Thursday, May 31, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Abby the Puppy

From Nicole: I humbly request your prayers for our puppy, Abby. She disappeared from our home on Su
nday, May 27th. Our hearts are broken and we are doing all we can to find her. Please pray for her safe return! Thank you and God Bless,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prayer Request for Zeke the Dog

From Audra:
Thanks for your website and source of hope for our pets illness and loss. My Zeke is having trouble recovering from surgery and has been in the hospital for two weeks. Zeke saved my life at one time; I pray that his life and health will be saved. I cannot imagine our life without what is sure to be one of the brightest pet lights.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update on PigPig the Dog

From Nichole:  hank you everyone who's prayed for Piggy and PigPig. PigPig took a turn for the better Saturday night and has been on the upside ever since. He's playing and terrorizing the other dogs and cats at the house and hes eating. We're really hoping he's beating this.

Prayer Request for Lexa the Bird

From Denise:  Please pray for my Lexa who's been missing since Saturday.  We saw her high in the trees on Saturday and Sunday.  She called to us and talked back but was afraid to come down.  No sign of her since.  We are heartbroken and we know she's afraid.  Thank you for your kindness and prayers.

New Facebook Page

Mahalo for your comments. A new page has been created. Be sure to let your friends know.
I hope I am sharing the right link:

Urgent Prayer Request for Lucy the Cat and her owner

From comment section:
Your prayers are appreciated for 10 year old Lucy, a beautiful long haired tortoise shell kitty and the love of my life. She is experiencing renal failure and I have to put her to sleep today. She is the love of my life and has gotten me through Many tough times. I don't know how I personally am going to get through it. I am asking Gos to give me peAce during the event so that I can soothe her instead of making it more stressful and I am praying that she will cooperate, not struggle and go peacefully and that God will have an angel waiting for her. Thank you all.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Question for Prayer Warriors, etc.

Aloha Kakou: Someone shared a link to a new Facebook page dedicated for praying for pets. I was wondering if we should have such a page for our blog. I am thinking that if we did, we could reach more people with pets in need. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Hope you are all having a very blessed Memorial Day

Special Prayer Request by Mollie's Owner

From Donna:
A weird question/favor ... Would it be possible to pray for ME so I can better take care of poor Mollie? Mollie is doing pretty good yet ... but with her limited sight now I know she's looking for more attention, particularly voice connection. The last 3-4 days I've had a terrible gastro bout ... constipation/diarhea/hemorroid flare up ... and just have not felt like dealing with anything ... to put it simply. Just know if I feel better I can take care of Mollie a lot better. I know ... this is WEIRD .... thought I'd ask. Continued prayers for you and all the other animals.
Note: I know I don't speak for myself when I say that we pray for the pets in need as well as their owners. Owners, please feel free to request specific prayers like Donna did. Mahalo!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Updated Prayer Request - Pudgy the Dog

From Deborah:
Thank you so very much, unfortunately he has not come home.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Updated Prayer Request for Tonka the Dog

From Bernice:
Please pray again for my little dog Tonka. I wrote for prayer several weeks ago when she suddenly became ill with a balance disorder and she recovered. She is an older dog and has been my constant companion for many years. She has a very large inoperable tumor on her left hip and, although she was only given a few months to live, has lived happily and largely unaffected by it for several years. Now the tumor is growing smaller tumors on top of it. This morning one started bleeding. Please pray that the bleeding will stop and that she will be healed. She is a lovely, gentle girl and so happy with life. Please pray that she will be able to live the remainder of her days happy and healthy and that, when her time comes, she will slip away peacefully here at home where she is so very loved. Thank you so much. Bernice

Sad News - Piggy and Updated Prayer Request for PigPig

From Nichole:
Thank you so much! Unfortunately, they tested positive for Parvo today. Piggy was to far gone and we had to euthanize him but we're fighting for PigPig.

