Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Taz the Dog

From Maria:
Please pray for our Beagle, Taz. He had surgery to remove his kidney and spleen. His sugar levels dropped and he had a seizure. Please pray for him. Thanks.

Update on Honey the Hamster

From Alec:
Honey is getting better and recovering. Please, continue praying for her. This is a wonderful blog you've created and it's for a great cause.


Update on Teddy the Dog

From Janice:
We continue to look for our pet Teddy, and we are writing to you so you can be aware of our search. We’ve included our plea for help in his return. PLEASE CALL US** IF YOU HAVE any information on him . Thank you so very much.- alan & janice
Please continue to pray for the pets who are still missing.

**You can leave a comment here if you have information on Teddy.

Prayer Requests for Joey the Dog and Snickers the Cat

From Shelli: Hello.
First of all thank you so much for creating this wonderful blog. As pet owners we cherish our pets like our children.

Please pray for my one and a-half year old Maltese mix "Joey." He has been in the animal hospital for the last two days with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. He is a little guy with the most precious face and sweet eyes. He has undergone a blood transfusion in hopes that his red blood cell count goes back up to normal. Please send prayers if you can for his healthy recovery.

Also, we have had a beautiful Calico cat named "Snickers" for about 10 years. She has been missing for about two months. She used to go in and out of her cat door with much freedom for years. The last time we saw her was around the beginning of July. Please send prayers for her healthy and safe return.

Thank you and I am hoping I am not asking too much. I am sending blessings to all pets and their owners as well.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Trouble the Dog

From Kathy:
Please send up a prayer for a 10 year old Scottie named Trouble. His owner died in July of cancer and now he has lymphoma.
Trouble accompanied his owner Frank to the Helen Graham Cancer Center in Wilmington Delaware for his cancer treatments
and brought a lot of joy to all with his jaunty walk, engaging personality and wonderful outfits including sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts and
a bumble bee costume.. His arrival also brought a smile
everyone in the facility. Trouble is undergoing chemo and we all want him to be well again.

Prayer Request for Miracle the Cat

From Barbara:
Please add my daughter's cat Miracle to your lost pet prayer list. She is heartbroken without her best friend that went missing on August 24, 2010. Thank you for creating such a hopeful blog.

Update - Pepper the Cat is Still Missing

From Duane:
Our cat Pepper is still missing (since June). Can you please put her back on the list? Some of our neighbors may possibly have seen her so we are still hoping for her to come home.
Please continue to pray for Pepper and all our pets who continue to go missing. Thank you so much!

Prayer Request for Zoe the Cat

From Amanda:
My baby has been missing since August 25, 2010. I have searched, posted fliers and talked to numerous people. I have also hired FindToto to do a mass phone message to alert my neighbors.

She is greatly missed and I am sick with worry about her. Please pray for her safe return home:)

Thank you,

Update on Merlin the Dog

From Paula:
If you could please post, that prayers our working for Merlin. After six days he is beginning to eat small amounts of boiled hamburger and rice. When I went to see him last night he went and got his ball. He is still very weak and not out of the woods yet. His spleen is still swollen and is very skinny, but is improved since Thursday and Friday. Thank you for posting his picture and prayer request.
Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep praying!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Waldo the Cat

From Heather:
My cousin's cat, Waldo, has been missing since 8/23/2010.

There have been some problems and thinly veiled threats from a neighbor who did not like the cats being let out to hunt and occasionally crossing over the property line. Because of this, Waldo and the other cats in the house had been kept indoors. However, Waldo snuck out and has not been seen since.

It is not like him to not come back to the house, so everyone is fearing the worst.

I would appreciate it if you could add Waldo to the prayer list for missing cats.

Thank you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Praise Report on Lester the Cat

From Giselle:
Something amazing has happened! Within ten minutes of my sending you the prayer request last night, Lester turned up on the porch, 5 days after going missing! This is at 1:10 AM EDT. Talk about the power of prayer, WOW. I can't tell you how delighted we are. Prayers of thanks are very much in order.

