Thursday, August 30, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Rusty the Dog

From Helen on Facebook:  Please pray for my dog, Rusty who has just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He is my constant companion and I love him so much.

Prayer Request for Woodrow the Dog

From Patti on Facebook:
Please pray for Woodrow the Bull Terrier..he has a high amount of calcium in his urine and we have to pray for his Kidneys..

Prayer Request for Joanne's Pet

From Facebook:
Please whisper a prayer for my girl. Thank you. Amen

Prayer Request for Ginger the Cat

From Kelly:
Please pray for our cat Ginger who has disappeared again. She has been missing for three weeks and we miss her so much. After all the prayers, she returned after four days back in July when she left. This time I thought my prayers alone would work, I now realize I need the prayers of the compassionate people who helped before. We are so worried for our little cat, she must have a curious spirit to leave again! Thank you so much for your time.

Prayer Request for Sir Lancelot the Dog

From comment section:  Please pray for my son's dog, Sir Lancelot, he is having seizures and is in the hospital.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saints and Dogs

A big mahalo to a kind lady who shared the following pictures with me.  She made me aware of Catholic artwork depicting saints and dogs.  She also shared that beautiful video GoD and DoG by Wendy Francisco which I believe I posted on this blog a while back.  It is not on the sidebar for easy access.

St. Dominic and dog

St. Dominic and dog

St. Philip Neri and dog (Pomeranian)

O holy St. Philip Neri, 
patron saint of joy, 
you who trusted the Scripture promise that the Lord is always at hand 
and that we need not have anxiety about anything, 
in your compassion heal our worries and sorrows 
and lift the burdens from our hearts. 
We come to you as one whose heart swells with abundant love for God and all creation. 
Bear us, we pray, 
especially in this need (make your request here). 
Keep us safe through your loving intercession, 
and may the joy of the Holy Spirit which filled your heart, 
St. Philip, transform our lives and bring us peace.

I also found the following in searching for more pictures.  This one is by artist Luca Giordano.

Prayer Request for Many Pets in Need

Dear Friends:

I received an email for our prayers for many of her pets and her family's pets in need.  Please keep all of these pets and their owners in your prayers!  Some of these pets are in need of a good home or in danger of being given away.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tragic News - Baby

From Stacey on Facebook: Thank you for your prayers but now Ive learned that its not enough. After 2 days of tracker dogs on his trail  Baby sufferered the worst fate possible in a coyote's den. I dont know how to find peace for Baby or for myself.

Urgent Prayer Request for Gypsy the Cat

From Siobhan on Facebook:
Please pray for my beautiful baby, Gypsy the cat, who is in hospital tonight with an, as yet, undiagnosed infection/virus which is affecting her respiratory system. Please pull through Gypsy, we love you so much. May God hold you in his arms, keep you safe, heal you and send you home to us soon xxxx

Urgent Prayer Request for Truman the Dog

From Trish:
Can you please pray for my friend Truman the Corgi and his wonderful family? He has been their friend and protector for many years and just yesterday they found two masses in his chest. We need your prayers. Appreciate all that you do. Thank you very much. Many blessings for you and the prayer warriors,

Monday, August 27, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Animals in Danger of Hurricane Isaac

From Lou Ann:
I have just kept thinking of all the pets in the path of this Hurricane Isaac heading dangerously close in the Southern states (their folks, too, of course) and my heart worries for them . . . . can we offer a prayer for their safety? Actually, let's include all pets in need - all the pets and our many precious four-legged friends all over the world who may be in the path of storms, those not feeling well, and especially all the precious ones alone and without someone to love them . . . . I just felt so filled with concern and love for our four-legged friends and I know you will know the perfect way to put it :).
Oh, you did a fine job Lou Ann. Mahalo!

Prayer Request for Sweet Pea the Dog

From the comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of a 4 year old female Pekingnese named Sweet Pea.

Urgent Prayer Request for Lucy the Dog

From Jennifer on Facebook:
please pray for my border collie lucy who is 2 years old and started having severe seizures, i am so very grateful for even one.

