Thursday, June 29, 2017

Prayer Request for Into the Cat

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for my cat, 'Into'. She has been doing well getting fluids for kidney failure, but today she was dehydrated and is not eating as before, and not feeling well. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Rinku the Dog

From our Facebook page:
This is my Rinku ,just a year and a half .He was 15 days old and a street dog when a car ran over him in front of my house breaking his tiny leg , I got him treated and then fostered him hoping for him to be adopted but when it didn't happen I myself adopted him .A month ago he started moving with his head tilted upwards almost twice a day bit just for a few minutes .Didn't scream .Took him to the vet , got x rays , blood tests ,vet said were OK .Gave him antibiotics ,he was OK for 20 days and now suddenly both the frequency and intensity of his this condition have increased, he screams too. Eats and drinks normal though .Vets are trying new med today or tomorrow .He is too young to go . Please pray for him .Am from India .

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Good News - Lucy

From Becky:
My Lucy was found after a total of 9 weeks missing! Thank everyone for your prayers! She spent a week at the vet and has some issues but hoping for a recovery! God Bless you all!

Prayer Request for Yoshe the Dog

From comment section:
My friend has a shitzu named Yoshe he had heart failure two days ago and it don't look good. Please pray fo him his family loves him so much. He has a heart murmur and has to be on medication for the rest of his life. He is only four. He has so many people that love him.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Prayer Request for Fenway the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my dog Fenway who just went lost Saint Felix Of Nova Pray For Us

Prayer Request for Roxie the Dog

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for my sweet pound puppy Roxie. She is not eating or drinking. We found a tumor in her abdomen. It is the size of a baseball. It stopping the lymph nodes from filtering fluid. So now both back legs are swollen. I think we need to bring in hospice. She is 12. I just don't want her in pain or suffering. This has happened in a week. Vet wanted to try antibodies and pain meds but it's not working. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Pharoah the Cat

From the comment section:
Our beautiful cat Pharaoh escaped from the house this morning and has not returned. We are scheduled to go to Costa Rica for vacation tomorrow at 5:30 am. We are heartbroken. Praying to St. Felix.

Prayer Request for Dutch the Dog

From our Facebook page:
Prayer request for my sister's friend's dog Dutch. They accidentally broke his jaw when they went to pull a tooth and just some other things he needs prayers for..... Thank you!!

Prayer Request for Bunny the Rabbit

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for our rescue. Bunny the rabbit was picked up off the street 20/06/2017. With a heavy heart took her into our home as an orphan. Bunny is not looking very well.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Good News - Caesar the Dog

From Lisa: It was just after five o'clock this morning when I heard the phone rang, I answered," hello,' I heard a male voice on the other end of the line.' Morning Mr. Norville, this is the police, we just rescued a little dog that seem to be hurt from the side of the road in Spooner's Hill, can we bring it to you?'I answered, “yes, that's ok," and proceeded to give them my address then got out of bed to meet them on the outside.When they got to my house all three of them got out of the Police van and made their way to the back, when they opened the door I saw this little fellow just lying there looking all dejected.
The young Police Officer gently lifted him up and placed him in the Ambulance.I stood there in awe, why? Because it was that look of concern on those officers' faces, the look of affection, care, responsibility and dedication. One officer asked me in this tone of voice of genuine concern, “is he going to be alright?" I told him," yes, we'll make sure he makes it."
I've spent more than three quarters of my life trying to get people to respect animals and see them for the valuable contribution they contribute to our lives, this episode that played out in front of me this morning showed me there is still hope.
To those three officers who took the time out to save that little soul, 'thank you.