Thank you so much for your blog and the prayers posted on it.
Thank you for your prayers!

Urgent Prayer Request for Merlin the Dog

From Paula:
Please pray for my daughters sick Mastiff who is my 'grand-dog'. He is 180 pounds of sick dog. Something is wrong with his spleen and we may have to put him down. He is our beloved dog is very, very sick. He has blood work done, x-rays, but it's very sad. It would break our hearts if we have to put him down. Please pray for him and healing and wellness.
Thank you God Bless

Prayer Request for a Dog and Missing Puppies in Spain

From Averil: Prayer Request

I still have not found my dog and her puppies which disappeared on Monte Pego, Alicante, Spain on 17 July 2010. I say dog and puppies as she was ready to give birth at the time of her disappearance. I need now as much publicity as possible. I fear that she has been stolen by a German woman I know although yesterday, someone told me they saw 2 young boys/men selling really small puppies at Pedreguer market last Sunday.

I have attached some images of Cleo with this e-mail but also a document with a description of her and on that document there is a larger photograph of a dog that resembles her greatly. This is the only photograph I could find in the internet. She is also wearing the same blue collar but Cleo´s tail is not white.

I need to know if I should carry on with my search or if it is futile. I can do energy work but I am too connected to the situation so I cannot do it for myself.

Many thanks for your prayers,

All the best,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prayer Request for Frisco

From Cat: Please add us to your prayer list with a special prayer for tomorrow - Thursday 26th. Our sweet Frisco is having an ultrasound done on his eye and possible aspiration (needle biopsy) if there is sign of a tumor there. He was recently treated for nasal cancer and I am very worried that the cancer may now be there. Please pray that it is not a tumor and that he does well if he has this aspiration, since they will have to sedate him to do this.

Thanks so much!

Prayer Request for Honey the Hamster

From Alec:
Please pray for my dear hamster Honey. Recently, she's been sick and I'd like her to get better, so she can be the free-spirited hamster she is.

Thanks for this blog.

Praise Report - Ike the Cat

From Amy:
I wanted to let you know that Ike has found his way home. I want to thank you so much for your website and your prayers.

Thank you all for your dedicated prayers for these pets!

Prayer Request for Lester the Cat

From Giselle:
Thank you for this blog.

Please pray for my missing brown tabby boy, Lester. He disappeared on 20-08-10. He is sorely missed!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Praise Report on Scrappy the Cat

From Sharon:
Just wanted to send out a very big thank you for everyone's prayers. Luckily, our story has a happy ending. After 5 days of searching for Scrappy out in a completely wooded area. He wandered onto the porch of a distant neighbor. They fed him and held him till we could pick him up. Needless to say, it was a very happy reunion and even our golden retriever has been acting like herself again!

Please thank everyone for me and I will continue to pray for all the missing, sick and hurt pets out there as well.

Have a very blessed weekend!
Thank you everyone for your prayers!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prayer Request for Starving Cat

Aloha All:
The other day we found a feral cat who because of a certain marking, belongs to a feral cat colony that is supposed to be fed regularly. Yet this cat was skin and bones. Please pray that she is getting the proper treatment. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Moo the Cat

From Moo's Owner:
Please say a prayer for the return of my 1 year old cat. He has been missing for 5 days. There's a big hole in my heart that used to be filled by Moo. Please come home Moo

Prayer Request for Tsunami the Cat

From Tony:
Tsunami our Siamese mix and my Wife's Baby, Ran out of the House yesterday
Friday 8-20-10 at approximately 9:30am..

He is approximately 1 1/2 years old and is a house cat. He has two other grown Cats that have adopted him as a little Brother and is treated like a king so there is no reason for him to run away??

He is my Wife's precious, and she is completely Heartbroken. He snuck out a few weeks ago also, but came back later that night.He is extremely smart and even plays catch, so I know he knows where home is.

This time it has been 24hours. We live in a culdesac and quiet street. We are distraught and depressed.

Please Pray for him to return home quickly, and safely as I cannot console my Wife.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prayer Request for Smoker the Cat, et al.