Urgent Prayer Request for Simon the Cat

From Honey on Facebook:
Please pray for the safe return of my parents Siamese cat, Simon. He has been missing since 8/24 and he never leaves the yard. He is timid and we are afraid we won't see him again. My folks have very little in the world, and this has been devasting for them (they are in their 70's). So please, we know the miracle in the power of prayer. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Monty the Cat

From Dawn on Facebook:
Please pray for my beautiful cat Monty. He is so good. Monty has taken care of me more than I could ever take care of him.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Update on Asia the Dog


From Meg: Thank you every one for your prayer's for ASIA, He's getting there slowly, he has some great support and is a lot more comfortable now. Please keep him in your thought's.....God Bless

Prayer Request for Millie the Dog

From comment section:
Please help me pray for my little Jack Russell terrier Millie who went missing today. I know someone has her as they initially rang dog control and then, for some reason, failed to show with her. Please pray with me that she is safe, warm, well fed and that she returns to me as soon as possible.

Sad News: Vincent the Cat

From Debbie:  Prayers for my best friend, Vincent. He was a blue eyed, gray tigerstriped cat that acted more like a human than a cat. He was my gentle giant. I will miss him!  Please say a prayer for Debbie as she grieves her beloved pet.

Updated Prayer Request for Simba the Cat

From Michele:
Thank you so very much. As of today, we have had to leave him hospitalized at the vet, with a poor prognosis. My four children are heartbroken at having to leave him there, especially my oldest, who understands he may not be coming home. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request for Maestro the Cat

From Julia:
Our Cat Maestro went missing last night. His picture is attached. He is in a new home and not overly familiar with the area. I have sought out your website which is lovely and I sincerely hope your prayer group could say a prayer that the bears, coyotes and raccoons allow him to pass by and find his way home to us. In gratitude,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Sutton and Ava the Puppies

From Teresa on Facebook:
please urgent request for prayer for Sutton and Ava, 2 young puppies and their owners Larry and Angel. The pups have become quickly and very seriously ill.

Urgent Prayer Request for AJ the Dog

From the comment section:
please keep AJ our 13yr old yorkie in your prayers as he is in emergency with chf...complications.we are trying to get a flight home from vacation and just want him to hang on so my daughter who has had him since she was nine can be with him if it is his time....

Urgent Prayer Request for Simba the Cat

From Michele on Facebook:
Would you please pray for our cat, Simba? We are dealing with his second bout of liver disease. I nursed him back to health 9 months ago when he wasn't expected to live, and he had seemed completely recovered until a few days ago, when his symptoms returned. We love him, and my four young children will be heartbroken if we loose him. Thank you so much for your prayers. ♥

Updated Prayer Request for MeiLi the Dog

From Odie: We picked Meili up today after the surgery. My heart broke seeing the big weird cut the surgeon had to do to get a clean margin. We enclose her in a small area and she is very restless. She has a draining tube on to help drain the fluid from the wound and she has a collar cone on that she hates so much. She's restless and I do not know how to help her. I'm so scared and confuse right now. Help pray for me & my dog!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Midnight the Dog

From Jake on Facebook:
Please keep Midnight, our Shiba Inu dog that is 14 years old in your prayers! He is sick and the Vet said if the new medication doesn't work by Monday we need to put him down. Thank You in Advance.

Urgent Prayer Request for Stash the Cat

From Karen on Facebook:
Please Pray for My cat STASH , he had surgery today and is NOT doing well tonight , he`s in alot of pain ..has me wondering , Did I do the right thing, by choosing surgery ?

Good News! Tora the Dog


Tora's journey
From Daphne:  Prayers to St. Anthony to Find What is Lost,

THANK YOU! My beloved pet dog, Tora, that was lost from January 23rd, 2012, was FOUND last Tuesday, August 14th, 2012. He was lost for 7 months, and thanks to your prayers, he is now back with me.

A lovely couple took him in as a starving skinny stray, lost from his home and full of cuts from street fights with other dogs, around 3 months ago. someone messaged me on Facebook, explaining that she saw my dog being cared for by this couple in her suburb, many, many kilometers away from my home.

thank you, thank you, thank you so much.
i attached a picture of my dog Tora, who looks absolutely healthy after all his travels, alongside a google map image of how far he strayed from my house (from the housing area circled 'Taman Sinar Baru' to the area 'Taman Iramanis')
much love, Daphne from Malaysia.

