you all my prayers as well and will give you an update ASAP. Thank you...