Saturday, July 13, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request - Spotty the Cat

From Mary:
Please intercede for the safe return of Spotty. May he be protected from all dangers. I ask the help of the arcangels and all the angels to bring back Spotty. I also ask for healing of Spotty's kidney disease and FIV. Thank you and glory be to God!


Anonymous said...

For precious Spotty, oh how beautiful your boy is!! Holy St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Gertrude, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, please in your mercy intercede on behalf of Spotty. Watch over and protect him, and send your holy angels to guide him safely home to Mary. My prayers are with you!

Mary Marley said...

Thank you for your prayers to Spotty. My husband and I are truly grateful for family, friends and all the prayer warriors who are praying for his safe return. I'm thankful that I found Esther. I know that Spotty will go home.
Through the intercession of Mama Mary, all the saints and angels I pray for Spotty's return and good health. I can't explain how I feel now but most of my worries are gone because I know that he 'll come home soon.

Mary Marley

Anonymous said...

May the Good Lord watch over your kitty, Spotty, keeping him safe, well and free from all harm and guide him home to you, Mary.

God bless you and your most handsome Spotty Kitty.

Esther Gefroh said...

We continue to pray Mary! God bless. Thank you all for your prayers.