Friday, January 29, 2016

Prayer Request for Brownie the Dog

Fromour Facebook page:
Please we need prayers for Brownie the labrador he is in the hospital in critical condition amen

Prayer Request for Daniel the Cat


From Margaret:
I happened to come across your name on the internet after looking for the answer to "who is the patron saint of lost animals?" I have never heard of Saint Felix until today but am already praying to him for our beloved Daniel. Daniel,is an 8 year old tiger cat that came to my office with me EVERY day and would ride home with me Every night around 9:00pm. Everyone in this medical arts building that I work in loved Daniel and would welcome him into their offices. Even people that had NEVER liked cats loved Daniel. Anyway since December 8th, he has not been seen. He would NEVER just wander off we are certain that someone thought he was a stray and took him in for the winter. 
I've prayed to both Saint Francis and Saint Anthony yet to no avail. I'm not real savvy with the Internet but if there is such a "blog" where we can others too praying for Daniels safe return would you post this? I most CERTAINLY will update you if anything changes on this end. I'm full of hope right now, Thank You.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Prayer Request for Telo and Sophie the Dogs

From the comment section: O
n 27th December 2015 I lost my two dogs Telo and Sophie. pronunciation Teelo. Telo is about 8 months and sophie is about 4 months. I am begging you guys to help me pray for them to come back home and god leads me to find them and be able to get them back. Someone came into our yard, took them and sell them away. Please help me to pray that I can find them back and bring them home. Thank you all

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Urgent Prayer Request for Mini Dave

From our Facebook page:
Can we please have some prayers for mini dave which is a cat that was taken from its own garden by thugs and beaten it's presently with the vets in a bad way need all the help she can get so can we pray hard God bless

Monday, January 25, 2016

Prayer Request for Desi the Cat

From Mary Jane:
Desi is Deirdre's white cat who is in pain - probably in her ear, area is bloody. Deirdre cannot have anyone take her to the vet until Monday.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Urgent Prayer Request for Atreides

From our Facebook page:
Please send prayers for my pal Atreides. He's at the animal hospital fighting a viral infection.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Prayer Request for Zeus the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my baby Zeus Bear, a 7 year old Rottweiler. Zeus was diagnosed with cancer in November. The vet gave me the wrong type of cancer diagnosis which resulted in loss of valuable treatment time. Now Zeus has a imminent death sentence and I need all the love and prayers of God, The Saints, Angels and this community for prayers. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES but if not Gods will, please bless my baby with no suffering.

URGENT Prayer Request for Jake the Puppy

From comment section:
Please pray for a miracle that Jake, my sisters adorable gentle 2 yr lab puppy will be saved. He is going through final stage kidney failure. We have been told that there is no hope and that he has only between a few days and a few weeks to live. Everything medically and holistically that was recommended has been done. He is a rescue dog who was bottle fed from one day old and survived against the odds. He has been raised by my amazing sister. He is her baby and her world. We love him with all our hearts and we do not want to lose him. Please, please pray for a miracle that he will be healed and survive to live a long healthy life. Thank you for your kindness and prayers. Orna

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Prayer Request for Rocky the Dog

From our Facebook page:
I pray for Rocky for his animal basic necessities and salvation.

Prayer Request for Mac the Dog

From Trevor:
It's been a long time between visits, tonite I'm worried that my senior dog is panting and not settling. I pray God's care to get Mac through the night so that I can seek help in the morning. Amen.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Prayer Request for Trace the Dog

From comment section:
please pray for the safe return of our dog trace. We miss him and are concerned for his safety. we just want him to come home.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Urgent Prayer Request for Blue the Dog


From SB:
Please pray for Blue just diagnosed w/ Lymphnoma this week **URGENT PLEASE PRAY** This week has been so hard and and am asking for prayers to intercede on a healing for my Blue. He is a exceptional 3 year old pitbull and is a amazing friend and son :) His personality is so remarkable and so very special! My mom was sick for aprx 6 years and he has stuck by our sides. We lost her this past August and now can not bare another tragedy. I have him on pretesone currently can not afford the chemo for him. This guy is my world. Please pray for a miracle and healing for him and blessing please please. Also prayers for everyone who is having a hard time with pets and in all areas of life.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Urgent Prayer Request for Applejack the Dog

