Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Prayer Request for Tibbey the Cat

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for my cat Tibbey. He has lost his appetite for the past few days, so l took him to the vet today, and they discovered something going on with his spleen. An aspiration was taken to see if it may be cancerous. I am a nervous wreck, and can't bear the thought of being without him. Please pray that the results will come back negative and that he will be healthy. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request for Maxie the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for our friends dog who is ill. Will be under going test this friday, for cancer or cushings. Please pray that the tests will come back negative. Maxie is such a sweetie.. I am also praying for healing for Maxie.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Prayer Request for Chip

From our Facebook page:
Please Pray for my friend Nancy's sweet boy Chip. He has heart issues. God bless you all and your animals too. Thank you

Prayer Request for the Rodeo animals

From our friend Mark:
It's rodeo time in Wyoming, we would request prayers for all animals used as entertainment, especially the rodeo animals. Thank you,

Monday, July 10, 2017

Prayer Request for Mittens

From Facebook page:
Please Dear God bring home Mittens. We really need him

Prayer Request for Sawyer the Dog

From the Facebook page: Please help us pray for Sawyer my daughters Boxer dog ..injured yesterday and we need prayers for a healing ...asking Saint Rock .....we love him so ..thank you

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Prayer Request for Marty the Dog

From comment section:
Dear God i need your help my dog marty needs your pray night. He not feeling good he has problem with his bowels he's been pooping blood please he needs your help I don't want to lose him lure like I lost my lost two cats and I don't want to lose Marty

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Prayer Request for Louie the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for my cat, Louie, who is currently undergoing care for a ruptured gland, a second infected gland, and post-surgery allergic reaction. (The vets are not sure what's causing his illness/alkergic reactions.) He's had one emergency procedure, followed by a trip to the pet ER, and third trip today for fluids and steriod/benadryl-type infection. He's not drinking water and is losing weight.) Thank you.