Friday, July 26, 2013

Prayer Request for Bo the Dog

From Brian:
Please pray for my dog Bo who I had to adopt out. I feel like I betrayed my best friend, bur supposedly a vet was going to adopt him. Her practice took him in not the vet herself. I was devastated as the friend who made the arrangement me she would adopt him her self. It is his vet of 21 years and I believe it was a misunderstanding and I pray that God looks over him. My heart is broken but I will heal up I just hope my dog gets a good home and is treated right he is 10 yrs old a black lab very kind hearted and gentle. God please forgive me and protect my dog.
God please look over my dog Bo a ten year old Black lab who has a kind heart and is very gentle . I pray that he gets a good home as he is up for adoption. A vet was supposed to adopt him herself which is why I did it along with the fact he has health problems. He is at the vets but she is not personally going to adopt him. I pray God you protect him and find him a good home.


Anonymous said...

Brian, my many hugs and prayers are on the way for both you and Bo. Let's ask St. Jude and St. Rita, and St. Roch, St. Benedict, and St. Francis to particularly intercede for your Bo to be blessed with a most wonderful and loving home, and please take care of your very broken heart, too. All my prayers are on the way.

ra husky said...

All our prayers mate,