Prayer Request for Gretel Paws the Dog

From Sally on Facebook:
Please pray for Gretel Paws. Gretel is seriously ill at a Cape Cod Animal hospital in intensive care. Gretel has been through a lot. thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request for MeiLi the Dog

From Odie:
Please help pray for my dog, MeiLi, who is going in this morning for her surgery to remove a growth on her upper left hind leg. Pray that God will be guiding the surgeon's hand in the procedure. Pray that the recovery period be a smooth and successful one. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prayer Request for Baby

From Stacey on Facebook: Praying for Baby to be found and returned safely back to me.

Prayer Request for Uma Pickles

From Jeannette on Facebook:
Please pray for my Uma Pickles. She was taken from my house and I'm praying that she is safe and will come home unharmed.

Prayer Request for Pogi the Cat

From Gelane in comment section:
Please help me pray for my cat Pogi. He's been missing since aug 20. I hope that he's safe right now wherever he is. I pray that no one took him away. I really hope that he's just hiding somewhere. I've already posted fliers around the subdivision. I just hope that someone with a kind heart return him to us. Please pray for my cat. We miss him so much. Im begging all the saints especially st. anthony to help him return home. Keep him away from bad people ;(

Update on Norton the Dog

From Jennifer:
Norton Update: He made it through the night! His leg bone didn't pop out and is stable. He is in quite a bit of pain and his other leg is still iffy with the skin coming off and making an open wound. He was able to start eating though and his urine has cleared up so that is great news! He is going to stay the night there again tonight, the Dr. thinks it's best to be safe than sorry and make sure he is in the best condition to be able to come home, so hopefully tomorrow we will be able to see him. We will have to get a kennel for him to be in for a few weeks as he will be unable to move or walk. Gonna have to use a strap to hold his belly up to bring him potty outside. All things considering I am so happy he has made it through this so far. Thank you so much for the prayers and thoughts, they are working and he's getting better everyday. ♥

Urgent Prayer Request for Cha-Cha the Dog

From Elizabeth:
Please pray for my beloved chihuahua Cha-Cha she has been sick and I need prayer warriors that will stand in the gap to believe for her healing. I say this because I don't have finances for vet care. The only one that I can lean is christ our healer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prayer Request for Casey the dog

From comment section:
Please pray for Casey our yellow lab

Urgent Prayer Request for Kallie the Dog

From Greg:
Please pray for my Kallie.She is a 9 yr old German Shepard who has an elevated Liver count.She is having blood work done this week.Please pray that is not cancer or anything serious. Thank you so much and God Bless.

Urgent Prayer Request for Norton the Dog

From Mary on Facebook:
Please help, would you please request prayers for our little beagle Norton? He was hit by a car yesterday and is trying his best to hang in there, but little complications keep popping up making his recovery very difficult. I know once he is home in our loving arms we can help him heal... we just need him to get well enough to come home.

Update on Stormy the Bunny

From Stephanie: Thought you might like to see a picture of my beloved little Stormy. He is still struggling. Please continue to pray for him. He is so sweet and loving. Truly a gift from God.

Update on Ted the Dog

From Trevor:
Update on Ted the Bichon; things are a lot better all around with a variety of medications, all we need now is to have his eyes checked on Wednesday and we can settle in for a nice long senior period I hope. Love to all and thanks for your prayers so far.

Update on Spike the Cat

From Jenny on Spike :
Spoken to the vet myself on Friday and this was the outcome: Vet said cannot treat low thyroid in cats, only high thyroid. There is no treatment. Could be polyp or growth in nose casing noisy breathing and huffing. Carol had said her breathing was not so fast. Thinks breathing slower is good. Hot head and whites of eyes showing are of no significance and nothing to worry about. He is happy with the one every other day steroid and the renal support food as treatment. Said we need to keep her comfortable and not mess her about as he is an old lady of 110. Thank you for your continued support

Monday, August 20, 2012

Prayer Request for Hattie the Service Dog

From Lynn via Mary Jane on Facebook:
Please pray for Hattie. Hattie is a hearing service dog who helps her mistress to live in a world of sound which she Jen cannot hear. Hattie is having exploratory surgery with biopsies tomorrow...her red blood count is low & they need to find out why. Hattie is a very loved dog and Jen her 'mom' is beside herself that something terribly serious may be wrong with Hattie. Please pray for her and for Jen that they can handle whatever happens. Hattie will have surgery at 9:00AM EST. In His Healing Love & with my sincere thanks

Prayer Request for Atreyu the Cat

From Allyson:
My sweet cat Atreyu has been missing for more than a week. I miss him so much, it hurts. Please prey for his safe return home. Thank you for your blog. God bless you all.

