Friday, July 10, 2015

Prayer Request for Mango the Bird's owner

The owner:
Could you say a prayer for Mango? He was a sweet little bird who was "born" handicapped but was the most loving pet I've ever had. He died last summer and he suffered for several days. My heart still breaks that his death was painful and I have guilt that I didn't read his signals that there was a problem sooner. Please pray that he has happiness and peace and that his little body can fly and be without pain. Thank you for praying for him.
Please say a prayer for his grieving owner.


Jodee said...

Please do not beat yourself up over your bird's pain. We all do the best we know how to and the Lord knows and respects that. Your lovely bird is at peace now and I trust St. Francis has him at Rainbow Bridge flying around happily awaiting for the day you both reunite again. Prayers for your inner peace. God bless you~~

sharon said...

All pain is forgotten in Heaven. He is flying in