Friday, January 22, 2016

URGENT Prayer Request for Jake the Puppy

From comment section:
Please pray for a miracle that Jake, my sisters adorable gentle 2 yr lab puppy will be saved. He is going through final stage kidney failure. We have been told that there is no hope and that he has only between a few days and a few weeks to live. Everything medically and holistically that was recommended has been done. He is a rescue dog who was bottle fed from one day old and survived against the odds. He has been raised by my amazing sister. He is her baby and her world. We love him with all our hearts and we do not want to lose him. Please, please pray for a miracle that he will be healed and survive to live a long healthy life. Thank you for your kindness and prayers. Orna

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sharon said...

God please heal this precious puppy. Please make a miracle. May his days be peaceful and pain free. Please bless this family that loves him and rescued him. Surround him with love. In Jesus's name.