Friday, August 28, 2015

Prayer Request for Rose and her Kitten

From comment section:
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, today, after months of trying my best to help a four month old baby girl kitten, she is on her final journey to join all pets who were loved so much by their humans. This is especially hard for me today, because over the course of these four months, "baby cat" was always very skittish and weary of allowing me to get close. In this last week however, I believe she needed me and allowed me to help her in the best possible way I could. Sadly, it just wasn't enough. She was infested with fleas, in which I know have caused other major ailments, as her tummy became very swollen. She is comfortable, I have her in a pet bed, and have been giving her tiny sips of water to keep her tongue moist. She meows, but there is no sound. My heart is broke. I have prayed over her and annoited her with Holy water. I pray that her pain and suffering is small, and she will be comforted as only God can do.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prayer Request for Jasmine

From Facebook:
Please help my jasmine!! She is severely anemic and has taken a turn for the worse! She will probably need a blood transfusion to survive which I cannot afford it. Please help anything helps! Thank you so much in advance!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Prayer Request for Smokey

From Facebook:
Smokey needs prayers. He went to Vet and is in pain. Two teeth need to come out. He is 14 and I am afraid that he will have a hard time. Please pray he feels better and all goes well for him. I love him. Please pray I have the money to pay for this it is over $500 Need money to come my way in prayers to get this paid off.

Prayer Request for Blake the Dog

From comment section:
I have my dog who is in deep suffering right now. He has been a very good friend to me. I ask you for prayer that he will recover back to his active and happy state. Thank you. :) His name is Blake.

Prayer Request for Miss Kitty

From comment section:
Praying for the safety of Miss Kitty, my sweet baby girl kitty. She has been missing for 3 days. Please be safe

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Prayer Request for Lizzie the Dog

From Christine:
Please pray for my dog, Lizzie. She is very sick. She has fluid in her chest and problems with her liver. Please ask our Lord to restore her back to health. Thank you and God bless you. Christine

Friday, August 21, 2015

Prayer Request for Louie the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my lost dog Louie. My family and I went on vacation for a week and gave him to his old owners to babysit him. I guess he ran away a couple days after, when he went outside. Give me hope that he's still alive and hopefully he can return to our grieving family safely. Thanks!

Prayer Request for Heidi the Cat

From comment section:
Please everybody, pray for my 14 month old kitty Heidi so she is healed and her tests for bad illnesses come out negative and she grows old and healthy with her human mommy and daddy, She is very weak and quiet stage now and needs all of your and our prayers so our Lord Jesus gives her health back. Please My Lord Jesus Heal my Heidi and make it happen that her tests come out negative and her health is so good that she grows old next to us. In the name of Jesus, Amen

Prayer Request for Scamper the Cat

From Facebook:
PLEASE keep my friend Mick's kitty scamper in your prayers. He had to have his eye removed and the biopsy came back with CANCER! PLEASE pray radiation and maybe Chemo w ill cure him and let him live healthy and happy with Mick till he is way old!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prayer Request for Tommy the Cat

From Facebook:
Please pray for our family cat Tommy ! He is 14 years old & has been missing for over 3 weeks! He never leaves the area surrounding our home . We are searching & praying! I thank you so much if you could add our Tommy to your prayer list! Thank You kndly!

Prayer Request for Sunflower the Bird

From Monica:
Thank you so much for reading this! Please pray for my injured cockatiel Sunflower, she was attacked by my chicken while she was having her "cage-free time" yesterday and she's very hurt :'( I feel so terrible because it's all my fault! I should of have kept a closer eye on her... She's here by my bed but she won't eat or drink, all day. And all she's doing is sleeping the whole day and i'm scared that she will die. She's such a sweet cockatiel, I don't want her to die, not like this. It's so heartbreaking to see her hurt. I asked my parents if I could take her to the vet, but they don't want to, and I have no money to pay the doctor :( All I could do is pray, hopefully God will answer my prayer. Please, won't you pray for Sunflower? :( Thank you so much for your time! ♥

Prayer Request for Ike the Dog

From comment section:
I humbly ask for your prayers for my wife's dog Ike. I too fell in love with this sweet, and kind dog. In the past 2 years, I've lost my father and three friends. My wife and I could use a break from life's sometimes harsh reality. Although I am very cynical, I am praying for a miracle. Please pray for Ike, he has kidney failure and only a miracle could restore him. We ask for a few more years with this beloved dog.

Prayer Request for Bruno the Cat

From Jean:
Please pray for the safe return of our lost cat, Bruno. He desappeared last august 14, 2015. We love him so much and We miss him very badly.. Thank you..

Prayer Request for Gizmo the Dog

From Claire:
I had gizmo since a pup he is now ten, and hasn’t had any illnesses, i brought him back form the groomers this afternoon and new he wasn’t right, he was very hot and panting a lot even after drinking water, he wasn’t walking, he was staggering, took him to the vet, who said that gizmo would need to stay over night on a drip, to hopefully flush out the sedative tabs that was in gizmo’s system. I don’t usually pray, but for my pet i do. Thanks

Monday, August 17, 2015

Prayer Request for Lucky the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of our dear cat Lucky. He has been gone for 3 days and the light of hope is growing dim. He is an older boy that never wondered far from home. He has limited hearing due to age and we pray that nothing bad has happened to him.