Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update on Sofie the Cat and Prayer Request for Her Owner

From Dawn:
Thank you all so much for praying for Sofie. It seems our prayers were answered, though not as I would have hoped. Blood test results came back today and she has been diagnosed with terminal kidney disease. Her vet says that her death is imminent, but at least she will not suffer, which makes me so happy even though I'm devastated that I know I will lose my little girl very soon. Thank you all for your prayers!! They were answered, and I appreciate your kindness and time. Please pray for me that I have strength when the time comes. Have a very blessed Easter. May God bless you all.
Please continue to pray for Sofie. I would also ask that you keep Dawn in your prayers during this very difficult time for her.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prayer Request for Sophie the Cat

From Dawn:
Please pray for my girl, Sofie. She is 12 years old and has been in good health until a few weeks ago. The vets don't know what is wrong. She has stopped eating, but still has her sweet personality and spark of life. We've tried everything we can think of, but nothing seems to be helping. If it is God's will that she must soon sit in His lap in heaven, I will accept that it is her time, but I ask you to help me pray for her recovery, or alternatively, and most importantly, that she doesn't suffer. Thank you for this site. I can see it has brought comfort to many, as it has done for me. May God bless you during His holiest of seasons.
Please keep Sofie, and all our sick and elderly pets in your prayers. I would also ask that you keep Dawn and all owners who suffer when their pets are sick, in your prayers.

Update on Abbey the Dog and Prayer Request for Henry the Dog

From Tina:
I had emailed awhile ago about Abbey who has cancer of the urethra. She is still with us after 6 months but does not have much time left. I have 3 other dogs and they now think Henry, who is about 10, has cancer in his mouth. I will know the end of the week but the growth has been removed twice and keeps growing back. I don't know how I would deal with losing 2 of them with cancer at the same time. Please pray it is not cancer.

Thank you so much for listening and praying for me.
Please keep Henry, Abbey and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Alex the Dog

From Gail:
Please pray for our 10 yr old Alaskan Eskimo dog, Alex. He has a tumor near the bladder section. He had a catheter placed today. He hasn't been his perky self for the past few days. We realize he is getting older but in our eyes, he is still a puppy.
Please keep Alex and all our ailing pets in your prayers.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on Dingir the Dog and Urgent Prayer Request for Midnight the Cat

From Kevin:
We are very appreciative for the prayers for our dog, Dingir and are pleased to report that he appears to be improving daily. He is still a happy dog.

Now our cat, Midnight, was just diagnosed with a mass in her chest cavity. She has fluid accumulation and the vet said she may not survive the night. Once again we are asking prayers for her. It really means a lot to know that we have people praying with us. Thank you and thank everyone who has shared with us in intercessory prayer for our missing and ill pets over these past months. May God richly bless.
Thanks for your prayers for Dingir. Please continue to pray for him.

Also, please keep Midnight and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.  We especially ask for the intercession of Bl. Seelos and St. Martin de Porres.

Update on Dozer the Dog

From Bobbie:
Dozer was returned to us on Saturday evening. He was placed back in his pen while we were out looking for him. A gentleman called and said he had bought the dog from some woman and had paid $100 for him and then had seen his flier at Sheetz. He went on further to say he had lost a dog once and knew that he had to give this dog back. We are giving him his $100 back and going to visit him to thank him for returning the dog. My husband is going to investigate it further to see who he bought the dog from and if the other two missing dogs are anywhere to be found. This all happened in Colonial Beach, apparently. Dozer is fine. He had a logging chain around his neck and is very sore and stiff through his hips, back, and legs. I am assuming from pulling against that chain all week. Thank you for your help and suggestions! This is one bad story that turned out happy! I really think the tides turned in our favor due to the prayers we prayed on Friday to St. Francis and St. Anthony. Thanks again

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update and Praise Report on Toby the Kitten

From Rebecca:
I just wanted to write and let you know that little Toby came out of the wall. At about 6:00AM or so this morning, my mother heard Toby's brother Owen clawing desperately at the door of the room that had the hole Toby jumped in to. Then she heard a tiny little mew and she when she opened the door, there he was. Dirty and with a little limp, but he was back and safe.

Her building is a four story brownstone-esque type building divided in to condos and our property management team told her that Toby could have gone anywhere in the building, so the fact that he's back, I think, is due in large part to the prayers and hopes of others. To us, it feels like a miracle.

Thank you and your readers so very very much for helping us! I think it made all the difference in the world. We were praying and praying and praying, but we needed help.

