Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Prayer Request for Nikki the Dog

Please pray for our dog nikki. She is diagnosed with liver failure and she is very weak. Please help us pray for nikki. Thank you very much. I hope you are still accepting request. Thank you


Nanük said...

All our prayers,

suzanne o'meara said...

thank-you for all the prayers for my dogs over past several months or more .
the dog Jigme is stable & not worse with the lymph swellings/lymphosarcomas .some are smaller some softer, the inner armpit swelling did not burst outwardly but a smaller one has formed immediately next to . he has a lot of prayer & been on 50 herbs.
there are strongholds & problems like that.no leukaemia or malignancy has formed , seems so.
he went to another homeopathic vet , do not quite trust him - but the drops did help , but they are not keen on full recovery, so i prefer to pray more beyond that mentality . several other vets were totally out of line to the dog & we were never apologised to or compensated .
he has not limped any more at all , even when those bullies were here. on sunday morning , the dogs walk with some bullies -every time it is worse after that , unless I specifically phone for counselling help the night before.

Esther Gefroh said...

Thanks for the update Suzanne. We continue to pray.