From Eva:
Hello, I came across your beautiful website, thank you for the prayers and help.

I can't stop crying. I lost my cat Smoker a month ago and almost lost my other beautiful cat thank God he returned ... recently other people are losing their pets too and we're worried that they are being taken or lured and trapped. We are so worried that they are being mistreated. We have walked all over the neighborhood and suspect someone who is hoarding, or trapping or worse. We are in the Los Angeles area in a hilly section.

Please kindly pray that Smoker, Kasper, Freida and the other beautiful cat and the little doggie and others are safe and hopefully will return home unharmed very soon. I am hoping for beacons of light to guide them safely.

Smoker is a solid gray smokey color, Kasper is a main coon, Freida is tortoise shell, there's a little white doggie and another beautiful tabby cat - we are all worried and hope that more don't go missing.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Coco the Dog

Hi friends:
It turns out my dog has a heart murmur. That could explain the seizure the other day and her choking. She is on meds but I would rather she not be on them. Please keep her in your prayers for healing. She is a little overweight. Thanks so much.

Prayer Request for Thelma the Cat

From Gillian and David:
Please pray for my cat Thelma who has been missing since 17 August. We miss her and want her to come home safely.

Best regards

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prayer Request for Daisy Mae the Cat's Owner

From Lucie:
Please pray for my dear departed Daisy Mae, that I lost last September 25. I have been hurting ever since she died. Although I have two other kitties that I love very much. I am afraid that no other cat can ever take her place in my heart. I know my late departed Rocky is taking care of her as he is up there with her. I am just waiting for my time whereas I will join her. I have that poem about the paradise for pets and people. I had Daisy cremated and she will be buried with me John, Frank, my other two cats, and me when the time comes. Right now I just suffered too many losses
God Bless,
Please keep Lucie in your prayers as she grieves the loss of her beloved pet.

Praise Report - Maggie the Dog

From Beth:
Hello, I posted a prayer on May 8, 2010 about my dog Maggie. She returned home, so my post may be removed!

Thank you,
Thank you Lord! Thank you all for your prayers.

Sad News - Shyla the Dog

From Annabelle:
Annabelle: I'm writing to give you an update on Shyla. Unfortunately, she did not get better and had to be put to sleep about two weeks ago. The family and their other two doggies miss her.

Thank you for the prayers. I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Peaches the Cat

Friends, today I found a prayer request which was left in April but which I did not see until today. Please keep this little cat in your prayers that she is found safe and sound. Thank you so much.

From 4PetSake:
That is so great!! :D

I have lost a cat too, it is very depressing, so please pray for Peaches. <3

Urgent Prayer Request for Chester the Cat

From Dawn:
Please pray for my sweet Chester. He is a pollydactal (6 toes)Maine coon cat that the lord sent to me 11 years ago.He had been hit by a car,had a broken hip,crushed right back foot and a broken nose with several teeth missing and had survived and healed amazingly well even before he came to my house,He is handicapped because of his back foot and leg but he does not know it. He's a survivor too even though he has had several accidents besides the first one including lots of fights with cats that wander our neighborhood and come into our yard.

Which brings me to my request.A big cat from down the street came in our yard and Chester tried to protect his domain but got the worse end of the deal. He has several bites on his shoulder that got infected and he was unable to walk on his front right leg and foot. The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics but he has had a severe reaction to the medication and now throws up constantly and can not keep anything down.He keeps on giving him IV fluids and anti nausea meds but its not working. I've had to give him watered down prescription food in a syringe and shoot it down his throat but he can't keep it down either and the vet isn't even sure whats wrong with him except he thinks he's had a reaction to the meds he's taken.He hasn't eaten real food in almost a week and if he can't keep food down tomorrow,they'll put him in the hospital and put some kind of feeding tube in him.They think he may have liver damage from the antibiotics and from not eating for so long and there may be nothing they can do for him. We love our Chester so and have already prayed so hard for his healing. I was glad to find your website and know the extra prayers will help so much.
Since I know you all pray for these pets in need, I will stop placing the usual reminder here. Thank you all!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on Kuma the Cat

From Angeleen:
Kuma has been steadily improving. After spending two nights at the kitty hospital, Kuma is so much healthier! I was able to bring him home Friday afternoon, for he was stable enough and no longer in a High Risk Condition.
He sure has been eating a lot! I think he really missed his moist Friskies food. :) After resting and sleeping, as well as eating, his strength has already doubled. He is almost back to his normal vigor. He is starting to act rambunctious and is asking to even play again! :)

Kiko is so happy to have her brother back as well.