I've attached some pictures of my little baby, so you can see who you helped come back to us!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

God bless,

Sad News - Vlooi the Dog

From Kieran:
Having lost my beloved Taz on 8 March 2010 nineteen days later I have lost my beloved Vlooi as well 27 March 2010. To lose one dog is devastating but to lose two is soul destroying. I am hurt, lost and heartbroken, as my baby children are gone and I miss them so much. So please I ask you to help me pray that they have found each other in heaven and that they are now happy, healthy and at peace.
My heart is so sore and I dont know where to go from here, as my best friends, my children and my better halves are gone. Please pray.

Bless you,
Please keep Kieran in your prayers. We all know how much we grieve when our beloved pets die. Hopefully, we will all be reunited with our pets in Heaven one day.

Urgent Prayer Request for Redford the Cat

From Cindy:
Please pray for the safe return of my cat Redford (Red). He has been missing for a week now. Something is terribly wrong in my neighborhood as far as cats go. I had a cat, Bandit, which lived at this address for 10 years. He disappeared in October and within two weeks of his disappearance my other cat Jasper disappeared along with other cats in the neighborhood (one that has been in the neighborhood 8 years). My son gave Redford to me at Christmas. He is the most loving cat and a great companion for me. Please, please, please join in prayer with me for his safe return.

I thank you all. God bless.
Please keep Redford and all the missing pets in your prayers!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Prayer Request for Dozer the Dog

From Bobbie:
Please pray that our beloved white American Bulldog, Dozer, is returned safely to us. He is either lost or stolen and we have not found him yet. He the love of our son's life and he will be heartbroken when he finds out that Dozer is lost. Thank you!
Please keep Dozer and all our missing pets in your prayers. We especially ask for St. Anthony's intercession.

Prayer Request for Toby the Kitten

From Rebecca:
My mother is currently doing renovations on her condo and one of the contractors left the door to the construction space open, even though she told them she had cats. One of the cats, Toby, is a curious little thing, so he climbed up in to the hole they had knocked in the wall and is now lost somewhere in the walls of the building. We have cancelled the contractors and are trying to lure him back with food and catnip, but he's probably scared and panicked and could have wandered far away from where he went in. The only thing I think that could truly bring him back would be a miracle, so I've spent the day praying and was hoping others could help.

Thank you so much for this website.
Please keep Toby and all our pets in need in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prayer Request for Honey the Cat

From Patricia:
I also have a cat named Honey. She has been lost from us. March 18, 2010 she snuck out the door. Please pray for her safe return.
Please keep Honey and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prayer Request for Lilly the Cat

Please pray for our baby Lilly who has been missing since Sunday. Our hearts our heavy and we are devastated. Please guide her safely back to our loving arms.
Please keep Lilly and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Prayer Request for Lizzie and Riley the Dogs

Please pray for both my dogs Lizzie and Riley. Both my mother and I have been feeling awful since they escaped. And, we miss them both dearly. Thank you.
Please keep Lizzie, Riley and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Teddy the Dog

From Janice:
Please pray with us for the safe return of our sweet little shih tzu we have
named Teddy. He has been missing from our home since June 26/09.

Thank you so very much.
Please keep Teddy and all our missing pets, especially those who have been gone from home for such a long time, in your prayers.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sad News - Jelly the Dog

From Karina:
I am finally able to even articulate this, but Jelly passed away the night before last. We brought him home from the clinic on Thursday night. He seemed agitated and not himself. He kept walking in circles and bumping into everything. He finally calmed down and went to sleep. Jelly then died in his sleep that very night. This has all been very sad. I am trying to focus on the fact that he is no longer suffering and he was able to choose his own fate, rather than a vet. I am trying really hard to believe that this was for the best and trust that this was God's will.

I can't thank you enough for you and your website helping me through this and all of your prayers.

God Bless

Karina is very grateful to all of you for support. Please keep her in your prayers as she mourns the loss of her beloved dog. Thank you everyone!

Prayer Request - Indy the Dog

Please pray for our dog Indy who got away last night. We are praying for his safe return.
Please keep Indy and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Sad News - Julie the Dog

From Priscilla:
Thank you all for your prayers. Julie passed away on Mar 19th. Hope she is happy in her new home as she was with us. She taught us how to love unconditionally. Julie we love you.

With Tears,
Please keep Priscilla in your prayers as she mourns the loss of her beloved dog. Thank you all for your prayers.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Prayer Request for Duke the Dog

From Ashley:
Please pray for duke (dog) who currently has some form of cancer. It would make our family feel much better if we knew that someone had tried to help my 2 year old chocolate lab. Thank you.
Please keep Duke and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prayer Request for Bear the Dog

From Rachael:
Please Pray for Bear, missing since 03/08/10.

