Thursday, June 30, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for Yellow the Cat

From Bill:
Please pray for my beautiful cat Yellow. She has been my sweet companion for 18 years now. She has fluid on the lungs and her breathing is labored. The meds the vet gave her
don't seem to be working. I know Jesus can heal her.

thank you,

Prayer Request for Sally the Dog

From Holly:
I saw that you have a blog and prayer warriors for pets. I’m dog sitting my daughter’s two dogs for a week. One of the dogs, Sally, has had a tough life. A year ago she almost died. She has had digestive issues and food allergies that are beyond that of any animal I’ve ever seen. After trying just about everything, she’s been living on a diet of eggs, cottage cheese, and rice. Her weight is better (she was like a skeleton earlier … bones and fur), and she seems to have been on the mend lately. Of course, I’ve omitted many details, including the numerous trips to the vet and the thousands of dollars that we’ve contributed to the local economy.

The issue now is ear infections. She just can’t seem to get rid of them. The poor thing is going around shaking her head, rubbing her ears on couches, floors, and us. She’s been on numerous medications, her eardrums have popped, they are so swollen there isn’t even an ear canal you can make out to apply the drops. Anyway, I’m leaving for the vet’s office in five minutes.

Will you and your warriors pray for dear Sally? She has been through so much. She could really use a break!

Prayer Request for Sasha the Dog

From Anita:
Please pray for my dog SASHA..

She has a very hard time eating ( no desire and/or appetite) and I am very worried about her.. she can go for quite a period of time without eating and I know that this is not healthy..

I pray for her daily and I ask for your assistance..and for you to pray for her that she may get her appetite back and that she will eat her meals everyday.

Thank you

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prayer Request for Jack the Dog

From Sarah:
Prayers please for my sweet 6 year old Golden Lab, Jack. Jack had an accident on the beach last week, which brought us to the vet to have him looked at for surgery. Due to his age, and past reactions to anesthesia, they ordered a full blood and urine panel for Jack. Unfortunately, the results were not good and have indicated that my sweetest, most precious boy has an issue with his liver. Jack brings love and joy to me and my family on a daily basis. I tell God every night that I feel His love for me through my dogs, and this is most especially true of Jack. Jack has been my best friend and most constant companion through much grief. My former husband liked to say that we didn't pick Jack, and that Jack picked us. The infinite happiness that Jack brings is something that I humbly ask God that we may enjoy for many, many years to come. I thank you in advance for support and prayers and ask God that He lay His healing hands on this amazing boy.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for Max the Cat

From Greg:
Our cat Max has just been diagnosed with a tumor under his tongue and there is nothing they can do for him.

My wife Christine and I are standing in faith that he will be totally healed! We don’t live by FACTS, we live by the TRUTH of God’s Word and that trumps FACTS any day!

If you could all join with us in praying and believing for Max’s total recovery that would be awesome!

Thanks So much!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Good News! - Harold the Cat

From Elizabeth: Harold returned home last night! Thank you so much for the prayers! He returned without his collars and a few cockle-burs in his fur but other than that no worse for the wear. Thanks again and god bless.

Prayer Request for Janie the Cat

From Shawn:
I would like to please request a prayer for our cat Janie, who is lost. We pray for her safe return to us. We love her and miss her very much. Thank you so much for your website and allowing people in need to contact you.
Thank you,

Sad News - Mama the Cat

From Lana:
I am here to thank all who read my post and kept me and my siamese mix kitty "Mama" in their thoughts and prayers. She passed at home the same night I requested prayers for her. She is now at peace and waiting for me to come home to our heavenly father's house some day. I send my loving thoughts and prayers to all God's beloved creatures who are ill, lost or on their way "home" and of course to all their guardians who love them so dearly. Thank you Esther for this beautiful site.
Please keep Lana in your prayers.

Special Prayer Request for Wompa the Ewok (the Cat)

From Tatiana:
I adopted a 14 year old fabulous cat in March from the Humane Society. He was very scared and ran away the first night I had him. I prayed to St. Francis and posted a link on your website and he returned. It was so powerful and we have made a connection over the months. I love him dearly. More than I thought capable. I am moving to China for a job and I cannot take him with me. I pray that I may find him a home and that he will not go back to the shelter. I would be honored if you could post a link praying that a he finds the right companion and has a happy peaceful life full of love and freedom and safety.

Wompa the Ewok-Cat
I pray for those of your in the world who have lost your pets; I pray that they return safely to you. I pray that the animals that are hurt or suffering are granted safe passage and salvation. Please help me pray that I find this lovable animal the home that he deserves. Thank you, Bless you and Bless St. Francis.


