Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sad News Sammy the Dog

From Toots earlier today:
Please pray for my neighbors dog Sammy. He is undergoing exploratory surgery right now. The pancreatitis test came back neg. But he had abnormal fluid in his abdomen and was severely dehydrated? They have him on pain meds and fluids until the tests on the fluid and more blood work come back.. He's such a sweet dog & loved by his human mom & dad very much.
Unfortunately, Sammy died today.
Thank you all for your prayers but Sammy didn't make it through the surgery. It's a sad day for his human parents & for those of us who knew him. He will be greatly missed. He has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Please pray for his human family who are suffering with this loss.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers are with Sammy's people; may the Good Lord hold them close and comfort them during this most difficult of times as they mourn the earthly loss of their much loved ♥Sammy♥.

God bless them and you also, Toots for you heart felt post.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Toots, for your love and devotion to Sammy and his human folks, too.
Oh I am truly so very sorry for this sad news and my prayers and hugs to both you and Sammy's human folks at this difficult time.
May Sammy know every joy of Heaven though yes the loss of his physical presence here on earth I know is tremendous.
I have a feeling that Sammy will find a very special way to let you all know he remains very much with you in spirit, he knows how much he was loved.
God Bless.