Monday, August 12, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Abigail the Cat


From Monica:
I would like to request prayers for my kitty Abigail. We have only had Abigail for about 3 years. We adopted her from a very loving family who moved out of the country. She is 16 years old. She is a beautiful and very affectionate brown striped Maine Coon. This past Saturday she went into diabetic shock and her kidneys were not working properly. She has been at the hospital since. We could not afford to put her in a 24 hour care. At night she is by herself without any monitoring. Today we visited her. Her blood sugar was still too high for us to take her home, but it is lower than it was on Saturday. Please pray that her blood sugar levels will stabilize by tomorrow so that we can take her home. We really cannot afford for her to be in the hospital much longer. Thank you for your prayers and I will prayer for all of the other pets who need prayers.


ra husky said...

All our prayers mates,

Anonymous said...

For your precious Abigail, God Bless her and you!! My many prayers on the way!
Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, St. Jude, St. Gertrude, St. Francis, St. Benedict, please in your mercy intercede for Abigail. Take her into your healing, comforting embrace. Allow her condition to stabilize satisfactorily that she may return to her home where she is so loved. Bless her Family and Abigail!

Monica said...

Thanks to all who prayed for our kitty, Abigail. She is doing very good. Her doctors were all amazed that she began to eat again (after not eating at all) very quickly after she got to the hospital which helped to stabilize her blood sugar. We brought her home today. She is resting and purring in my arms now....or rather she just jumped down!