 P.S - Mr Norville is an animal rescuer from the RSPCA Barbados. The above is what he wrote on his page yesterday. 
 Update: Today Mrs. Butler and my mother went to the RSPCA to see if it was truly Caesar and thank God it is. He is bleeding from a paw and it appears that he might have been struck by a vehicle. He is still disoriented at this time
The vet has said that he needs to get an X-ray done. But with the grace of God I hope he will pull through. 
He was found just in the nick of time as we are currently under Cyclone watch today and his chances as he is unable to stand up or walk would not have been good.  
I want to thank you and all of those who prayed for his return. 
I truly  belief that it is because of those prayers that he was found. 
If you want you can post this on your page or on fb. As I want to thank everyone. P.S. Please continue to pray that Caesar makes a full recovery and is not traumatized  by this  experience. 
Thank you and everyone who prayed you have made a difference in the life of an old lady whose dog is her only companion. She is over the moon at his return. 

Prayer Request for Smokey the Cat

From Dawn:
I was blessed to find your blog with the beautiful prayer to St. Anthony and St. Francis. Our indoor cat, Smokey, got out on Thursday night, June 15th and we've been besides ourselves with worry and hopeful prayer. We've posted signs, posted on all the websites, checked the shelters, called into all the local veterinarians, placed his litter box outside along with his favorite toys and food. I think we're feeding all of the neighborhood critters, and hope that someone is doing the same for our blessed fur-baby. I don't know if you'll even get this message, but if you do... we believe so strongly in the power of prayer for a safe and quick return of our boy. I've been praying to Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Francis and Saint Jude. I will include your beautiful prayer as well. Thank you. Prayer for Smokey's Safe Return St. Francis and St. Anthony, please come promptly to the aid of this precious cat, Smokey, and those who love him so, and enable him to find his way back home, having suffered no ill effects from his separation from his family. Thank you sweet Jesus for your mercy on this family and their dearly loved cat, and for restoring him to them. It is in Your name we pray, Amen.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Prayer Request for Rio the Bird

From comment section:
Oh God please help my pet Rio (Parrot) to get back home.since he lost from past 3 days. He don't know anything apart from us. Please pray. God please help

Prayer Request for Trooper the Dog

From comment section:
My buddy Trooper had to be put down on Monday. He was a beautiful lab that we rescued when he was 6. We had six years with the most special friend me and my wife had. The perfect friend. Only great memories. He never met someone he didn't like and was loved by all who were around him. May God bless him and St. Francis

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Prayer Request for Hutchi the Dog

From the comment section:
Dear God creator of all things please heal my sweet dog "Hutchi" he is severely anemic and lethargic vet says he needs blood transfusions or else. I dont have 2,000$ all i have is my love and prayers We need a miracle! I just cant bear to lose him he is the love of my life he means everything to me

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Prayer Request for Caesar the Dog

From Lisa:
Please pray for the safe return of Mrs. Butlers pet dog Caesar who has been missing since the 4th of June 2017. From his home in Bank Hall Main Road Barbados. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Pet Cats

From Sandra:
I have got a dismissal for my flat. so, my big prayer request is that my cat can stay here at home with her boyfriend-cat. Thank you very much for your prayer support.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Prayer Request for Kyle and Niko the Cats

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for my cat, Kyle, who is a young kitty currently hospitalized for digestive disorder. The vets are not sure what is wrong. And also for my best friend's cat, Niko, who is also hospitalized for kidney problems. We miss our furry babies and need them to get well. Thank you

Prayer Request for Penny the Dog

From our Facebook page:
Please pray for my Penny to come home safely I love and miss her more every day. She has been MISSING since December 28TH. My husband would love to see and hold her before he passes away. Please pray for her safe return soon. Thank you and in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request for Corly the Cat

"Corly" the Cat

From Kimberly: I saw your beautiful blog and am in search of a miracle for my lost cat. Can you please pray for him? His nickname is "Corly" short for Corleone. He is a beautiful 8-year-old boy who has never traveled far beyond his patio, but on the evening of May 24, he never came home. He is a good boy that has brought so much joy into everyone's lives. He has weathered emotionally difficult times for both his former mom and now me. So many people miss him dearly. I am seeking peace of mind to know that he is safe and on his way home.

Prayer Request for Fluffy the Cat

From Paula:
Please pray for my cat, Fluffy. Lost May 15th; escaped from her cat carrier. Thank you.