Monday, June 19, 2017

Good News - Caesar the Dog

From Lisa: It was just after five o'clock this morning when I heard the phone rang, I answered," hello,' I heard a male voice on the other end of the line.' Morning Mr. Norville, this is the police, we just rescued a little dog that seem to be hurt from the side of the road in Spooner's Hill, can we bring it to you?'I answered, “yes, that's ok," and proceeded to give them my address then got out of bed to meet them on the outside.When they got to my house all three of them got out of the Police van and made their way to the back, when they opened the door I saw this little fellow just lying there looking all dejected.
The young Police Officer gently lifted him up and placed him in the Ambulance.I stood there in awe, why? Because it was that look of concern on those officers' faces, the look of affection, care, responsibility and dedication. One officer asked me in this tone of voice of genuine concern, “is he going to be alright?" I told him," yes, we'll make sure he makes it."
I've spent more than three quarters of my life trying to get people to respect animals and see them for the valuable contribution they contribute to our lives, this episode that played out in front of me this morning showed me there is still hope.
To those three officers who took the time out to save that little soul, 'thank you.

 P.S - Mr Norville is an animal rescuer from the RSPCA Barbados. The above is what he wrote on his page yesterday. 
 Update: Today Mrs. Butler and my mother went to the RSPCA to see if it was truly Caesar and thank God it is. He is bleeding from a paw and it appears that he might have been struck by a vehicle. He is still disoriented at this time
The vet has said that he needs to get an X-ray done. But with the grace of God I hope he will pull through. 
He was found just in the nick of time as we are currently under Cyclone watch today and his chances as he is unable to stand up or walk would not have been good.  
I want to thank you and all of those who prayed for his return. 
I truly  belief that it is because of those prayers that he was found. 
If you want you can post this on your page or on fb. As I want to thank everyone. P.S. Please continue to pray that Caesar makes a full recovery and is not traumatized  by this  experience. 
Thank you and everyone who prayed you have made a difference in the life of an old lady whose dog is her only companion. She is over the moon at his return. 

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