Urgent Prayer Request for Benji the Dog

From Traci:
Hi my beautiful dalmatian benji is so sick in hospital, vomiting and passing blood, please pray for him to recover hes only 3 and has his whole life ahead of him. He is my shadow and without him I would be lost. Please make him well again.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prayer Request for Buddy the Dog

From Lou Ann:
Could you possibly post and join in prayers, please, for a dear friend's dog, "Buddy" Jones, West Texas.
Buddy had been found last year believed to have been thrown from a truck on a busy Texas highway. He has such a loving home. Buddy has had another episode of seizures and is now on medication and under watchful observation at the vet clinic, but his family loves him oh so much and, of course, worries. Your prayers would be so much appreciated.

This is just the most beautiful and meaningful site, Esther, God Bless you always.

And I keep all who posted here, and their beloveds, in my heart and prayers, also!

Many thanks,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayer Request for Lucy the Dog

From Susan:
Ok we need another prayer for JoJo who may have passed already. There is a group of us at a hospital in Mesa, Az and we are all animals lovers.

Please say one too for Lucy a little Boxer who injured her leg this morning and we hoping it is not broken.

Thank you

Prayer Request for Harold the Cat

From his owner:
My house guest left the door open last night. My wonderful cat Harold has disappearded outside. I need prayers! Ive been searching the neighborhood. I found him once and he ran farther away. He is so scared and I miss him terribly. He is the sweetest cat with the biggest sweetheart in the world. I miss him terribly. Please pray for his safety and return!

Prayer Request for Patches the Cat

From Spencer:
Would you again pray for my cat, Patches. He's sick again. He's at the vets with low potassium and muscle weakness. Please pray that he recovers and doesn't have any complications. Your prayers last year helped him recover. I'm so grateful for the prayers that you said. Please pray that everything works out. The vet said he was cautiously optimistic. Again, thank you, and God Bless.

Urgent Prayer Request for Mama the Cat

From Lana:
Thank you for this website. I found it today looking for prayers for ill pets. My cat "Mama" is a siamese mix and is gravely ill from the ravages of feline leukemia. If you could please pray for her we would both be ever so grateful. God Bless you all- the creators of this site and all who put their faith in the power of prayer for our most beloved pets.

Good News - Ruger the Puppy

From Mary Beth:
Thank you so much for your response! I want to let you know that with all of our prayers and efforts, Ruger was found this afternoon and is resting peacefully in his home. God works in many blessed ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your response and prayers. Both of our dogs went missing yesterday, the first one made his way home in the afternoon after being hit by a car. He is recovering splendidly at a veterinary hospital. Your website was such a comfort last night while I worried for little Ruger. Thank you for being there in a moment of need.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prayer Request for Ruger the Puppy

From Mary Beth:
I don't know if you are still taking prayer requests. I hope you are. My brother's 4 1/2 month old black lab puppy is missing. His name is Ruger, and he is just the sweetest little puppy with a lot of spunk. Please pray that he makes his way home to us very soon. My whole family loves him dearly. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Jojo the Dog

From Susan:
Can you please say a prayer for my friend Elkie who is a nurse I work with. Her dog JoJo is an older dog and not doing well.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prayer Request - Toby the Cat

From Diana:
Could you please pray for our precious kitty, Toby. We haven't seen him for 2 1/2 days and we miss him terribly. We believe God the Father will bring him home to us. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sad News - Ishmael the Cat

From Megan:
First, let me thank you for you beautiful website.

Here is an update to post for Ishmael the cat:

With a broken heart, I am reporting that Ishmael was put to sleep early this morning. His little body could no longer fight the disease, FIP.

Even though Ishmael was with his family for a short time, he touched their hearts forever. Ishmael was very sweet and charming. He was always giving lots of snuggles. Ishmael loved to play fetch and watch birds outside. If he wasn’t playing, he would curl up in our laps or with our other cat.

This is an extremely painful time for our family. We want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. We will continue to pray for other pets in need.

Here is some information on FIP. Up until last week when Ishmael was diagnosed, we had never heard of this disease. Please help the fight against FIP!

"Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a disease that kills 1 in 100 to 1 in 300 of all cats under ages 3-5. The incidence can be five to 10 times greater among young cats coming from catteries and shelters. FIP is virtually 100% fatal, and there is no treatment or cure. FIP can manifest suddenly -- weeks, months or even years after initial infection. Therefore, cat lovers usually experience the heartbreak of this disease long after they have developed strong emotional bonds with their pets.”

In Loving Memory of Ishmael

2010 – 2011

Thank you to everyone for their blessings,

Prayer Request for Kirby the Dog

From Sylvie:
Please, please, pray for our beloved Sheltie named Kirby. We are awaiting the results of lab tests done yesterday to determine if he has cancer or if his problem is just a treatable infection. He is our everything. Thank you!

And thank you for your wonderful blog.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prayer Request for Loki the Cat

From Dreamscape:
Please also pray for LOKI, a young feral and sole survivor of a hoarding situation, that escaped death. Very gentle, very sweet, I've been working with him since Oct 2010 building his trust and confidence. Please pray to keep him safe and that I will soon be able to become his adoptive mom.