Thank you.
Please keep Bear and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Julie the Dog

From Priscilla:
Hi All,
My dog Julie is really sick . She is 14 yrs old. Please do include her in your prayers.

Please keep Julie and all our sick pets in your prayers.

Update on Jelly the Dog - Better News!

From Karina:
I am happy to report that Father Seelos and Our Blessed Mother have helped my dog Jelly tremendously. I am forever grateful to them. Thank you so much for suggesting and introducing me to Bl. Seelos.

Jelly is being discharged today and although his improvement is slowly coming along, the talk about putting him down has seized. He is walking, eating and drinking on his own. The only medication he is on now is phenobarbitol for the seizures, he is off valium. I am extremely happy, thankful and hopeful for his full recovery.

I ask that we keep praying so that he continues to improve.

Thank you so much and God Bless. I will definitely have all the pets in my prayers today.
Thank you so much Blessed Mother and Blessed Seelos. Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to keep Jelly, all our pets in need, and their owners in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update: Urgent Prayer Request for Dingir the Dog

From Kevin:
The vet officially has Dingir on hospice. We are treating him with natural means (frankincense, castor oil, diet, etc) and still praying for healing and complete recovery. I am including a picture of him this time.

God bless,
We ask for the intercession of Blessed Seelos and St. Martin de Porres for healing for Dinger and all our critically ill pets.

Praise Report on Angel the Cat

From Angel's owner:
You sure are!!! (Praying) About 12 hours after making this posting, I am ecstatic to report that ANGEL came home after being gone almost a week!! Thank you for your prayers and for hosting a website that stresses praying to Our Creator as the answer to ALL our problems!
Thank you Lord for answering our prayers! Thank you all for praying for our pets in need.

Prayer Request for Huit the Cat

From Mary:
Please pray for the recovery of Huit, my 12 year old beautiful girl, who has some stomach problems,maybe cancer.
Please keep Huit and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Urgent Prayer Request for Jelly the Dog

From Karina:
I desperately write you and the group. Please pray for Jelly's recovery tonight. I have tried to have faith and keep positive thoughts. I just spoke with one of the vets and he says that if my dog doesn't show some neurological improvement by morning, it may be time to consider putting him to sleep. The mere thought of it sickens me with grief and sadness. We need a miracle.
I strongly suggest we ask for Our Lady's intercession. She has such a tender heart and will take our petitions to our Lord. God's will be done.

Update on Jelly the Dog

From Karina:
thank you guys so much and to everyone on this site. I will also be keeping all the pets on this site in my prayers. My dog Jelly is hanging on. Turns out he had multiple seizures and became severely dehydrated and it wore his kidneys out. The fluids have been helping but he is still extremely delicate and the vet said we will know more tomorrow.
I am praying to St. Jude to help Jelly keep on fighting.
Please continue to pray for Jelly's healing as well as all our seriously ill pets. Thank you so much everyone!

Prayer Request for Angel the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for safe return of kitty boy ANGEL... white with lite brown 3-year old with brilliant blue eyes and loving heart. His Munhall, PA family has been devastated since his escape on 3/12/10.
Please keep Angel and all our missing pets in your prayers so they are reunited with their owners, safe and sound.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Urgent Prayer for Barney the Dog

From Alex and Family:
Our dog Barney is a 12 year old Border Collie and the most wonderful family dog you could have ever asked for!
He has been with us through some very sad times, including when my young children and I watched my husband die suddenly one night 2 years ago. He is a kind, gentle, sensitive and faithful companion whom we cherish deeply. 4 days ago we were told he has Canine Lymphoma that seems to be fairly aggressive.
Please can you send prayers and healing thoughts for him. We do not wish him to suffer and hope that when the time comes he will pass quietly in his sleep. Today he played catch with my children and our other dog Star and was full of life but now he is tired and short of breath.
We love him so so much!

With our eternal thanks
We ask for the intercession of St. Martin de Porres and Blessed Seelos, healers of pets, to heal Barney and all our seriously ill pets, if it be God's will. Thanks all for your prayers!

Urgent Prayer Request for Kitty Boy

From Heidi:
His bloodtest shows his kidney numbers are up and he may be in kidney failure. He will be retested on April 2nd and I ask Prayers that his numbers are DOWN then and they find him NOT to be in kidney failure. He is ONLY 5 years old and such a DEAR baby boy!
Please keep Kitty boy and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request for Jelly the Dog

From Karina:
My dog is in a serious condition and I pray that he survives. I pray
that God helps him regain strength and guides the vet in saving
jelly's life.
Please keep Jelly and all our pets in serious condition, in your prayers.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Prayer Request for Zimba the Cat

From Vickie and Denny:
Our Zimba, an orange tabby, has been missing for two days, we truley love him and worry about him.  We are saying the prayers but if you  too could prayer for him that would be a blessing.