I want to thank everyone for offering their thoughts, prayers, and intentions towards Kuma!
Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Scrappy the Cat

From Sharon:
I am so sorry to bother you, but I found your blog after looking for prayers for lost pets.
Would you mind asking others if they could pray as well for my lost 8 year old male cat named Scrappy. Scrappy is an indoor cat and somehow got out about 1 day 1/2 ago. We live in the woods and have searched by foot and car everywhere. We put fliers in our neighbors mail boxes and we have heard and found nothing. I have been sick for 7 years. Scrappy is a very wonderful and sensitive friend/companion. He lays on my tummy and stays nearby especially when I am very sick. I would appreciate any prayers for him to be protected while out there and for a safe return.
Thank you soooo much!
Please keep Scrappy and all our lost pets in your prayers. Please keep their owners in your prayers too.

Urgent Prayer Request for Lucky 7 the Cat

From Marie:
Please pray for Lucky 7 who is fighting renal failure. I have asked the Blessed Mother to hold him on her lap.
Please keep Lucky and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Hercules the Cat

From Meghan:
Please pray for our beloved cat Hercules. Last week he ran away from us while we were camping. He is 40 miles away from home in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and therefore needs a lot of love and prayers so he can find his way back. He has been a member of our family for 12 years and we would hate to lose him. Please pray that he comes home safely and soon.

Thanks very much,
Please keep Hercules and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Good News - Todd the Dog

From Karen:
Thank you all for your prayers! Todd, our beloved puppy, has been reunited with us. She was found last night in a raccoon trap three weeks to the day after she went missing. It truly is a miracle. Thank you Heavenly Father!
Thank you all for your prayers!

New Website Added to the Sidebar - In Memory of Baby the Rabbit

Steve, Baby's owner created a very touching memorial for Baby. You can find it here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on Gabby the Cat

From Alan and Dale:
After coming around when her kidneys starting failing, for the second time in a year, Gabby seems to be going downhill again. It has been 3 weeks since we took her to the Vet. She is not eating a lot, she doesn't seem to like the special food from the Vet. and not drinking a lot.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Thank you so much.
Please keep praying that Gabby gets better soon. We asked for the intercession of St. Martin de Porres and Bl. Seelos to heal her and all our critically ill pets.

Urgent Prayer Request for Kuma the Cat

From Angeleen:
I have a very ill cat, and I need some spiritual prayers and support.

I have two dear ragdoll cats that are my children. Recently my six year old ragdoll son, (Tasuki), passed away two months ago to a heart disease known as fHCM (feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).

During this time my 2 1/2 year old ragdoll daughter, Kiko, was grieving and lonely, so I seeked out to find her another companion. The breeder I adopted her from didn't have any kittens, and wouldn't until this fall at the soonest, so I expanded my search. I came across the pure breed cat rescue, which is based in Wisconsin, and by chance fell in love with a male ragdoll, named Kuma, who just arrived the same day I was doing my search.

I ended up being able to be the one to adopt Kuma, and brought him home on July 14th. He was a spunky, energetic, and a lovable tease. He quickly bonded with me, and my daughter Kiko. He was very healthy, until Aug. 11th.

At three am on Aug. 11th he suddenly started vomiting. I rushed him to my pet clinic at 8am to seek medical help. He stayed that day and over night for testing and to receive IV fluids for dehydration. On Aug. 12th, my doctor did not have the ability to do anything more advanced medically, so she referred me to a larger pet hospital / clinic which is located in a larger city near where I live.

