Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Prayer Request for Cooper and Cali the Dogs

From Mimi:
cooper and cali escaped their home in dallas texas on sunday. am helping a friend trying to find them. she doesn't have reliable internet access. they are brother and sister. is there a saint felix of nola prayer you can send me to pray? thank you and God bless.

Prayer Request for Callie the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray that Callie finds her way back to her new home. She recently lost her caregiver, and was moved to stay with me (ok with her) and my cats (not so happy about). She's an outdoor cat, but in a new home in a distant area from what she was familiar with. I miss her.

Prayer Request for Pearl the Puppy

From Niki:
Please Dear Lord we are hoping for a miracle for a sweet and loving puppy Pearl. She is only 11 weeks old and very sick. Please bring back her health, she is too little to leave this world. We love her so much and are praying that her strength comes back to live a happy and healthy life! God Bless all of our sick dogs and their families too!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Prayer Request for Cubby the Dog

From Toots:
Please pray that our Beagle Cubby feels better. He has been sick for a week & on meds. Today he has acted like he is in a drugged haze. He isn't eating, just stares into space. We are praying this is just caused from the meds & by tomorrow they will be out of his system. The vet can't find what is causing this. If he isn't better by Monday he goes in for an ultrasound. They have been able to rule things out today but not what is causing this. Thank you for all prayers for our boy. God Bless !

Friday, October 24, 2014

Update on Bentley the Dog

From Dianne:
Thank you:For all your prayers and support. Bentley seems to be doing better. We got his blood work all back and they said that alll his bloodwork came back good. except that his liver it is elevated. Not sure why he has to go back on nov8th for another test.Once aagin thank you for all your prayers. I know the lord and all the saints will heal Bentley thank you

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Prayer Request for Buttercup the Dog

From Cathy:
Please say a prayer for Buttercup the Clumber Spaniel, he was recently diagnosed with IMHA which is deadly in Clumbers.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prayer Request for Boo Bee the Cat

From Erica:
Please pray for my cat to return home I have him for 8years to me he is like my child he is like my shadow everywhere I am he is there but somehow he manage to run out of my home he was an indoor cat so he is not use to the outdoor life I look everywhere for him and he has not return home I can’t sleep or I am really worried I can’t even work please pray for his safe return home . Thank you erica My cat name is boo bee he is black & white

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Prayer Request for Bentley the Dog

From Dianne:
I have not been on my computer ina while. but I still pray each and every night for all our lost and sick animals. They are the lords most percious creatures.Please pray My little dog Bentley who is 11 years old and has been through so much May have cataracts. And maybe going blind.My heart is breaking. These last 7 years have not been very good ones My husbands has been very sick and Bentley has always been right beside us. I think that the lord brought us together. he has always been there for us. Please pray to the lord and all his angels, St Jude. That Bentley will not go blind. I truly do believe in the lord that he will give us a miracle.Ask and you shall recieve. I know that the lord will give Little bentley a miracle and heal him In jesus's now Bentley will be healed.

Terrific News! - Lily the Dog

Recent photo of "Lily"

Dear friends: Thank you for your prayers! The following is an email just received from Ginny, Lily's owner:
This is Ginny, Lily's owner. Lily has made the most extraordinary recovery and my heart is truly overflowing with gratitude to you and others who have prayed for her recovery. A few days ago I couldn't allow myself to fantasise about taking her home, but it looks as if tomorrow this dream will become a reality. More than one of the vets have talked about her being a "miracle dog", and I feel sure that all the prayers for Lily have brought us to this happiest of happy places. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity in reaching out to us, complete strangers, and being with us through this terrible journey, which seems to be heading for such a happy ending. This is Lily and I yesterday - the ecstatic look on my face tells it all!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sad News - Midnight the Cat

From Brenda:
Midnight passed away this morning, she is at peace

Friday, October 17, 2014

Prayer Request for another Lily (the Dog)

From comment section:
Please pray for my sweet Lily. She is a six year old adorable mutt who has been an amazing friend. She got out of our fenced yard one week ago. Please pray for her safe return and guidance in finding her.

