Thursday, July 18, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Judy's Pet Dog

From Judy:
please pray for my 14yr old chihuahua she is fading fast and my heart is broke her name is Puss thank you and God bless


Anonymous said...

For precious Puss and for Judy, please God send your holy angels to hold both Puss and Judy in your loving embrace. This is such a very difficult time. My many prayers are with you and with Puss. Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, St. Roch, St. Jude, St. Francis, please in your mercy intercede for dear Puss.

Anonymous said...

God bless and comfort Puss and Judy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ark Angel Raphael may you grant both Judy and her beloved dog the healing they need immediately. Virgin Mother Mary please embrace Judy and her dog with your love,peace and serenity. Please give Judy the strength and couage to walk her dog through to the beautiful next journey that awaits doggy. Help Judy to know that they will always, ALWAYS be together foreva if not in body most definetly in Soul. As their hearts and consciousness is combined as one <3