Friday, November 29, 2013

Prayer Request for Rubi and Bella

From Betty:
We pray for the safe return of Rubi. That she be kept safe and return home. Also for Bella who has been missing for a week. Please Lord take care of them both.

Prayer Request for May May's Dogs

From May May:
I kindly request for prayers for my baby dogs Maggie, Barney, and their 3 new puppies. Maggie just gave birth 2 wks ago to healthy pups. But the pregnancy and nursing has taken a toll on her immune system and she has tested positive for distemper even though she's vaccinated. She's tested positive for erlichiosis as well. Vet says its likely Barney and the pups have been exposed as well. So its a whole set of treatments. My heart is torn. Maggie is in isolation, and they are all constantly crying and calling for each other which pains me all the more. I'm trying to be strong in nursing them all to good health. 2 of the pups haven't taken well to bottle feeding yet. We'd really really appreciate your prayers. I believe in the power of prayers! Thank you so much and may you be blessed.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prayer Request for Kay's Dog

From Kay:
I need St. Lucy's help with my maltese. Both her eyes need cataract surgery - one more than the other. She has some vision in one but I just can't put her through that stress of six weeks of recovery where her eyes are stitched closed so she won't blink over the stitches in each eye while I'd have to sleep on the floor w/her as she can't jump down off of anything, must wear a hard cone, and be given 3 different eye drops 4x a day for those 6 weeks. 10% chance of failure rate and retina detachment. She's not old. She's only 9 and still plays with her toys but she's running into things, she's hesitant about where she goes, and she needs me. She's off all of her meds that might have given her these cataracts so I'm hoping that with a little bit of time and these drops I was given for inflammation, her eyes will heal. I just want to see her black pupils again. I really need a miracle.

Prayer Request for Ginger the Dog and her Owner Olivia

From Mary Jane:
Please pray for Olivia. On Saturday, her dad Bill was rushed to the ER for a stroke & was in ICU. He's home, thanks be to God with no rehab needed. That is a miracle in itself. Now Ginger, a 14 yr. old "Carolina Yellow" dog has been showing what Olivia thought were (end-of-life) symptoms. After Mass, Olivia and a friend took Ginger to the emergency vet. Ginger either has an inner ear infection or possibly a brain tumor. She is being treated for the inner ear. Please pray for her healing. Today on the feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, we are asking Our Blessed Mother to intercede in this situation. Thank you and God bless.

Urgent Prayer Request for Rummy the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my daughter's chocolate lab,Rummy,who is very ill with either lung cancer or a fungal infection. She has been her faithful companion for 8 years and we are praying for her healing!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prayer Request for Hudson the Dog

From Susan:
Please pray for my cousins Rosemarie and Richard dog Hudson who is in surgery now. Please let him be ok

Prayer Request for Midnight the Dog

From Marie:
Please pray for my precious dog midnught. She is very sick,is barely moving and is not standing up to pee. She is barely eating and drinking and I don,t have the money to take her to a vet. I need all your fervent prayers.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sad News - Lucy the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my baby Lucy. She was a 5 year old Yorkie. She died suddenly on November 8,2013. Her passing has left a huge hole in my heart. She was the love of my life. I'm having a very difficulty time coping with her loss. God bless and thank you!

Prayer Request for Alex the Cat

From Susan:
PLEASE pray for my 5-year old cat, Alex, who was scared off the balcony by a maintenance man-he's an indoor cat gone now for over a month. My heart is broken and I can't stop crying.

Urgent Prayer Request for Rocky the Dog

From Meg:
Please, ask for prayers for ROCKY the black chow dog, we've found out he hasn't long because he has a tumour.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Shaft the Dog


From Nana:
Please pray for my 7yr old Schnoodle, Shaft who was involved in a car accident at 6am today 22nd Nov 2013 And has some suspected internal injuries although we aren't yet certain how major. He has brought so much joy to me before I had children and my children have continued to receive love and companionship from Shaft all their lives. We pray he recovers miraculously and that through the intersession of St. Roch our prayers will be answered. Thank you Esther for this beautiful group. It has brought me so much comfort. may all the sick and injured animals receive care, love and healing. Amen

Urgent Prayer Request for Jasmine

From the comment section:
Please pray for Jasmine. The kennel gave her to the wrong family and now she has been lost since Sunday.