Thanks so much,
Please keep Zimba and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Baby the Rabbit

Once again Baby needs our prayers. From Steve:
I once again want to thank you for praying for our rabbit, Baby. He has been chronically ill for some time, going to the vet's regularly for medications and checkups, but to little avail.  For the past few days, he has declined and I am afraid we are going to lose him.  Would you please say a special prayer for this gentle little friend. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prayer Request for Baby Birds

We are having very strong winds and some rain.  That means lots of baby birds will be falling out of their nests.  Please keep them all in your prayers.  Mahalo!

Get to Know one of Our Patron "Saints", Blessed Seelos a little Better

As you know, here at Prayers for Our Pets, we often invoke the intercession of Blessed Francis X. Seelos. I want to share with you a short video on the life of Father Seelos, a Redemptorist priest. Even though the video does not make any mention of Father Seelos' healing of animals, I want you to know that at the Seelos Center, I was personally told by Joyce of a few examples of Father Seelos curing animals that were incurable.

Please note that at the Seelos Center, they will be happy to pray for anyone who is in need of prayers.

Anyway, enjoy:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sad News - Taz the Dog

From Kieran:
Sadly Esther yesterday I had to put down my beloved Taz, as his heart couldnt take it anymore. So I now pray that he is at peace and with all his family. I also to continue to pray for my other dog Vlooi who is already unwell and now heartbroken at the loss of Taz. Thank you for keeping them in your prayers and you are in mine.

Thank you and bless you
Please keep Kieran in your prayers as he mourns the loss of his beloved pet. Please continue to pray for Vlooi and all our pets in need. Thanks so much!

Urgent Prayer Request for Roonie the Dog

Please keep my brother's dog Roonie in your prayers. He is a dachshund and has rear-leg paralysis. He cannot even relieve himself on his own. Surgery is very expensive. If anyone has any suggestions on how to help Roonie, please let me know. Thanks all so much.

Urgent Prayer Request for Foster Pup

From the comment section:
Please pray for my foster dog. She is a sweet, loving 9-10 month old puppy we pulled from a kill shelter. She is so sick-she is heartworm positive & seems to have gastro-intestinal problems now. Please pray that she is strong enough to tolerate all of the treatments she will receive & that she one day very soon gets to play as all puppies should be able to.
Please keep this puppy and all our sick animals in your prayers.

Update on Sierra the Cat

From Kristina:
I just wanted to provide a small update on Sierra. She's had her first three chemo treatments (Monday will be number 4) and she seems to be responding fairly well. Her energy and spark have improved and we're happy that the treatments are helping us have more time with her. She's definitely not out of the woods, but we feel the prayers are definitely helping and the comfort they have brought to us during this time has been undeniable. We still appreciate all prayers, as we know the road ahead will not be easy, but we are still praying for a miracle.

Thank you and God Bless you!
Our prayers are working. Please continue to pray for Sierra.

Urgent Prayers for a Puppy

From the comment section:
Please pray for my son's puppy. He ate iboprofen and may be having renal failure. My son is 24 and living on his own for the first time. This dog is his baby. We are praying hard for a recovery.
Please keep this little puppy and all our pets in need, in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Alya the Dog

From Jerilyn:
Please Pray for Alya, a Four-Footed Minister in Training who has a bad case of the runs, for no apparent reason. God bless you all. Jerilyn (Alya's mom and Minister Buddy).
Please keep Alya and all our sick pets in your prayers.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on Red the Cat

From Beverly:
My best friend of 14 years, Red, went in for a dental checkup and they found a mass/tumor under his tongue. I am waiting impatiently for the test results. Red stopped eating and drinking yesterday which isn't good for cats. I put my St. Christopher in his bed yesterday and prayed. As of this morning, he still wouldn't ingest anything. Something told me to research the Patron Saint of Cats, found this site, and added him to the prayer list. My prayer was that he take nourishment until we find out if we can beat his sickness and that I be guided to what is best for him. He has been too good of a friend to me - I can't let him suffer. It is with a happy heart and many tears of joy that I report that he just ate six shrimp and drank some fish broth. Followed of course by a grooming session with his favorite brush - he purred louder than I've ever heard him purr. Thank you for adding him to the prayer list and I will continue with the beautiful prayers on this site. This site is a true blessing - thank you with all of my heart and love.
Thank you all again for your prayers!! Please continue to keep Red in your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request for Red the Cat