Urgent Prayer Request for Sherman the Cat

From Maggie:
It filled my heart with joy to read of the prayer requests on the Prayers for Our Pets website. Could I please ask a favor of you? Could you please pray for the safe return of our cat, Sherman? We adopted him from a shelter only 7 weeks ago and are heartbroken as he is now missing. We live in an area full of raccoons, alligators, bobcats and more, and my heart aches to think this little boy might be suffering or worse. He had been homeless his whole life (3 years) and we were working so hard to give him a life he never had --- only to have that snatched away, too. My heart is broken in two and I need to find closure --- either to know he's with a new family, or at the Rainbow Bridge, or scared and hiding out somewhere. My husband and I have looked all over our neighborhood, talked to neighbors, posted flyers, baited a trap with tuna -- so far no results. Any prayers you could send his way would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading this and responding to the needs of a stranger who is feeling so much hurt, guilt, sorrow, frustration and heartache that she wants to die herself. God Bless You,

Prayer Request for Lily the Cat

From Comment section:
My brave little Lily went missing over a month ago (7/12/12, 3am). She is a sweet 8 month old kitten and protector of her brother and also of me. The night before she disappeared, I dreamt about how special she is and woke up in a state of pure joy. It is the only time I have every woke myself up because I felt so happy. Please help my prayers be heard: -That she returns home to us and I get another chance to treasure and protect her; If that is not possible, -I plead for mercy in the form of closure, and for guidance in knowing how to mend her brother's heart.

Prayer Request for Gathio the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for my young indoor male cat Gathio who escaped today. Please pray for his safety and he return home soon.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prayer Request for a new home

From comment section:
Pray for tn girl dog for new home she is needing she found us now we need prayers....for her to find a home can not keep we have five rescues...bangle look sweeg girl pray please need help amen

Prayer Request for Sugar the Dog

From the comment section:
I lost my dog sugar last thursday. We have made flyers already but she hasnt returned yet.She is old and is not good in directions. Pls help me pray for her.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Prayer Request for Travis (Craig) Ferguson the Dog

From Elaine on Facebook:
pls help, can you say a prayer for a poorly wee dog he needs all our help, his name is travis (craig) ferguson, thankyou kindly. xx

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prayer Request for Ben the Cat

From Heidi:
I would like to ask Prayers of healing for my 9 year old Tabby boy Ben. He has been regurgitating for some time now and my new Vet says it could be esophageal reflux OR cancer. PLEASE ask God not to take him and not to allow him to have cancer or anything else bad, and to allow him to get well and live healthy and happy with his "brother" Panther and "sister" Kotton for MANY YEARS!

Prayer Request for Preston the dog

From Michelle:
my mini doxie got out of the house on the 14th of this month. i made flyers and have been asking everyone if they have him. his name is preston. and i miss him dearly. im praying for him to have safe returrn home where he belongs. thank u all for your prayers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Update on Stormy the Bunny

From Stephanie:
Thank you so much everyone. The results came back and the vet doesn't think he has cancer but he's still very unwell. He is still having some very serious digestive problems and is quite lethargic. We are going back to the vet tomorrow. God bless you all.

Urgent Prayer Request for Bella the Dog and her Owner's Family

From Tessa on Facebook:
Please pray that Bella the missing dog from Montana is found safe.Last week she was in the car with her family going on vacation.Drunk driver driving on wrong side of interstate,fatal crash killing 8 yr old child.Bella the dog ran from accident and has been missing ever since.She is the 5 yr old surviving childs dog.
Please pray for the parents of that little child. How tragic!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Fifi the Dog

Fifi is my neighbor's elderly poodle. She is suffering from an enlarged heart and hasn't been given much time. (Although, she looks fine). Please keep her in your prayers as well as her owners who love her very much. Thank you!

