Saturday, July 11, 2015

Prayer Request for Lucky the Dog

From Dianne:
We are doing good. We still miss our little Bentley. We know that he is with the lord in heaven. and he will always be with us and will be a part of our family forever. Because of my husband health we adopt another little pom. His name is Lucky 10 years. and had been living with a homeless mental ill lady in the streets.he had to have most of his teeth pulled and has a skin condition. We we were able to get the skin condition under control/ with a special bath every ay. he is such a sweet and gental dog. He is afraid of most people but with our love and help he is now doing better. But could you please pray for Lucky one of back legs are giving him problems and he has trouble getting up and drags his leg when he first gets up off the bed and couch we no longer let him jump. and sometimes he cries when we pick him up. he loves to walk. and does not act like a 10 yeaear old dog. Please pray that the lord and all the saints ad prophets St Jude st anothony will help him give him a miracle, and heal his little legs. he has been through so much.I know that the lord will heal him and give him a miracle. Ask and ye shall receive. I believe that the lord will heal him I know he will Thank you for ally our prayers

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