Prayer Request for Jezebel the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of lost beloved cat Jezabel. She is 13.

Prayer Request for Midnight the Cat

From Brenda:
Please pray for our cat Midnight is ill she hasn't been eating or drinking she is now at the vets, We love her so much and want her to come back to us.Thanks

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Updated Prayer Request for Lily the Dog

From Melanie:
Update on Lily (black labrador) - having been given only a slim chance of surfing last night, she has made it through today and is still with us but having now come off the drugs she is not waking up - we are praying for her constantly that she will wake safely - please pray with us for Lily and also for Lily's Mummy, my beloved friend Ginny to give her strength through this ordeal. With great gratitude for all your prayers that have helped so much to carry Lily through this far - Melanie

Prayer Request for Daffy the Dog

From comment section:
please pray for my dog DAFFY, he is very sick..he poop with blood. my 1 year old daughter love daffy so much. please help me to pray for his fast recovery.thank you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Lily the Dog

From Melanie:
Please pray for Lily, my beloved friend's beautiful 3 year old black labrador - Lily is very much loved and is a source of great joy to my friend Ginny, and also to me. Lily has eaten slug pellets and is in a vet hospital fighting for her life at this very moment - we are both praying for her fervently and would be hugely grateful to anyone else who may offer their prayers to help Lily through this. With much appreciation for all blessings and prayers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sad News - Muffin the Cat


From H.L.:
September. 30th, 2014, Tuesday Muffin the cat was put to 'forever' sleep. This was my sister and her children's family pet I appreciate all of your Prayers Please continue to Pray for God's creatures especially the ones who are very sick, seriously injured, abandon, and abused.

Updated Prayer Request for Maude the Dog

From Kathleen:
We were feeling so hopeful for Maude's recovery. Xrays at the vet today showed nodules on her lungs, which means her cancer has spread. We're awaiting test results to see if treatment is possible. We are all in shock. Please pray for Maude. Thank you.

Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin's "My Dog Gone Problem"

Bishop Thomas Tobin

Bishop Tobin recently lost his beloved dog. Here is his story in his own words. Please say a prayer for him as he grieves the loss of his beloved dog, Molly. MY DOG GONE PROBLEM

Mahalo to my friend Ed who blogs at In God's Company 2 for sharing.

Prayer request for Chuchay the Dog

From comment section: P
lease pray for my pet dog, Chuchay. She gave birth to 5 pups 2 weeks ago but only 3 have survived. Took her this morning to a vet doctor due to vomiting and lost of appetite. She was confined in the clinic for treatment. Hoping for her fast recovery and praying for good results tomorrow. May the good Lord gives her strength to overcome her sickness. Amen!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Prayer Request for Ice the Dog

From Mary Carolyn:
pls pray for my dog "Ice". She's very sick right now. thank you...

Sad News - Raoul the Dog

From Mary Jane:
Raoul was buried this afternoon in the family's back yard.

Prayer Request for Shatzee the Puppy

From comment section:
Please make sure that my girlfriend's pup Shatzee is not in very much pain, (my friend's) name is Marissa. Please keep her pup free from any pain, she loves her so much!!!! Amen

Prayer Request for Raul the Dog

From Mary Jane:
Raul is a 12 yr. old male schnauzer that is very sick and cannot walk. Adeline and her husband are meeting with vet now.

