Friday, January 29, 2016

Prayer Request for Daniel the Cat


From Margaret:
I happened to come across your name on the internet after looking for the answer to "who is the patron saint of lost animals?" I have never heard of Saint Felix until today but am already praying to him for our beloved Daniel. Daniel,is an 8 year old tiger cat that came to my office with me EVERY day and would ride home with me Every night around 9:00pm. Everyone in this medical arts building that I work in loved Daniel and would welcome him into their offices. Even people that had NEVER liked cats loved Daniel. Anyway since December 8th, he has not been seen. He would NEVER just wander off we are certain that someone thought he was a stray and took him in for the winter. 
I've prayed to both Saint Francis and Saint Anthony yet to no avail. I'm not real savvy with the Internet but if there is such a "blog" where we can others too praying for Daniels safe return would you post this? I most CERTAINLY will update you if anything changes on this end. I'm full of hope right now, Thank You.

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Elaine Mctaggart said...

Praying hard for daniel
God bless