Prayer Request - Philly the Dog

From Dreamscape:
May I request that prayers be said for my darling Philly, who may require knee surgery. Philly is an Angel, who has brought us so much joy and happiness. We will treat him with medications over the next 3-4 months and if no improvement then we will be flying to Edmonton for his surgery. No one in the Northwest Territories is qualified and he will require a steel plate to be implanted. Thank you everyone.

Prayer Request - Mocha the Dog

From Sherryl:
Please help us pray for our dog Mocha. She is 5 mos. old German Sheppard who just diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. Were so worried about her coz she dont too much. I cant sleep thinking what can i do to help her. Until i found this website. Please help me to pray for her health. Thank you so much!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for Ishmael the Cat

From Megan:
My cat, Ishmael, is very sick. He is only about 13 months old. He has FIP. Ishmael is the sweetest and most loving cat I have ever owned. They say he may only have a few more days or months to live. Please pray Ishmael.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prayer Request - Bleach the Cat

From Amanda:
Please help us. My boyfriend, Kid, his kitty has went missing. Her name is Bleach, she's a wonderful cat, about 2 years old. He delivered her. Please pray for her safe return. She's been missing since 6/11/11. Thank you all so much.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for Wiki the Dog

From iziah:
please pray for my dachshund named wiki, she's been vomiting and not feeling well since yesterday. i really need you prayers, thank you!!

btw, your site is great. if i have time, i'll pray for the other pets too!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good News! Chubs the Cat

From Susan: I'm so happy to say that Chubs came home this morning, thinner and dirtier than before, but safe and well! Thank you so much for all the prayers xxxxxxxxxxxx

Prayer Request for Syd the Cat

From Bonnie:
Please pray for my friend's lost cat, Syd...Missing over 12 hours now and my friend is so horrible distraught. We all love our animal friends.

May Heavenly Father's Blessings be upon us all.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update on Cera the Dog

From Cathy:
Cera is improving! The people in the Vet’s office could not believe it was the same dog we took into them last week. She still needs to be watched for signs of problems breathing. Our family is beginning to feel less stressed. Thank you for your prayers! We pray that she continues to improve and will soon be well.

Thank you and God Bless all of you and your pets!

Sad News - Snowball the Cat

From Tony:
I want to thank you and everyone for their prayers for our sweet Snowball. She passed yesterday. We are heartbroken. Vet said it was an aggressive brain tumor. She suffers no more.
Thank you for what you do.
Please keep Tony in your prayers as he mourns the loss of his beloved pet.

Urgent Prayer Request for Mittens the Hamster

From Izzy:
Hello, my name is Izzy. I was amazed to find such an amazing website at a time like this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this site, its one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

I am also emailing you in hopes that you could pray for my pet hamster, Mittens. She recently visited the vet, where she had an operation done to fix her deformed teeth. She has been very sick and weak for many days after that, and I am starting to fear the worst. She wobbles and shivers a lot, and won't eat as she once use to. Mittens is my very first hamster, and I never thought I could love something so much, but I do. I love Mittens with all of my heart, and it kills me to see her suffering. Please pray for my little Mittens, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for your time and help, God Bless.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Prayer Request for Chubs the Cat

From Susan:
Please could I request a prayer for my friends missing cat, Chubs. He's a year old, last seen on Sunday, he has never stayed outside for more than a couple of hours at a time so she is very worried and heartbroken as she's imagining the worst case scenarios. Please pray for a safe and swift return of Chubs.

Urgent Prayer Request for Bobbee the Cat

From Peggy: cat Bob is 14 years old, diagnose with a cancerous tumor which is big, it is on his arm, he limps but eats, meows, but I know it bothers him. I got medicine for pain, but he only cries if you pick him up wrong. I am a Christian, and ask the Good Lord above to make Bob comfortable, and open my eyes to know if he is hurting. Please prayer for him.

God Bless You,

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Shared by Ed

Video - Cat on Boat Plays with Dolphin

Thanks to Taylor sharing.

Prayer Request for Carlos the Dog

From Brianne:
I am writing to ask you to please pray for my dog Carlos. Our little chihuahua escaped from our house in Las Vegas, NV through an open door on Sunday June 5th, 2011. We are absolutely devastated. He is our pride and joy and he is an integral part of our family. Please pray for a swift and safe return back to us. We have reason to suspect that he was taken by someone in our neighborhood because soon after we put up fliers, someone came and removed all of them. Please pray that he is safe and sound tonight.