Prayer Request for Opal Jean the Cat

From Mary Jane:
Opal Jean is a 15 year old cat that has a urinary tract infection, liver with high functions and an over-active thyroid. Say a little prayer for her too. Linda B.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Buttercup the Cat

From Toni: Please pray for Buttercup. He is the sunshine in my day and has decided to no longer eat. He is feral, but I love him and I know that he loves me. I know that he must eat and soon, but I cannot make him. I keep trying. I know that our Heavenly Father, should it be his will can get him to eat and restore his health better then before. I am asking please for your prayers to assist in his current need and his overall return to good health. Should our Lord take him home, I pray with your prayers that Buttercup knew love, will go as effortlessly as possible and will be at Rainbow Bridge when I cross. Sincerely, thank you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Prayer Request for Asher the Cat

From Becky:
Please pray for our kitty Asher. Just had to rush him to the vet because he had some kind of attack after I gave him a flea bath. His lungs filled with fluid and I thought we were going to lose him right there. The vet has given him a bunch of different injections and put him in an oxygen tent. He was looking a little better when we left, but we won't know for sure how he will do for awhile. Thank you and God bless.....

Prayer Request for Tessa the Puppy

From comment section:
Please pray for Lost puppy, Tessa in Chicago. May she be returned home safely.

Urgent Prayer Request for Sunshine the Dog

From Carol:
My Dad passed away August 1. We got my Mom a schnauzer named Sunshine. We all love her. She is 4 years old and we had her spayed Oct 1 She is having a difficult time recuperating, please pray for Sunshine and my Mom. Thank You Thank you St Francis of Assisi. Praise to the The Holy Trinity!

Prayer Request for a Pet Cat

From Sera:
Please pray for my mom's cat he's blind and escaped from her house, it has been 24 hours we are still searching & trying not to lose hope. Thank you!

Sad News - Simba the Dog

Deacon Salvin's beloved dog Simba has died. Please pray for Salvin as he mourns the loss of his dog while trying to finish up his studies to become a priest.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Prayer Request for Daphne the Dog

From Debra:

Urgent Prayer Request for Lily the Dog

From Gregory:
Please pray for a very sick dog Lily. She has parvovirus and is having a very hard time coming back. Please say all the prayers you can, we love her so much and want her home in good health. Thank you

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Good News! Teddy the Cat

From Lucia:
Our Teddy was returned today after missing for 2 long months! He lost 8 pounds and had to stay in the hospital overnight, but he is ok and once again home :-) Thank you so much for your prayers

Urgent Prayer Request for Ivy the Dog

From Cathy:
Please pray for Ivy the dog in the shelter, she has been there far too long and she is a good dog.

Prayer Request for Red the Dog

From Suzanne:
please pray for the spells to be lifted off my dog Red ,& may the ubtimely upset funny tummy be healed & please , please , may she eat something soon & her special chicken & rice please. please may she heal soon & may my abusive father not take her to the corrupt vet on monday for antibiotics. please, Dear Lord , help Red & my pets, & take into account all the large amounts of natural remedies & special supplements & good exercise that has been given to the dogs & it is 1st because a relative gave to dogs wrong food like pie & 2nd because of witchcraft in the household. thank-you.
Note: When you suspect evil doings, pray, use sacramentals and trust in God.

Prayer Request for C-Dog the Dog

From Karen:
Please pray for our dog, C-dog, who has a very crippled elbow and cannot walk. We can't let him suffer like that. Please pray that his elbow gets a little better, so he can walk. He is a beautiful, loyal, healthy dog other than that. Our hearts are breaking and I don't feel like it's time to say good-bye. We request your loving and healing prayers.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Prayer Request for Diablo the Dog


From Elizabeth:
My dog Diablo. Who we love so much. Not doing very good today,has a heart condition!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sad News - Emily the Dog

From Bob:
This morning we lost our dear pet Emily after a 3 month battle from Lymphoma. She she gave us a lot of happiness over the past 13 years and she will be terribly missed by our family. She was beautiful Shetland Sheep dog. Please share with the compassionate people of your Blog. Thank you,

Updated Prayer Request for Simba the Dog

From Deacon Salvin: More prayers for my beloved Simba. He is very sick my nephew who takes care of my Dada at home told me!

Prayer Request for Zoey the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for Zoey. Neighbors left gate open and she got out. Its been 4 days. Pray that I find her. Its getting cold at night and her best friend and dad misses her. She's 7 year old black lab. I need to find her today!! Thank you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Prayer Request for Alii the Dog

From Alex: