Friday, July 10, 2015

URGENT Prayer Request for Duke the Dog

From Linda:
My has filed charges against our beautiful, loving dog, Duke claiming that he attacked her. The police records show that our pet did nothing wrong but we are going to court to fight her lies and to save our dog. It breaks my heart that he is suffering because of her. She has tried to hit him with sticks several times, has harassed him to the point that he is a fearful dog & poisoned him on his first birthday but of course we cannot prove any of this since she does it during the darkness or when she believes no one can see her. We do have her on tape harassing our dog & we have her on tape at 4:30 am the morning that our pet was poisoned but it only shows her flashlight moving from our fence line to her house We love our pet, he is a good, loving and wonderful dog. We can't loose this court hearing because it will cause even more trauma to our pet. I have been praying & crying & praying again & again for the truth to come out in court & to have peace in our home. July 13, 2015 is our court date....please I ask for your prayers for our family & our Duke that the hearing goes in our favor I have offered my prayers up and I have to trust that He will be with us on that day. Your prayers would mean so much to our family. Thank you.


Nanük said...

All our prayers for you & yours in this difficult time,

sharon said...

Lifting you up in