I pray that Kuma will survive and live many more healthy years. I hope and pray whatever is causing him his illness is not fatal. I also pray if it is something viral and / or parasite related, Kiko will not contract it and become ill from the three weeks they have been together.

I would appreciate any extra support in prayers, thoughts, intentions, etc. towards Kuma's health, hospital stay, and healing recovery. And for Kiko too, I keep telling her immune system to be a strong fighter. :)

Thank you for your time,
Please keep Kuma and all our seriously ill pes in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good News - Jasper the Cat

From Pat:
...we found Jasper safe and well tonight – wow, the prayers you and the others send out are very strong! Thanks so much, we can’t believe this, it’s so fantastic.
Thank you all for your prayers. They have been answered. Please continue to pray for all the pets still missing.

Urgent Prayer Request for Jerry the Duck

From the local news: Missing Pet Duck Mystifies Family Please keep Jerry and all our missing or abducted pets are found safe and sound and returned to their owners.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Rayne the Horse

From Heidi:
She belongs to SSFarms in alabama and is a bay 2 or 3 month old baby girl horse (filly) of Morgan/Arabian mix. She was bitten by a rattlesnake and is in critical condition with a fever.
Please pray for Rayne and all our pets in seriously condition.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Prayer Request for Jasper the Cat

From Pat:
My son’s cat, Jasper, escaped from my house on July 26th while I was looking after him and hasn’t been seen since.

His disappearance is breaking the family up and I wondered if you could add him to your prayer blog.

Thanks so much.
Please pray that St. Anthony will intercede for all our missing pets.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Prayer Request for All Animals in Need of a Loving Home

From our friend Kieran:
I have been meaning to write to you for quite awhile now but have had my hands pretty full with Schonda and a recent addition Echo. As per the email below you will remember that I asked you to pray for Schonda and I am happy to say that she is okay and whilst we still never established what was wrong, we are just happy to see her well again. Of course we will keep close watch of her but I am just so grateful to see her happy. About a month later my family and I came to the decision we needed to find a companion for Schonda, as whilst we were giving her all the love and attention she needed, we felt that she still missed the love of a companion. So we went back to the shelter and got another little mini foxy x called Echo and whilst approximately 3 years younger then Schonda they seem to compliment each other. All I can say is they are absolutely smitten with each other and it just warms my heart to see the sadness start to disappear from their eyes. Of course I dont think it will ever disappear as sadly 8 and 5 years of abuse will do that to a dog but to see them trust, love,play and wag their tails again is such a joy. Indeed I believe that Taz and Vlooi sent them to me, as they have brought love and happiness back to my heart when I was certain it was gone after the loss of my precious Taz and Vlooi. Indeed adopting a rescue dog is very rewarding and whilst challenging at times as each rescue animal has issues, I like to think that im doing it in memory of my Taz and Vlooi and I like to know that I am showing these two lovely little creatures that regardless of their past we love them and they are a part of our family. For it saddens me to think that some dogs live their lives never knowing what its like to be loved or part of a family and so I am so grateful that I can prevent this from happening with these two rescue dogs. Therefore I pray that all animals know they are loved and know what its like to be part of a family and I continue to pray for my Taz and Vlooi who will always have my heart. It is nearly 5 months since I lost both of them and the pain is still so raw as my babies were something special and they will always be part of me. Otherwise Esther I pray that you are well and that God Bless you for being that source of comfort for so many animal lovers.

God Bless,
Kieran lost both her beloved pets and was so sad when she met Schonda a very abused little dog. As you can see her story has a happy ending. Please pray for all the animals in need of a good and loving home. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Worsie the Dog

From Cheryl:
Please pray for Worsie, a 3year old Male Dachshund, who went missing on Friday 30 July 2010. I really miss him and dearly love him. I pray that God keeps him safe and helps me find him safe and sound. Thank you.
Please keep Worsie and all our missing pets in your prayers. We ask for St. Anthony to intercede for them and to bring them home safe and sound.