Urgent Prayer Request for Oreo the Dog

From Claudia:
I was searching for the Patron of Animals and found you. Our dog Oreo was hit by a car last night and he might lose his right eye and be left with a limp. I'm totally desperate. I know prayer is powerful and miracles do happen. Please keep him on your prayers. Thank you,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Kix the Cat

From Karen:
Please, please pray for my cat, Kix. He's 12 years old, and I believe he might have suffered a stroke about 3 hours ago. He appears to be dying, but he has been very sick before and recovered. I know it can't be forestalled forever... I just love him SO much, and my daughter is heartbroken with grief! My heart's desire is that the Lord will heal her beloved pet--the only true friend she's ever had! That being said, neither of us wants him to suffer... I've been singing hymns, praying, and declaring my love for him, and he now seems to be sleeping--if somewhat fitfully... If he IS destined to die, I pray that the Lord allows him to just go to sleep--for I know that he will open his eyes in Heaven. *tears*
I am sending up prayers for all sick and injured pets (and other dear animals). I care! God bless you all.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Moonie Pie the Dog

From Katie:
Hello- Our dog, Moon, is a 4yo Black&Chocolate Lab and Pit Bull Mix. She is about 80lbs and a loveable girl. She is very kind, very playful, and enjoys acting as if she is a small puppy and will often crawl under the blankets and position herself on her back with all four paws in the air just inside the front door when she hears us returning home. She is very silly. Moon became very ill very quickly and just in the last few days. After a bout with Addison's disease two years ago (rare autoimmune condition) which she has been receiving treatments for and has been doing well, she suddenly lost her appetite and began to have difficultly walking and would not eat at all. The vet ruled out an Addisonian crisis, but noted her red blood cell count was too low. After a battery of tests, new meds, IV treatments at the vet and at home, and more, it was decided to move Moon to the critical care animal hospital. Now we have discovered that Moon has Evan's Syndrome (another rare genetic disease) which is causing autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA). In essence, her healthy red blood cells and platelets are being attacked by her immune system. She's had two blood transfusions and lots and lots of other treatments while at the critical care animal hospital. Last night they found a mass in her chest. They do not think it is cancer, but rather think it has to do with dying blood cells clumping together. In the morning hours of 11-20-13, the vet surgeons will open up the area to have a very clear look at the mass. If it is not cancerous, they will remove it and also complete a splenectomy as this is the last and more promising intervention to stop the Evan's syndrome attack on Moon's blood. We are a strong family and we love and adore our dogs. Moon's sister dog, Dottie, is also pulling for her recovery. Please help us pray for Moon's healing. We affirm God's amazing grace and know the God has the almighty power to heal Mooney Pie. Thank you for your compassion and prayer.

Prayer Request for Nunsie the Cat

From Angela:
My cat Nunsie went missing last Thursday. He's a sweet orange and white foot tabby who I love with all my being! He goes out during the day, we have a cat door but he's always around when I get home. Thursday he was just gone. We live in the woods so he could be anywhere. I've created flyers and have patrolled the street we live on to be sure he hasn't been hit. Thank goodness I haven't found any sign of that. But my heart is broken and I've prayed and prayed and prayed for his safe return. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Zilla the Dog

From Connie:
Zilla has been missing about over a month now he's only a baby over one year old his family misses him and are hurting please bring zilla home thank u

Prayer Request for Kayla the Dog

From Bettyann:
Please say a prayer for Kayla my friends dog

Monday, November 18, 2013

Prayer Request for Havoc the Dog

From comment section:
Blessed St Francis, I went to see you twice at Real De Catorce. Please hear my prayers. Please bless my dog Havoc. She suffered silently through my depression with unwavering love. She was with me when I had nothing and no where to go. Please pray that she is healed or that she goes without suffering. Blessed Jesus thank you with all my heart for sending me my friend.

Prayer Request for Riley the Cat

From comment section:
Our family cat, Riley, somehow got out of our home this weekend and we cannot find her. I am posting this that I can get as many prayers that she returns safe and unharmed. She has been a part of our family for 10 years and our heart aches without her. Thank you

Prayer Request for Oliver the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for our lost cat. His name is Oliver and we love and miss him very very much. Thank you so so much for your prayers!

Prayer Request for Midnight the Dog

From Sarah:
Please pray for my friend who's dog Midnight went missing yesterday. Midnight is very sweet and shy. My friend is pregnant and is very stressed by the situation. Thank you.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Prayer Requests for Susie's Pets

From Susie:
I have Prayer request,but do not have pics for Chancie or General is one with tumor on rib cage . I have one 4 legged baby Chancie who has a bad cough that won't go away now,she has went thru one RX from the vet she got better .Now the upper resp.infection (she gets one about 2 X a year ,maybe 3) it is coming back on her,so i made her a vet appt.for next week Then Spunky the one who has early signs of kidney failure & more,she is getting worse,she has to go back for a vet week. Next is Trouble ( have not gotten her lab test back yet) she is doing ok so far,she goes back to vet next week. And I have yet a 4th 12 yr old dog who has a tumor on the side of his rib cage,he is vomiting more & the tumor is growing on him. Not sure when he will be able to go.He is an inside dog,so that is better on him. tyvm,God Bless

Prayer Request for Angel the Dog

From Maria:
Please saint Francis watch over Angel my weimaran help with her illness and keep her healthy and safe . Thank you x

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prayer Request for Bella the Dog

From Patty:
Bella was stolen from my brother's back yard this morning. Please pray that she is found and safely returned. She is a sweet and loving dog. Patty

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prayer Request for Phil the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray that my 15 year old cat, Phil, makes it back home. He has been lost for about four weeks. Please help me pray that he is not hurt, that he has sufficient food and water, and that he finds his way home to his family. We miss you Phil. Please come home. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Picasso the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of my dog Picasso who has been missing for over 24 hours now.

Urgent Prayer Request for Leo the Cat

From Lisa:
Please pray for the safe return of my 85 year old father's treasured friend, and cat, Leo. He left Monday morning and has not returned yet. It hurts so bad to see my father in such pain. We have looked and looked to no avail, yet. Thank you in advance for your prayers and your time -

Monday, November 11, 2013

Prayer Request for Penny the Cat

From Cheryl:
Our 20-year-old, much loved cat, Penny, went out last night and has not returned. She never left our yard, only walked from the back deck to the front door for years. Somehow she did not make that short trip last night. I am surprised at the depth of my grief, and guilt. Please pray for Penny, that she is not suffering. And if it is part of your mission to pray for owners, please pray for us, too. Many thanks.

Prayer Request for Trigger the Dog

From Jenny:
I am requested prayers for the safe return of our German Shepherd Mix Trigger. She has been missing since 11/6/13. I feel that she is still alive and safe, we just desperately need to find her. Thank you

Urgent Prayer Request for Idea the Dog

From Manoo:
Thank you so much for your prayers for my Idea. I have an update here: Idea's mammary gland tumor is spreading and tomorrow she is going for her surgery at 2pm IST and 3:30 am EST. She is going to be 16 on Feb 2, 2014. Vet did some tests and xrays to see the pissibility of doing the surgery and finally said yes to it. Please pray deeply for Idea that her surgery goes well and she recovers quickly. Many thanks,
...Idea is finally home. Feels good to be with us. Explored home little bit, drank a little bowl of milk today (which she rarely does) :). And now sleeping. The vet told us they removed one big tumor and many small ones. We will know the exact story tomorrow. She seems to be at peace. Attaching her recent picture. We need to take her for the check up on 13th. This hospital was opened in 2010 and is multi speciality with the latest equipment and wonderful doctors. I will keep you posted. So much love and many deep thank yous.
"Idea" following surgery

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Prayer Request for Rhett the Dog

From comment section:
Rhett the dog has gone missing in Houston. Please pray to St. Felix of Nola for his speedy return so that his owners may find peace.

Urgent Prayer Request for Lady Kotton the Cat

"Lady Kotton"
From Heidi:
Please Pray for my Lady Kotton kitty girl. She suffers from Pancreatitis and is unable to eat so is slowly starving. PLEASE ask God to cure her so she eats again and lives healthy and happy in life with her "brother" Benji and me! I just love and need her so much!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Pedro and Floyd the Cats

From Pat:
I hope you are well. I am writing to introduce myself as just posted a prayer request on your blog but was only able to sign up anonymously. My name is Patricia , I am a catholic lady who has recently immigrated to New Zealand from the UK. I left my cats with a friend while I was getting settled. I finally sent for them having resolved housing and immigration issues. Only to be told that my beloved Pedro and Floyd are very sick with cat flu. Pedro is at the vets at the moment and may need to have his eyes removed, Floyd is not yet as poorly. There has even been a mention of putting Pedro down. My boys are 3yrs old ginger brothers. I loved them very much, they have been with me since they were 10 weeks old. I spent the past night praying and asking for God’s mercy. While surfing the internet looking for prayers and a patron saint of cats I found your blog. I felt comforted reading the prayers and prayer request. Can I kindly ask you and the people on your blog to pray for my two boys? Thank you so much. Blessings

