Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Prayer Request for Tinkerbell the Dog

From the comment section:
I am on my hands and knees begging the Lord to help me find my Tinkerbell, a 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier that has been missing since 3/9/17. I have put posts online, I've called the police and shelters and vet offices. I put up posters and handed out flyers. I have searched in all directions around my home. She has never wandered far but has been seen at the edge of the yard near the road in the past. I fear in my heart that someone has picked her up and is not going to return her. I am thankful to anyone that may have picked her up and is keeping her safe and warm but I am pleading with all my heart that they come forward and tell someone that they have her, that they please bring her back home. We have never meant for any harm to come to our sweet little old girl. Please say a prayer that we may be forgiven and that our precious Tinkerbell is safe and will be returned to us, her family.

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