Urgent Prayer Request for Piggy and Pig Pig

From Nichole:  Please pray for two puppies I have (Piggy and PigPig (I know, silly names)). I took their pregnant mother in a few months ago. On Wednesday they started getting sick and are now very very weak and after several vet visits, they aren't much better but the vet doesn't think it's Parvo. And last night I came home to find their mother Cassie had gotten out of the yard and was hit by a car. They keep looking for her and it's just heartbreaking. Please pray for them and my sweet little Cassie.
Thank you so much,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Tristian the Dog

From the comment section:
Please pray for my dog Tristian. He is 10 years old and diagnosed with pancreantitis. We have been doing meds and treatment since Saturday. Now he won't eat anything. He drinks but doesn't even want to be near food. Please pray for health and comfort.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good News - Grayson the Cat

From Antonio: Thank you for praying for our cat he came back this morning we are so happy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Prayer Request for Zoya the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for my dear cat Zoya who went missing on Thursday, May 17, 2012 around 10:30 pm. She liked to sneak out, but would always come back when I called her. This was 4 months to the day that my Mother passed away and she always said she wanted to take a cat with her. I pray to Saint Anthony and St Frances and also St Clare. Please help Zoya find her way home to me.

Prayer Request - Grayson the Cat

From Grayson's owner:
Please pray for my lost cat grayson that he returns home

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prayer Request for Luna the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for our cat Luna. She is a year old and a black Domestic cat. We lost her on Wednesday, May 16 and still have not found her. Luna had the most beautiful heart and always accompanied me when I felt lonely. Her sister, Ollie is waiting for her at home. I received Luna on my 13th birthday as a present. I was in tears all day when I realized she still isn't back. I've been searching all day everyday for her and I'm in the process of making fliers. Luna can not be replaced. Thank you so much.

Message Regarding Prayer Requests

Dear Friends of this blog: Although I am able to read all messages and prayer requests for the pets in need, I may not be able to post the requests or reply to the requests for prayers right away. However, please know that I along with all the prayer warriors are praying for ALL the pets who need prayers and their owners. Mahalo for understanding. God bless, Esther

Sad News - Mr. Magoo the Parrot

From Joe and Leslie:
Mr. Magoo passed away Thursday afternoon. His mother and I are devastated but are comforted with the knowledge that he is with God. Thank- you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and kind thoughts. All of you made a difficult time at bit better. May God bless you and may he watch over and heal all sick pets. Thank-you again. -- Joe and Leslie
Please say a prayer for Joe and Leslie as they grieve the death of their beloved pet.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sad News - Firsa the Kitten

From Sarah:
Dear firsa the kitten was put to sleep today after a relatively short life. She spent her last days on a drip in the vet being regularly fed as comfortable as she could be. Unfortunately she developed neurological problems and got steadily worse to the point where euthanasia was recommended. Phillippa and Adam were her owners and are saddened beyond measure that this little star has been taken from them please pray for firsa to be at rest and her owners to grieve appropriately as God wishes it
Please pray for her owners.

Good News - Slim the Cat

From Karen:
 Slim came home last night at 8 pm.   He was a hungry and thirsty but not a scratch on him.   Please tell your group thank you so much for the quick prayers.  
St. Anthony and St. Francis heard you and got right on it.   

Updated Prayer Request for Mollie the Dog

From Donna:
 Well our Mollie seems to be doing ok ...
It's STRESSFUL thought worrying about whether I'll be able to get the picky eater to take her food so she can have her injections ....
Would appreciate it if you could help out with some prayers that she EATS ...
Thanx again ... and sending the prayers and wishes out for all the others.

Prayer Request for Smokey the Cat

From Christine:  Please, please pray for my son's cat Smokey. He is a fluffy little indoor cat we have had since he was a kitten two years ago. My son will be devastated if he does not come back, he loves his cat so much, we all do. He is a defenseless little cat. I do not know how he got outside, but he is gone and will not come back when i call him. Please pray for us and Saint Anthony, please help return our little kitty. Thank you. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on Fox the Cat

From Catherine:
While doing "spring cleaning" on my e-mail, I came across your message and am delighted to update you with news that Fox, our now 16-year-old orange tabby, is still with us. Although the vet said that his pancreatic mass appears cancerous, he actually regained the weight he lost and has a great appetite. He is mainly bothered by arthritis in his knees these days. We are so happy to have the gift of enjoying him each day he is here. God is good! I hope he blesses you for all you do.