Prayer Request for Belle the Dog

From Denise on Facebook:
Please could we have your prayers to find Belle, a long coat Chihuahua who was stolen from the Bournemouth area over the weekend. Thank you very much

Prayer Request for Baby the Dog

From Amber in the comment section:
Please pray for my lost shih tzu,baby she is the most important thing that happened to me.We were moving to another house and she got out we didnt notice till later.shes been lost since march i know it seems a long time but it seems like i was with her yesterday but the worst thing about it is that she didnt have her collar on and we passed out flyers and hung up posters everyday i wonder where shes at and whos shes with and i pray everyday for a miracle and to see her someday as a family again thanx for caring abt peoples pets it means alot and i trust god to make things better i miss her so much please help her come bak home safely thanks

Updated Prayer Request for Black and Rebi the Cats

From Eve: Can you please post a prayer request for Blacky and Rebi ? Please keep praying...

Good News! - Dickie the Dog

From Denise:
Dickie has been found! Thank you so much for your prayers and thanks to St Antony for his mercy
(Note: God's Mercy; St. Anthony's assistance and intercession)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Sabrina the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for our dear cat Sabrina. She was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma followed by a diagnosis of pancreatic enzyme deficiency. Sadly we will be saying goodbye to Sabrina in a few days as she struggles with the medication and treatment. It breaks my heart to say goodbye to her but I don't want her to suffer anymore. Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Good News! Bowser the Lizard

From Jill:
After 17 days, my granddaughter's lizard, Bowser was found unharmed, fat and healthy! He was sitting on the fence, sunning himself. My kid's live on 30 acres of forest with bears, wolves, coyotes, skunks, snakes and cats. We felt that it was unlikely that a lizard would survive long in those circumstances. Needless to say, my granddaughter, Brenna is beside herself with happiness!! We are so grateful for all the thoughts and prayers. It is TRULY a miracle. Thank you again!

Update on Spike the Cat

From Jenny: Spike  The vet says underlying cause of low thyroid is probably a tumour and nothing can be done.
Thank you so much for your support

Good News! - Licorice the Cat

From Christine:
Christine~Soccer Mom
For all who were praying for us to find@LicoricetheCat: She's been found! 

Prayer Request for Licorice the Cat

Please pray that my friend Christine's cat is found safe and sound.  I first met Licorice on Twitter, where she tweets via her owner of course.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good News! Isabella

From Catherine:
Isabella returned at the back door this morning, as if nothing had happened. I was breathless and speechless. Thank You for you prayers I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have her come home, and to know that prayers lift us up, ... Bless you, and Thank you and all of the prayer partners.

Urgent Prayer Request for Asia the dog

From Meg on Facebook:
I'm sending healing thoughts to all that need them... Please include our new rescue boy chow "Asia" in your thoughts, he has a BIG hill to climb, please help him when he needs

Friday, August 10, 2012

Update on Spike the Cat

From Jenny:
Have some results for Spike. Mainly thyroid is very low which indicates an underlying illness. Usually when this is investigated further it means a tumor. Kidneys are fine. Liver is a bit low. So she more than likely has a tumor in her airways or lungs and I need to monitor her. White blood cells showed no infection anywhere. Will keep her on steroids for now. Thank you for your support Regards

Prayer Request for Dickie the Dog

From Denise on Facebook:
Please pray for my lost Chihuahua Dickie - he's been missing 5 days now with no sightings. Please pray for his safe return to us. Thank you so much

Update on Eddie the Dog


From Susan:
Our Eddie dog is still continuing to get better every day. Tho we know he has a heart condition we have choose to stop giving him all the medicine they had him on.It seemed that Eddie had a bad reaction from to many med's. It has been almost 2 weeks since he almost....We thank God for our Eddie dog...Asn thank you for all your prayers.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update on Piper the Dog

From Alana:
I want to send my thanks to the prayer team. Piper the Basset Hound was very ill a few months ago. Piper was diagnosed with Addison's disease. It is treatable but not curable. Piper is now doing much better, and acting like a normal Basset Hound. Of course Piper will be on life long medication, but it won't change her will to sniff out life to the fullest. Thank you Saint Frances for your intercessions without them and all the prayers from other pet owners. i am truly grateful.

Update on Budha the Dog


Update from Di: Hi, just wanted to give an update on Budha – he is coming on well and went back to the specialist centre for a post op check and they are quite pleased with his progress, however, they won’t say he is “out of the woods” for another 2 – 3 weeks. Thank you so much for your prayers, I know that is what got him through the 2 spinal surgeries he had within 2 weeks (and at 11 years of age). I now tell him he is mum’s “little miracle”. Luv

Urgent Prayer Request for Stormy the Bunny

From Stephanie on Facebook:
Please pray for my beloved bunny, Stormy. We are currently waiting for test results for his digestive problems. He's a senior and the vet thinks it could be cancer. I'm so worried and upset. He is my sunshine and is always full of love. I can't email your blog because I can't access my google account. Please add Stormy to the blog as well.

Urgent Prayer Request for Viona the Cat

From Janet on Facebook:
Please pray for Kitty Cat Sweet baby Viona ♥ She is having seizures. We are waiting for message from hospital..Viona is sleeping anethesia 1 hour after that if she get a new seizure they will give her eternal rest

Prayer Request for Raven the Dog

From Alice on Facebook:
Please add Raven-Pug to your prayer list she is in need of surgery and we are praying for a mircle that she won't because we don't have the money to pay for it.

Sad News - Bella the Kitten

From Renee:
hi everyone, thank you for your prayers and support. my bella died today in my arms at the vet, she was 8mos old and had massive tumor on her lungs. i wish you all hope and that you will not go through the pain we are today. god bless you all and your babies.
Please pray for Renee as she suffers the loss of her beloved pet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Prayer Request for Isabella

From her owner:

Urgent Prayer Request for Spike the Cat

From Jenny:
Could you please pray for Spike who is a cat of nearly twenty years old who is having breathing difficulties and has jaundice.

Prayer Request for Tilly Lorraine the Dog

From Danielle on Facebook:
Please pray for a little pug named Tilly Lorraine. Her mama needs her better.

Prayer Request for Scout the Dog

From Carol on Facebook:
Please pray for Juno's Place friend Scout who has gone missing. Many dogs have gone missing in that area and it is thought that they are being stolen to be sold to labs or used as bait dogs. Please pray for all animals that are abused...and that Scout finds his way home...safely

Sad News - Taz the Dog and Prayer Request for Owner Sherri

From Mary Beth on Facebook:
Please pray for my friend, Sherri. She had to have her beloved pekingese, Taz, put down. Taz was 17 and had a very good life but she is grieving. You never get use to this. She needs prayer for healing her broken heart.

Urgent Prayer Request for Thor and two other Puppies

From Tita on Facebook:
Please pray for my 5 3-mo old pups. We brought Thor to the doctor the other day due to vomiting and diarrhea. He was given an IV the whole day. But since the clinic does not allow overnight confinement. We were ask to bring him back yesterday for follow -up check and if does not improve will be admitted for IV again. But its been raining & flooded here in the Philippines, the clinic is closed, no doctors went there and no one is available even for phone calls. We cant go there as well as our surrounding is also fllooded. Now, am very worried, the other 2 puppies are also vomiting and doesnt like to eat also. Please pray for the... O holy St. Anthony, St. Francis, St. Roch, St. Gabriel, St. Pio, Mama Mary St Jude, all the angels and saint to heal my pups and their mom and dad.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Good News! - Lia the Cat

From the Spain Family:   She was found safe and sound yesterday!!  Thank you so much!!!

Prayer Request for Maggie the Cat

From Denise on Facebook:
please pray for our cat Maggie TY

Prayer Request for Ted the Dog

From Trevor, one of our prayer warriors on Facebook:
Just laying on the bed and playing with Ted my Bichon and I realise how thin he's got and he's not seeing as well as he has. I've had him to the vet and she's onto it (adrenal and thyroid problems) but I'm beating myself up for not doing something sooner. Please pray for me and my lil' mate Ted that we'll both pull through this. =0)

Prayer Request for Molly the Dog

From Denise:
Please put my dog Molly on the prayer list again. She has been lost for 3 weeks now and I am losing hope. I need prayers for Molly to be returned and prayers for me to sustain my hope for her return. All prayers are welcomed.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Prayer Request for Lia the Cat

From the Spain Family:
Please pray for our cat, Lia, who hasn't been home since Friday, August 3, 2012. We miss her terribly and want her to come home safe and sound. Thank you SO very much.