Thank you,

Prayer Request for Gracie the Cat

From Eileen:
I will pray for all of you who have lost their precious cats. My beloved cat, Gracie, has been missing for 10 days and I am at my wits end trying to find her. She's never been out of the house I am terrified she will come to harm. Ads in all papers, flyers all over, and a $200.00 reward is not helping. Pls pray for her safe return - I love her so mcuh.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Request for Cowboy the Dog

From Donna:
Please help me pray for my sweet Cowboy. My PBGV, has cancer and although we are bringing him to the best Vet's. I need some help and comfort in praying for him. I went to church yesterday as, I try to go every Sunday, to pray for my little boy. He just turned 8 and is the best boy. My heart is aching. The vet and I feel he is not in any pain thus far, but the cancer is getting very aggressive. Please pray for him. Thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request - Jimmy the Cat

From Kristy:
Please pray for my mothers cat Jimmy- he has had a 105 fever since Thursday ( it is actually down to 103 degrees as of tonight- Sunday) but it still will not break and he has been at the vet overnight since Thursday. I'm sure you remember that my Keoki was very ill a few weeks ago and it seems Jimmy is exhibiting the same symptoms although the vets cannot figure out what could be transferred from dog to cat. They guessed it could be lymes with Keoki but now we are all starting to wonder if it was a bad virus. Please pray that Jimmy's fever breaks- your prayers helped heal my Keoki and I know they will help little Jimmy. Thank you so much Esther and all of the amazing people who read this blog and pray for our furbabies. Mahalo,

Prayer Request - Patchy the Cat

From Pam:
Please pray for my lost cat Patchy who went missing on May 21, 2011. It is now more than 2 weeks and he still hasnt returned. He must be hungry and scared and lost and unable to return home. Can you please pray for his safe return? I thank you very much for helping me. My cat's return will bring back my life to me. Tks,

HOPE: Wichita Woman Finds Dog Two Years After Losing Her

Shared by Jean, one of our prayer warriors. Thanks Jean!
It was a welcome home years in the making, after a Wichita woman and her dog are finally reunited. The dog went missing in Wichita two years ago. This past weekend, it landed at the Hutchinson Animal Shelter.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Update - Mia Bella the Dog

From Jessica:
Thank you for all of your prayers. I was able to bring Mia home... She has a lot of recovering to do but has made a lot of progress. Please continue to pray for her....

Sad News - Skooter the Dog

From Mary Jane:
I received a call from my friend Vicki. Scooter who was healed of a tumor last year is now being put to sleep in their home. The tumor returned and he can no longer go up the stairs and is in pain. He was adopted after being with 2 other families. An Alaskan Malamute/Huskie mix.
The family is grateful that they had him for another year. Prayers for Vicki, Jim and Andrew.
God bless,
Please keep this family in your prayers.

Update - Rocky the Cat

From Martin:
Update on my cat Rocky. I am pleased to announce that his problems have been diagnosed as constipation brought about by an unwillingness to move because he has arthritis! He also has a heart murmur but is on tablets and metacam for the painful joints. He is now running around like a kitten again (albeit on three legs, having lost one to cancer many years ago). Thank you all so so much for your prayers. God bless you all.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Update on Skeeter the Dog

From Aydiyel

Good day,

I was able to bring Skeeter home from the hospital tonight. The doctor said he's responding well to the treatment and that all we have to do is manage his heart condition and his liver with the pills and the tonic the doctor prescribed. He has pulled through remarkably well and hasnt lost his energy, which is a very good sign.

I can't thank you enough for all of your prayers. You are all wonderful people. I have been worried sick but my worries were alleviated as soon as I found out that other people are also praying for my beloved dog. I am positive that Your prayers helped him pull through. Thank you so so much.

Urgent Prayer Request for Cera the Dog

From Cathy:
Please pray for my parents dog, Cera. She is a 5 year old terrier/poodle mix and has pneumonia. It came on quite suddenly and they do not know the source. My father was just released from the hospital a week and a half ago. Cera is his pride and joy. She became ill on Tuesday of this week and they thought it was kennel cough but last night she got much worse. The x-rays show fluid in one lung. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for Skeeter the Dog

From aydiyel
I've stumbled upon your blog while looking for prayers for my dear Skeeter.

Please pray for my dog Skeeter. He was diagnosed with liver problems, enlarged heart, and infection today due to the predisone that the vet told us to administer to him for one week. Now, he is confined in an animal hospital for observation. Please pray for him that he will have a full and speedy recovery. I have been worried sick because he's my happiness, I don't know what I'll do without him. With the help of your prayers I hope he pulls through with a full recovery.

Thank you so so much and God bless.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prayer Request for Dickens the Cat

From June:
Please pray for my beautiful 12-year-old kitty, Dickens, who is suffering from pneumonia and unknown other afflictions that’s causing his body to retain fluids. I pray that he is not in too much pain, that he will eat and drink, and that the vet will find out soon what is wrong with him and bring him back to health. He’s my “child” and I pray he will be healed and spend many more years romping around with us.

Many thanks!