Update on Sparky the Dog

From Sue: "... I wanted to also give you an update on Sparky and thank you again for posting his picture on your web site and asking for prayers for him. He has finished his radiation treatments, and even got a diploma. How cute is that? He's a "Rad Grad". They also gave him a neckerchief to wear that states "I am a cancer survivor". I keep praying that this is true, but we won't know for a while. I keep reading those words as a positive affirmation. But we have to wait now to see what happens. He's lost some weight, which is okay because he was overweight, and he's just right now, and his spirits are good, so we keep praying that the treatments worked and that our boy will stay with us as long as we can keep him healthy. He plays with our other dog and still barks at the evil UPS man when he comes - all good signs."

Sad News: Taco the Dog

From Carolyn:  Thank you so much for your prayers, Taco passed away yesterday, on Mother's day. We had to let him go, he got sick in the night and threw up and had been throwing up the past week, he couldn't drink water on his own and he couldn't eat on his own. He was suffering from kidney disease and the vet said that there nothing more we could do and that he would just get much worse. I feel so bad about this, I want to hold him in my arms again and feel his warmth. Please pray for Taco, that he be in Heaven. Please pray for me to, so that I know that I did the right thing and have comfort and knowledge in some way that he is safe now. Everyone tells me it was the kindest thing to do and I honestly  don't know how I did this, but in the back of my mind I believe God was guiding me through this to do this hard thing. I guess that I just want to know that I will be able to see him again.
Thank you,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Prayer Request for Taco the Dog

From Carolyn:  Please say a prayer for my little dog Taco, he is suffering from kidney failure.
Thank you,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Magoo the Parrot

From Joe and Leslie:
Please pray for our Meyers Parrot Mr. Magoo. He has fatty liver disease and is very sick. He is in the hospital, and his mother and I don't know if we will see him again. Please keep our "Goo-Bird" in your prayers. Thank-you and God bless you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sad News - Luna the Puppy

From Javier:
thank you all for your prayers! Luna is now in a better place, All dogs go to heaven! She rests in peace and nothing hurts anymore. She changed our lives, and made us see that there are a lot of dogs out there with dissabilities that need help. We may adopt another puppy, but this time will be from a shelter, no more breeders. May be her journey here was to make us see the help dissabilited dogs need. May dog bless all of your pets. :D
Please say a prayer for Javier!

Prayer Request for AhChoo the Cat

From Rebecca: ...
I have submitted prayer requests before to Prayers for our Pets and have been so grateful for everything everyone has done to help. I have a new request. Here's a little background: Pet is a shorthair, domestic, black (was part of a feral litter) who is a little over 17 years old. Her bloodwork/urine tests have looked great (most recent done 2 days ago) and she underwent surgery for an eye problem about 3 weeks ago - came through that beautifully. I was shocked yesterday to have her vet tell me that xrays revealed nodules on her lungs (thorax). She has been given a steriod which has helped and she's bright eyed and drinking/eating today. I am in such shock that I feel a strong need to get a second opinion. I need prayers for my cat (AhChoo) and me - to do the right thing for her. Thank you so much.

Sad News - Shorty the Dog

From Diane:
 Hi Thank you,,, for the guidance and prayers! Shorty sad to say, we let her free. She never
came back to any self from her cancer surgery. Wasnt eating or drinking water. Her eyes told me
to set her free.
I am heartbroken for my Shorty, who I had for 16 years, a chihuahua! RIP Shorty, Mama Love YOU!
Please pray for Diane!

Urgent Prayer Request for Slim the Cat

From Karen:  Please help me pray for my cat Slim's safe return home.  He disappeared Wednesday the 9th from our property in Lake Elmo Minnesota.   I am afraid coyotes may have hauled him off or he may have wondered over to the small airport on the other side of our property and gotten locked in a hanger or taken by someone.   Thank you,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request - Luna the Puppy

From Javier:  Hello, I recently found your blog about prayers for our pet. I have a baby poodle her name is Luna. She is the sweetest thing ever. She recently got sick, this past Saturday, she is losing her battle, it breaks my heart, because I bought her thinking she was a healthy puppy... Got home with her and soon realized that she wouldn't look for me, instead smell her way around, she is blind, when I found out I just hugged her real hard!!!! And we promised to take care of her. She hasn't gotten better, so I ask for your help, I know that when more than one pray for a cause it makes the prayer stronger. We don't want to lose her, help me plz.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update on Shorty the Dog and Question

From Diane:
she's home, but weak and thin! Need to get her strong! Don't want to lose her! Any advice for caring for a animal after surgery?
If any of you have suggestions on caring for a very weak, elderly dog following surgery, please advise! Mahalo!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good News - Yona the Dog

From Aldrin:
yona is recovering now. she's now playful and active. she recovered very well. thanks much. may GOD bless you more!