Prayer Request for Pollyrosary the Cat

From Susan:
My little four year old cat (Pollyrose for short) was a rescue who had chronic recurring eye inflammations for the first couple years of life. She has not had any for the last couple of years but her right eye is getting cloudy. Please pray for her good eyesight.
Please keep Pollyrose and all our pets suffering from eye ailments in your need. We ask for St. Lucy's intercession in healing Pollyrose, if it be God's Will.


Some of you may have noticed that the combox have been closed on a few posts.  That does not mean we are no longer taking prayer requests.  Not at all.  What happened is that the comments were taking too long to scroll down to the newest prayer request. 

Please be reassured that this blog will not stop taking prayer requests. 

There are two ways you can leave your prayer requests:

1.  Email them to me at estherjoeysmom(at)gmail(dot)com or

2.  Leave your prayer request at any other post's comment box that is open.

Thanks for your help in this matter.


Prayer Request for Baby the Cat

From Rita:
Your blog on missing pets no longer takes new posts or comments? Know of any other site where I could post a missing cat? Please pray for him if you choose.

Male, short-haired tabby, eight years old, grey & white with grey mustache & chin, green eyes, grey tail, white feet, answers to 'Baby'. He has his claws, is neutered, is gentle in demeanor, has a small voice. Outdoors, but I think nearby, since July 19.
Please keep Baby and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prayer Request for Todd the Dog

From Karen:
Please pray for the safe return of Todd, our beloved 2 year old dog who became lost on July 23, 2010. We miss her dearly and need her to come home. Please pray that our Heavenly Father watches over Todd, keeping her healthy and out of harm's way, and guides us to her so that our family can be all together again. Thank you.
Please keep Todd and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Praise Report - Boo the Cat

From Theresa:
Boo has come home, safe and sound. Thank you for all your prayers!
Thank you all for your prayers. They have been answered.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prayer Request for Coco the Dog

Hi Friends:

This morning my little dog had what appeared to be a seizure. Please keep her and all our pets in need in your prayers. Thank you so much! Esther

Prayer Request for Ginger the Dog

From Maria:
I have no children only my poodle Ginger who is very sick and won’t eat. Please pray for her recovery.

Thanks so much.
Please keep Ginger and all our very sick pets in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prayer Request for Tabitha the Cat

From Daryl Lynn:
I am seeking a prayer request for my lost cat Tabitha, also know as Tabby. I have had her as a baby and she is very much a part of my family.

She has been gone for 3 days now with no sign of her. This is the first time she has been gone this long. I am keeping hope that she is out there and just needs some direction to get back home. Please pray for her safe return and I will do the same.

God is good!

Thank you for your help,

~ Daryl Lynn
Please keep Tabitha and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Boo the Cat

From Theresa:
Our dear cat, Boo, has gone missing.

Boo adopted us last September. At 4.5 lbs and 6 months old she came inside to live with us and had very little interest in going back outside, until the last few weeks.
It appears that she slipped out one evening last week and we haven't seen her since.

She was a treasured gift, and we'd love to have her back. Still, my prayer is that she is safe somewhere, and not having to survive on her own again.

Thanks for your prayers.
Please keep Boo and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Ozzie the Cat

From Beth:
I hoping you will post a prayer and also pray for Ozzie. Ozzie was born in the wild and has lived outdoors most of his two years of life but has been somewhat domesticated. His owners have moved out of state and he was adopted by Jeff (last Thursday) who took him home. He did not return last night to eat and we are not sure where he is. We pray that he is safe and will return to his new home.

Thank you for this wonderful site and God bless you.
Please keep Ozzie and all our missing pets in your prayers. We ask for St. Anthony's intercession.

Prayer Request for Shmuel the Cat

From Claud:
Our cat, Shmuel, has been missing since yesterday. Please pray that he's safe and healthy and that no harm will come his way, especially this rainy season. Please pray that he will be able to use his inner cowboy skills and survive. Please pray that, if God wills it, we'll be able to find him or someone with a sweet heart would return him to us. It's been two days and I miss him sooo much already. :'(
Please keep Shmuel and all our missing pets in your prayers.