Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sad News - Lucky the Dog

From Cindy-Jane:
... with a heavy heart, I wish to inform you that my pet, Lucky, died yesterday... I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to you and everyone who has offered their prayers for Lucky’s recovery. Only the good Lord can repay your kindness towards my baby boy, Lucky. No words can express the sadness and heartache I am going through, but I believe that through time and with the beautiful memories that Lucky has left me, I will heal in time..


Laura M said...

I am so sorry, he was a beautiful boy

Anonymous said...

Oh Cindy-Jane, I, too, am so very sorry to hear this. I was so hoping for both of you . . . .
And your Lucky was such a sweet and very handsome fellow.
Cindy-Jane, I know how difficult it is just now, and how broken your heart must be, but please remember that Lucky knew how you loved him, your devotion to him, your care of him . . . Lucky will find a very special way to stay with you in spirit. Love knows no boundaries, Cindy-Jane. I truly am so sorry, God Bless. Prayers with you.