Update on Molly the Dog

From Brenda:
Thank you for your prayers, Molly made it through the surgery. She will be home this afternoon we have to wait for ten days to see if it was cancer but I'm am thank ful this part is over. and thank you for the prayers Brenda and Molly

Monday, May 7, 2012

Prayer Request for Halo the Cat

From Shanean:
 Please pray for my cat Halo.  She is such a wonderful cat.  She does not deserve to suffer.  The vets think she may have cancer.

Thank you for your prayers.

Update - Shorty the Dog

"Shorty" 16 years old
From Diane:
 good news, please post:
Shorty's kidneys are much better, and we are a "GO" for surgery to
remove the cancerous tumor on her snot. We are praying continuously for
her speedy recovery.
thank you for posting!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Shorty the Dog

From Diane:
 My dog Shorty, who has a mass on her face, cancer, and has to be removed. But now having kidney problems so surgery is delayed. Pease post on your blog for prayers! We know she's 16 years old but we want her to still be with us!
Thank you

Friday, May 4, 2012

Good News! Kwi Kwi the Cat

From Sandra:

Thank you all so much for your prayers.  My cat Kwi Kwi returned last night!
Love and blessings!!!

Good News - Milo the Cat

From Cathie:  Thank you for the prayers!  I also said many prayers to St Anthony and my prayers were answered this morning at 3:30 am.
After being missing for 4 days Milo showed up at my door.  I am so happy for his return.  Again thank you  for all the prayers .

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prayer Request for Milo the Cat

From Cathie:
 My cat Milo has been missing since May 1, 2012.  He is out there somewhere and doesnt have any front claws to protect him or to help him get food.  I am lost without him!  Please pray for his safe return to  me !!  Thank you Cathie

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prayer Request for Kwi Kwi the Cat

From Sandra:

I found your prayer site on the internet desperate for prayer for my lost cat kwi kwi.  He is an indoor cat and went missing yesterday.  I am very touched that you have a site that helps us pray for our lost pets.  We found our cat almost three years ago when he was a small kitten.  When I am sad or discouraged he makes me smile.  I have cried all morning looking for my kwi kwi.  I pray to my divine and merciful father that he brings him back safe and sound.  I appreciate from the bottom of my heart everyone's prayer. 

Updated Prayer Request for Ted E. Bear

From Trevor:
 Ted pulled through the operations well today though he looks like a patchwork quilt that's been caught in a washing machine.  I promised a couple of pictures of him;
God bless all who have prayed, now we wait for the lab results.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo of Porscha the Dog

Sabrina has shared a photo of herself with her beloved Porscha. Please continue to pray for Sabrina and her dad.

Prayer Request for Rachel the Dog

From the comment section:
I lost my daughter's dog Rachel since 4/23/2012. She is very shy and scared of people so I know it's only a miracle that can make her come home or be caught by other people. I have been praying to Saint Anthony and St. Francis every night and I believe in the power of prayers. Please help me in my prayers for her safety until she is with us again. Thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Yona the Dog

From Aldrin:
 kindly pray for dog yona. She hasn't eaten anything for 3 days now. she's weak and had lost weight. We are taking her to the veterinarian today. She swallowed a bone and me and wife are praying for her to recover. please pray for her fastest and soonest recovery without operation required. She's just 4 months old.  I just hope that she will throw up with that piece of bone. please pray that she'll eat soon. We really love our companion. I visited your website last night and I know I have a great faith that prayers can move mountain. I'l just hope she'll be fine. Much thanks Esther. God bless!!---Aldrin, from the Philippines

Happy Lei Day Prayer Warriors and Friends of this Blog

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. Enjoy!

Prayer Request for Molly the Dog

From Brenda:
My 10 year old dog Molly is having surgery May 8th. Please pray for her recovery.