Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prayer Request for Maggie the Dog

From Donna:
Hello ... Wrote to you several times since April re our Mollie beging diagnosed with diabetes. Now I'd like to request prayers for our schnauzer Maggie ... a little under the weather, throwing up every now and then but doesn't seem too upset. Just hope it's a bug. Taking her to vet on Friday to get checked. Please pray that she will be her normal, healthy self again. Thanx and bless you all ...............


Anonymous said...

Healing thoughts and prayers are with you for your schnauzer Maggie and guidance for the veterinarian caring for her.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

For precious Maggie, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, St. Roch, St. Jude, please comfort and heal Maggie - may whatever is disturbing her tummy begone with; may her veterinary team find just a normal healthy doggie; and please continue to bless and keep Mollie in your comforting, healing embrace, too.
Many prayers are on the way!