Friday, July 12, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Darla the Dog

From Wendy:
Please say many, many prayers for Darla the dog, she was severely traumatized to the point that her fear and survival insticts trump her need to take sustinence. No tail wag in over 12 hours, so please keep her in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

For precious Darla, my prayers are on the way, God Bless her, and you, too, Wendy for thinking of her to us.
Blessed Holy Father, St. Roch, St. Jude, Our Lady, St. Martin, St. Anthony, and Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, please in your mercy take Darla into your loving, comforting embrace, please in your mercy help Darla 'turn the tide' and know she is in a very safe place with people who will not harm her. Please allow her to know that Wendy especially loves her so and cares and help her heal. Trauma, of course, can take a very long time to heal emotionally and physically, but please give this precious girl the strength and hope, healing she needs to get through this very difficult time. We love you, Darla. Praying with you all.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers for Darla to feel comfort and safety.

God bless Darla!