Prayer Request for Basty the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my 3 year old shih Tzu, Basty. He went out of our house and somebody took him last November 3, 2013. He is so important to our family, he is our baby boy. We've been looking for him since he got lost upto now. We hadn't slept for days because of crying. Please pray for him that he finds his way back home and pray for that "somebody" who took him, to please return our baby boy Basty to us. Please, we need many prayers. Please help us. :( We loe you so much baby boy, Basty.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Prayer Request for Olivia the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray that Olivia in Portland, Oregon find her way home. We miss you and love you Livy.

Urgent Prayer Request for Belle the Cat

From Kristy for Rosie:
The cat's name is Belle and she has been missing for a week now. They live in the jungle of Costa Rica so my friend Rosie is fearing the worst but I told her about the power of prayer. Thank you so much for putting Belle on the prayer list Rosie is pretty heartbroken. Let's all pray she comes home.

Prayer Request for GG the Dog

From Patti:
Hi Please pray for GG the Bull Terrier..his heart is in danger of failing and he's at the vets getting tests..please pray for his Mama, too...thank you!

Prayer Request for Trouble & Spunky the Dog

From Susie:
I have more PRAYER REQUEST,please? First if for TROUBLE my biggest dog.She has a large swelled up knot on her left hip.Vet said last time she thought it was a fatty tumor.But it continues to grow & it's sore cause when I was rubbing her she laid back those ears & turned her head sharply at me .So I know it must be sore.Then on the same side on elbow joint she has a fleshy like tumor on the outside of skin .She limping also & groaning like it hurts just to get up & down.Next is for Spunky she is the one with all the Arthritis problems , even worse tan Trouble & her kidneys are trying to shut down.She keep having trouble with a lot of leakage & pain now. She has been on antibiotics for almost 2 months straight for bacteria kidneys & such.S far it is not stopping it.Please pray for both my babies.Trouble is going to vet again (hopefully) tomorrow.I have to make payments to my vet for all this,but I am blessed to have a vet that is a good Christian man ,Praise God. Thank you all who help me pray for them

Update on Percy the Dog

From June: Praying for all of our beloved pets A sincere thank you to everyone for the prayers for "Percy!! His pancreatic number dropped from a ridiculously high 1000 to 500. (the high normal is 200) I will keep you posted. We appreciate all your prayers!

Prayer Request for Gunter the Cat

From Leslie:
Our cat Gunter is missing since Oct 27. Please pray for his safe return. Thank you so much for your help.

Prayer Request for Bella the Dog

From Patti:
Please pray for Bella...she's lost and is undergoing treatment because she ate rat poison...please help her find her way home~

Prayer Request for a Pet Dog

From Toots:
Please say a prayer for my 13 year old Beagle who goes under anesthetic tomorrow to have 10-15 teeth pulled.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Prayer Request for Kuro and Haku the Cats

From comment section:
Please, please help pray for Kuro, a 6 year old house cat. He's been gone since yesterday and hasn't been back since, I know cats are solitary creatures but this radio silence is making me and my sister (she's really upset right now because kuro's always stuck around with her the most.) worry because he ALWAYS comes back, to eat or greet us . He'd gone up the rooftops and never came back. Please help, Haku, his litter sibling is constantly calling for him and misses him terribly. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Spaz the Cat

From Mary:
Please pray that my family reunites with our orange and white cat Spaz who went missing 10/30/13. We don't know where he is and are worried about him. Thanks for this website and God Bless! St. Felix of Nola pray for us.

Prayer Request for a Pet Cat

From Lisa:
My 1 year old cat went missing Sunday evening. She is part Maine coon and loves the outdoors but failed to come home that evening and has been missing since. I have combed the neighborhood, woods and surrounding neighborhoods searching for her with no success. Our woods are home to many wild animals as well. Please pray for her safe return to home. My family and I are heartbroken and miss her dearly. ( we got her after having to say goodbye to our beloved cat of 18 years)