Thursday, June 1, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request for Corly the Cat

"Corly" the Cat

From Kimberly: I saw your beautiful blog and am in search of a miracle for my lost cat. Can you please pray for him? His nickname is "Corly" short for Corleone. He is a beautiful 8-year-old boy who has never traveled far beyond his patio, but on the evening of May 24, he never came home. He is a good boy that has brought so much joy into everyone's lives. He has weathered emotionally difficult times for both his former mom and now me. So many people miss him dearly. I am seeking peace of mind to know that he is safe and on his way home.


Nanük said...

Many prayers for the safe return of your kitteh.

Anonymous said...

I am also praying for the safe return of your beautiful cat.