Please pray for my little dog Applejack who was attacked and seriously injured by a friend's dog. She is having exploratory surgery in a couple of hours. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Prayer Request for Squeak the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for my beloved Squeak, she is a cat with renal failure, Thank you

Prayer Request for Maggie the Dog

From the comment section:
Please pray for my friend's dog Maggie, an Australian Shepherd blue heeler. She got a severe injury last Friday which caused her right hip pelvic area to be displaced out of joint. She also has other injuries to her right shoulder and some ribs are out of alignment as well. The good news is we found a veterinarian in another city that can help with these types of injuries. My friend's taking her dog there this morning At for an appointment at 11 a.m. mountain time. If you would please lift them up for a good treatment for Maggie and for her total healing. also for her human Diane to have renewed strength and the Lord's help to care for her pet around the clock. As you may know it's a challenge to keep a normally active dog pretty much inactive so they can heal. But we know nothing is too difficult with God. Thank you so very much and may God richly bless you today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Prayer Request for Trish the Dog

From our Facebook page:
Please everyone pray for my dog Trish.

Urgent Prayer Request for Jake

From our Facebook page:
Please if you could share this post. My Aunt's sweet heroic boy Jake!!! He is in critical condition under going emergency surgery after ingesting something he shouldn't have. Even at the age of about 15/16 this rescue boy is always finding rubbish to ingest no matter how hard we try. He is in surgery now and I am begging all for the power of prayer that he makes it with a full recovery!! He has no medical problems. He is an amazing rescue and my soul mate!!! Please help me pray!! Thank you all in advance!!

Prayer Request for Smokey the Cat

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for Smokey my cat. He is feeling under the weather. I ask that you keep him in prayer and that he starts to feel better. Please pray in Jesus name.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Prayer Request for a Pet Bird

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of my cousins big green handsome bird,,,he went missing from his home in australia,,,,she misses him terribly,,,,,thank you

Prayer Request for Lulu

From the comment section:
St. Francis I pray for the healing of my Lulu. She is having seizures and the vets do not think she will make it . I pray for the healing of my pet as she is a child to me . My heart is broken . Please I pray St. Francis for a miracle.

Prayer Request for Roxie the Dog and her owner

From the comment section:
This is perfect. I believe heaven has a special place for animals. I'm going through my dog Roxie's final stages as we speak. I can't help but to hope and pray she goes peacefully. My heart goes out to all animal lovers who have been, and will be in my position.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Prayer Request for Jethro the Police Dog

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for K9 Jethro of the Canton , Ohio, Police. This heroic dog was shot in the line of duty three times. He is alive but it sounds like he is in very severe condition. Thank you and God bless

Prayer Request for Cobra

From comment section:
Please pray for Cobra who has been lost since 1/4/2016 in the cold and freezing temperature without food, water or shelter. He is a sweet and gentle soul who needs to find his way home to be safe and cared for. God please show him the way back home.

Prayer Request for Hazel the Cat

From comment section:
Our cat Hazel got out last night when I was getting the dog out because it was forecasted to get extremely chilly overnight. I'm very concerned for her. A few years back we used to allow our cats to come in and out as they pleased weather permitting. Well my moms cat disappeared and she said she heard something like a bobcat in the cemetery that backs up to our yard that night. I worry for Hazel's safety from other animals as well as the cold and God forbid she get to the main road about an 1/8 of a mile off. Please lift up pleas and prayers to our Father to guard our cat and bring her home. As we speak I hear a pack of wild dogs barking a ways off behind our house. Please ask God with me to bring our sweet girl home safely! Thank you and God Bless,

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Prayer Request for Tsuki

From comment section:
Please pray for my Tsuki... she has ivdd and her back is giving her so much pain.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Prayer Request for Addie the Puppy

From comment section:
Hello, If you have a chance, our puppy, Addie, went missing on January 1. It's been a few days and we've tried everything, and still no sign. We love and miss her very much and are continuously praying for a safe return home. I know our family would truly appreciate any extra hope and prayer at this time. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request for Max the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for Max the cat to come home to my friend's home. He has been gone a few days and we are praying he will be found or come home. Thank you all

Friday, January 1, 2016

Prayer Request for a Homeless Feral Kitten

Please say a prayer for a older kitten who appears to be starving. If captured and brought to the Humane Society, they may put it to sleep.

Prayer Request for Edward the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of our much loved cat edward missing 3days and nights now..we are heart broken and cannot heal. We want his safe return..we miss his presence