Friday, March 31, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request for 3 Cats

From comment section:
please pray for 3 poor cats whose owner just died, they urgently need a help and a home or they can die too. Pray for them to get adopted! Thanks

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Prayer Request for Bacardi the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my dog, Bacardi!? Not sure what is wrong. But it will destroy me to lose another pet. As we have for 3 years in a row. Thank you for all prayers!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Prayer Request for Tank the Pet

From the comment section:
Please pray for my sister pet Tank he's very sick help vet to heal him in Jesus name Amen

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Prayer Request for Tory the Cat

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for my nephew's very beloved cat Tory who is to be euthanized this afternoon. He is in end stage renal failure. The whole family, especially my nephew and my sister are distraught. He is only 11 years old. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Aria the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray that I find my baby girl cat Aria. She is 11 mon old and was not spayed yet (health reasons) and escaped and has been missing for 5 days. She is familiar with outdoors but she would never be gone like this or even for over a day. I miss her terribly and am beside my self with worry, guilt, fear regret, and near hopelessness. I need a miracle please help me pray. St Francis, St Felix i of Nola, St Anthony, St Gertrude, St Jude and all the saints to keep my baby Aria safe and guide her way back home safely. Let her feel my love and make it back to me. I need a miracle, please God. Please God I need her more than anything. I bottle fed her from a few days old and I have no kids. I miss her so much. Please pray with me that she makes it home or I am guided to her. Thank you.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Prayer Request for Frankie Blue

From comment section:
my cat frankie blue has been missing since 3.4.17 please pray for his safe return, thanks and god bless

Friday, March 17, 2017

Prayer Request for Olivia the Dog

From the comment section:
My boxer girl, Olivia, was diagnosed with metastatic cancer several days ago. Our family will be with her as she transitions from this earth to heaven. She will do zoomies again and walk normal again. I truly believe that heaven holds a place for our loving pets and that we will see them again. Thank you God for my sweet girl. Please may her final days be comfortable. Love you Olivia. You will be missed by many. Thank you for any prayers that may be offered for Olivia and our family. God bless, Cindy

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Prayer Request for Laddy

From our Facebook page:
Asking for prayers for my fur baby Laddy. He is having surgery on his mouth this month.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sad News - Angel the Dog

From Cynthia:
With great sadness l am emailing you to let you Angel passed away. The lymes disease did damage her kidneys and she couldn't recover. I miss her so much. Thank you again for your prayers and thoughtfulness.
Please keep Cynthia in your prayers as she mourns the loss of her beloved dog.

Urgent Prayer Request for Princess Leia the Puppy

From comment section:
I am in desperate need of prayers for my puppy Princess Leia. She has Parvo. She lost a lot of weight but she has now stopped vomiting and having wet stool. Please pray for her road of recovery and that she will start to eat

Prayer Request for Tinkerbell the Dog

From the comment section:
I am on my hands and knees begging the Lord to help me find my Tinkerbell, a 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier that has been missing since 3/9/17. I have put posts online, I've called the police and shelters and vet offices. I put up posters and handed out flyers. I have searched in all directions around my home. She has never wandered far but has been seen at the edge of the yard near the road in the past. I fear in my heart that someone has picked her up and is not going to return her. I am thankful to anyone that may have picked her up and is keeping her safe and warm but I am pleading with all my heart that they come forward and tell someone that they have her, that they please bring her back home. We have never meant for any harm to come to our sweet little old girl. Please say a prayer that we may be forgiven and that our precious Tinkerbell is safe and will be returned to us, her family.

Prayer Request for Chance the Dog

From the comment section:
Please pray for my deaf Great Dane/American Bulldog, Chance. He was running on the golf course and disappeared. Please bring him back safe and sound.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Prayer Request for Spot the Dog

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for our Spot. He hurt his back/spine and is unable to use his back legs

Monday, March 6, 2017

Prayer Request for Stormy the Cat

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for Stormy, my cat, she seems to be having kidney problems, possible kidney failure/disease.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Prayer Request for Smokey the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray Smokey the cats diarrhea goes away

Prayer Request for Paws

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for my Paws. He has been at the vet all weekend due to vomiting and not eating. Saturday, an x ray showed he was really back up, so he received an enema. I talked to them a few hours ago, and he had to get another one. He has only passed a little bit of poop, still not eating much, and has thrown up again. The vet know thinks this could be pancreatitis. Please pray for complete healing and restoration to his little body. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Prayer Request for Abbie the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my 14 yr old beagle Abbie. Following cataract surgery she suffered complications in her left eye which required more surgery. Now she's scheduled to have that eye removed. Please pray for a miracle and or a good recovery and an end to more complications.