Monday, July 15, 2013

Prayer Request for Grise the Cat

From Lou Ann:
...A dear friend in ..., CT, had a very dear feline friend, "Grise", also known as Smoky, who visited with her each day complete with receiving a saucer of cream in the garden. "Grise" has not been seen now for a week or two and upon inquiry to another neighbor it was reported that "Grise" had gone for a ride with another neighbor to a nearby town and disappeared in the strange surroundings. My friend is heartbroken and deeply misses her special feline friend. If I might request prayers for perhaps a miracle/intercession of Grise's safe return through holy St. Anthony and St. Felix of Nola, St. Jude, St. Benedict, St. Martin. Thanks most especially!

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Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers for kitty Grise's safe return.

God bless Grise!