From Beverly:
I found this wonderful little creature 14 years ago that grew into a bid red tabby cat named "Red" and found out this week that he has a mass under his tongue. Still waiting on results of tests, but it's my understanding that it's rarely good news. I am praying for the best. Last night and this morning Red will not eat or drink. I have prayed all week and would appreciate all the support I can get. He has been a wonderful friend and I will not allow him to suffer, but I need guidance to ensure I do the right thing. If it's God's will, please pray that it be clear to me. I do not want Red to suffer. If there is hope, please pray for the restored health of the best friend I've had.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers.
We seek the intercession of St. Martin de Porres and Blessed Seelos for Red's healing and all pets in need. Thank you all for your dedicated prayers for our beloved pets.

Urgent Prayer Request for Taz & Vlooi the Dogs

From Kieran:
I send you this email as I need your help. I need you to please add my prays to the pray list so people can please help me pray for my two beautiful dogs who are sadly very sick.
They mean the world to me and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them, they are my life. My one dog Taz is what doctors say in the final stage of heart failure and my other dog Vlooi
has renal failure. Please help me pray for a miracle for them please.
We ask for the intercession of St. Martin de Porres and Blessed Seelos for their healing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Princess the Dog

From Deborah:
Please pray for our beagle Princess. She is almost 10 years old and the Vet said she is renal failure. She is weak and sometimes in pain and we are desperately praying for a miracle to heal her. We love her so much and have had her since she was 6 weeks old. Our lives will never be the same without her. We do not want her to suffer needlessly and pray that Jesus will give us the wisdom to know when she can take no more. Please pray that we have the courage to let her go when it is time. The illness came on her fast and she has rapidly declined. We pray that God will hear our prayer and heal her.
Thank You,
Please keep Princess, her owner and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Lucy the Dog

From Jeanne:
Lucy, my fox terrier, needs prayers for a recovery from a blocked airway due to an inflammatory disease. She has a hard time breathing and is on anti-inflammatory medication. We just want her to be comfortable. Thank you.
Please keep Lucy and all our very ill pets in your prayers.

Update - Isis the Dog

From Mark, RA and Isis' owner:
First off, words can not convey the gratitude and thanks for those that offered their thoughts and prayers~Miss Isis seems is getting on OK- she did take a whole two bites of canned food tonight, she has also eaten a little chicken and rice today which is good. The CBC didn't show anything-we have to wait till tomorrow for the culture results but her breathing is much much better than it was this morning. Her mood this evening is better than it's been in days too:)
And the copious discharge from her nose has dried up. So...hopefully tonight goes well and she gets some dog food down soon,
peace to you and yours,
Thank you all for your continued prayers!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Praise Report - Tuck the Cat

From Kara:
Thank you for posting my prayer request. I am happy to report that the power of prayer worked and Tuck has fully recovered. The vets that cared for Tuck say that his recovery is truly a miracle!
Isn't this just great! I truly believe Blessed Seelos answered our prayers. He is after all, recommended by veterinarians. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Maggie the Dog's Owner

From Dominic:
Please pray for our Schnauzer Maggie. She was laid to rest Feb 21st after Kidney failure. Her parents along with Kaiser, Mollie, Jack and Widget miss her but are thankful for the nine years of happiness that she brought our family. It has been quiet around the house this week, but we know she is in a better place and will be waiting for us to join her.
Please keep Dominic in your prayers as he mourns the death of his beloved pet.

Urgent Prayer Request for an Emaciated Cat

Please keep a little cat my husband found yesterday. She seemed to be very weak and could hardly keep her head up. The Humane Society intake person said she may not have eaten in a long time. She seemed to know my husband wanted to help her.

Please pray that she improves and finds her owner or a new loving home.
Thanks everyone!

Prayer Request for Tessie the Dog

Please pray for my dog Tessie. She slipped and has injured her paw and shoulder which was previously injuries. She is in a lot of pain, please pray with me that she makes a full recovery and her pain goes away quickly.
Thank you for your prayers.
Please keep Tessie and all our injured pets in your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request for Isis the Dog

From our good friend RA Husky:
Harrroo, my sisfur Isis is sick. She hasn’t eaten in three days- the vet says she has a viral infection & her immune system is struggling. I would respectfully request a prayer for her, she is a great girl. Thank woo,
Please keep Isis and all our very sick pets in your prayers.