Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sad News - Jellybean the Bunny

From Steve:
I'd like to offer a belated thank you for all your prayers for our Jellybean. She too has passed away. We loved these little ones so much and had them with us for about eleven years. We miss them, and pray God has a special place of rest and peace for them, and that we might one day see them again. Thank you and may God bless you.
Please say a prayer for Steve as he mourns the loss of his beloved Jellybean.


Anonymous said...

God bless and comfort you, Steve as you mourn the loss of most precious, Jellybean.
I'm sure all three, Baby, Buttons and now Jellybean are romping and playing is God's Gardens and will one day be with you again.

Bless you, Steve for the many years of tender loving care you gave to Jellybean♥

Anonymous said...

For Steve at this most difficult time. I am so very sorry to learn of Jellybean. I believe your precious ones did indeed know your love for them and that you will indeed be reunited again one day. I have a special bunny 'on the other side', too, her name is Elsa. I so understand your sense of loss. God Bless you.

kristina said...

I'm so sorry, Steve. No doubt, JellyBean, Elsa and all these fabulous bunnies are hopping around heaven spreading their joy. You must be blessed with longevity for your bunnies. God bless you for being so good to them!