Thursday, June 29, 2017

Prayer Request for Rinku the Dog

From our Facebook page:
This is my Rinku ,just a year and a half .He was 15 days old and a street dog when a car ran over him in front of my house breaking his tiny leg , I got him treated and then fostered him hoping for him to be adopted but when it didn't happen I myself adopted him .A month ago he started moving with his head tilted upwards almost twice a day bit just for a few minutes .Didn't scream .Took him to the vet , got x rays , blood tests ,vet said were OK .Gave him antibiotics ,he was OK for 20 days and now suddenly both the frequency and intensity of his this condition have increased, he screams too. Eats and drinks normal though .Vets are trying new med today or tomorrow .He is too young to go . Please pray for him .Am from India .

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