Saturday, August 3, 2013

Prayer Request for Sammy the Cat, et al.

From Lisa:
I humbly pray for intercession for the safe return of Sammy, beloved companion cat of Selene, who is, as any child, at the center of her heart. I also humbly pray for intercession for the safe return, against all odds, of our rescue kitties Puppy, Mau, Smoochie, and Mara who are gone, but not forgotten. Finally, I ask for your prayers of support for the return of these and for all who are loved and lost and for the humane treatment for all of God's creatures.

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Anonymous said...

For precious Sammy, and all the rescue kitties, God Bless them all, and may the Holy Angels keep watch over them and protect them, and lead them all safely home. My prayers on the way.