Monday, April 29, 2013

Prayer Request for Cocoa and Smokey the Puppies

From Wendy:
Cocoa and Smokey-2 Burned Puppies need prayers for healthy recovery!!! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers for comfort and healing for these precious puppies, Cocoa and Smokey.

God bless them with a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

St. Martin of Porres,
exemplar of courageous charity for all, humble image of the Love of God, your care extended to all God's creatures, even the very mice in the walls.

You have intervened before for a burned animal; please, if God's adorable will permits it, pray that these two puppies may find comfort and quick healing of all their wounds.
If that is not to be, please take them in your arms and pray for God's peace upon them.

All this in the name we both adore, "Jesus"


Anonymous said...

For precious Cocoa and Smokey, God Bless them and heal them, and may they be blessed with a wonderful loving home. Prayers on the way!