Urgent Prayer Request for Abby the Cat

From Stacy in the comment section:
Please pray for my cat Abby. She's been missing for 2 months now, I think she may have been chased away by our neighbors dog & she is unable to find her way home. Please pray for her safe return ... we have to move soon and I can't think about her without crying. Thank you. :'(

Urgent Prayer Request for Pet Kitten and her Owner

From Renee on Facebook:
I am asking desperately for my prayers to be heard. Recently I lost a beloved cat, and a kitten who was very close to him became ill.They say its a depression but I think it is more. I have been praying to St Francis, Padre Pio everynight. Please hear our prayers and others, we need hope and we need our babies to be ok. My heart is so broken I dont know what to do anymore. And what makes me sick is we dont have the money if she needed medical care. I feel guilty and horrible because of that. I need a lil miracle.

Prayer Request for Pepper

From Robert on Facebook:
Please Pray for Pepper so that her skin infection will heal.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Saintly Quote by Saint Hildegard von Bingen

Picture source

"Satan hates the dog more than all other animals because he is so close to man."

On October 7th, 2012 His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will declare Saint Hildegard a Doctor of the Church, along with Saint Juan de Avila.

Urgent Prayer Request for Sunderland the Dog

From Holly, one of our prayer warriors:

My sister-in-law, Shawn, sent me this message and I'd like you to add it to you "Prayers for Pets" blog.
Shawn provides a wonderful service fostering dogs. Please add this to your wonderful prayer blog.
As you can see, both the dog and these families could use our prayers!


My heart is heavy tonight and I ask for prayers from each of you.
One of the dogs that I fostered, Sunderland, was going to be returned to me tonight from a couple in Chicago that adopted her in May This dog needs a strong leader in order to feel safe and secure. She is exhibiting bad/poor behavior because she is scared. I got a call while I was in route to meet them halfway, that they just can't turn her back over because it's too hard on them. Please pray that they come to the right decision, not for them and their feelings, but for this poor dog. If they think it's hard on them, trying walking in her paws for even an hour and then let's talk. Prayers and positive energy to this couple to do the right thing and return her to me for rehabilitation! AMEN.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good News! Lenny the Cat

From Kate:
Lenny is home. :) Thank you so so so so SO much for the prayers.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prayer Request for Panther the Cat

From Heidi:
I recently asked Prayers for Kotton and she seems to be on the meds but NOW my Panther BABY boy is sick! He is doing the same as Kotton = hiding and not eating. WE are going for a blood test Thursday at 9 AM pacific time. this boy is NEVER sick and like Kotton he LOVES food. PLEASE will you Pray for HIM so we get good news from the bloodtest and he will be OK! I have never been owned by a more loving baby than my Prince Charming Panther is! He DESERVES to live HEALTHY and HAPPY for years with Me and his "brother' Ben and "Sister" Kotton - We LOVE HIM!

Sad News: Prayer Request for Sumi the Bunny's Family

From Tara:
You may remember me from October of last year, when I asked for prayer requests regarding the death of my dog Moses. I must ask again for more prayers for my family and I as today we sadly buried our sweet rabbit, Sumi. We believe she was attacked by a cat, as there are a lot of strays that wander our neighborhood. It was very unexpected and because of the gruesome nature of Sumi's death, many of us are taking it very hard. She was the smartest and sweetest bunny we've ever owned. I thank all of the prayer warriors for what they're doing, it means more to us than anyone could express. May God bless you all and our special animal family. In Christ,
Please keep Tara's family in your prayers as they grieve over the sudden and violent death of their beloved pet.

Prayer Request for Lenny the Cat

From Kate in the comment section: Hi.
My cat Lenny got out tonight. I tracked him under my house and cornered him there, but he got out and now I can't find him. I have put out food and items that smell like me, but he is extremely skittish and it's dark now and I am very worried about and scared for him. Please help me bring him back safely.

Prayer Request for Po the Puppy

From Diane in the comment section:
Our sons pupp was stolen by three boys on jul 21 it has been a 11days already ive passed out and put flyers in local business around neighborhood we miss him terrible please please bring po back to our family.

Urgent Prayer Request for Jibwa the Dog

From Graham on Facebook:
Please Pray for my little dog Jibwa... he woke me up this morning and was vomitting and is acting really strange. It is very early and I can't get him to a vet right keeping an eye on him but he is not acting well at all....I am so worried...thank you..His name is Jibwa..... Dear St Francis please hear my prayer.... <><...