Monday, July 8, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Joey the Dog

From Rebecca Amy:
Please pray for my Min Pin little Joey as he recovers from Orthopedic Surgery after breaking his leg. Little Joey has never been away from us until now. He will be discharged Monday, until then our hearts are heavy knowing he hurting and scared.


Anonymous said...

For your precious Joey, God Bless him! St. Jude, St. Roch, St. Francis, and Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, please hold dear Joey in your healing, comforting embrace. Please bless him with complete and speedy healing that he may be reunited with his family at home as soon as possible. May the Holy Angels keep watch over Joey and comfort him where he is staying with the veterinary staff so he needn't be afraid until he can be reunited with you at home once again. Prayers on the way!

Asha said...

Praying for you and sending you a hug
xxx Asha

ra husky said...

Prayers for you & yours,

Anonymous said...

Healing thoughts and prayers for little Joey are with you.

God bless Joey!