Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Correction:Prayer Request for Floyd the Cat

In order to have prayers said for Floyd, but without knowing what kind of animal he was, I typed dog. However, Floyd is a cat. The following is the response from Barcy to my inquiry:
Floyd is a cat. He is a 4 year old Maine Coon that we found along a bike path 3 years ago. We think that he had been dumped by a breeder because he was born with the herpes virus which is common for kittens to be born with that when they come from a bad breeder. At first I was horrified that anyone could discard such an amazing cat but then I counted my blessings that we had stumbled across him and he became such an amazing part of our lives.

Floyd is stunning and delightful and I think that is why he was stolen. I just hope in my heart that he can find his way home. I think all the prayers possible will help in the return of our wee one. I do worry about his herpes – when he is stressed the virus activates and cause respiratory distress. I am in constant dialogue with St. Anthony and St. Francis so as they say I will keep the faith!

Thank you for posting Floyd on your prayer list.
Barcy and Guy have requested prayers for their pet who was stolen. Please keep Floyd and all our missing pets in your prayers.
My dear Floyd was stolen from our backyard sometime on September 12. We are just beside ourselves over him. We have plastered the neighborhood, shelters, Vet offices, parks with posters and are posted on several missing pets websites and still nothing.

I pray constantly to St. Anthony to help me find him and to St. Francis for his safety. Perhaps if you posted my request for others to pray for our dear Floyd’s safe return a miracle could happen.

Please pray for the safe return of our dearest Floyd. We miss him so terribly and our hearts are broken thinking he may never come home.

Thank you and God Bless you

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayer Request - Sampson the Dog

Please keep Sampson in your prayers.
Sampson, my son's bulldog is having heart surgery September 30. Please keep him in hearts that he will recover and give us a few more years of his gentle and loving ways.

Prayer Request for Harvey the Cat

Please keep Nancy's son's missing cat Harvey in your prayers.
My son's cat Mr. Harvey is missing. Please pray he finds his way home to my son again. My son misses him dearly.
thank you
god bless..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Prayer Request - Porfirio the Dog

Please keep Concepcion's dog in your prayer.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prayer Request - Cody the Dog

Please keep Cody in your prayers:
Please, please pray for Cody, our 14 year old Golden Retriever. We are not sure what is wrong, but we do know he is sick. He is at the vet's overnight having tests done. I love you so much Cody, please hang in there. He is a wonderful dog, and he has lived a wonderful life thus far.

Prayer Request for Jake the Cat

Please keep Gloria's pet cat Jake in your prayers:
dear heavenly father i pray for my cat jake who has just come home after 10 days at the vets he had a thrombosis and has no feeling in his back legs it is breaking my heart to watch him struggle to walk i humbly ask you enable him to walk again if it is your will please dear lord hear my prayer

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prayer Request for Father Steve and Kathy

Mary Jane has requested prayers for Father Steve and Kathy who are grieving the loss of Ming the dog. Ming was a shitzu. He had cancer and died on August 5.

Please keep both of them in your prayers as during this difficult time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sad Update - Winston the Cat

Janet shared the very sad news about Winston:
Christie received devastating news this morning. Winston, her beloved cat, turned up in a neighbors yard, completely unrecognizable, except his little collar with the blingy W. Please say a prayer for my daughter. She's completely traumatized and heartbroken. Thanks, Janet
I would ask that you keep Christie and Janet in your prayers as they grieve for their beloved pet.

Prayer Request for Ras the Cat

Glenn has requested prayers for his missing cat Ras:
Please pray for my boy cat Ras. He disappeared 2 days ago. He spends a lot of time outside especially nights but is always at the door waiting for breakfast in the morning. When we woke up the others were there but not him. Ras has been our sweet loving pet for over ten years. He's extremely intelligent and understands everything we say. He's tempormental and moody and very emotional. He loves his yard, he loves his house and hates anything out of the ordinary. He would never leave. Something is wrong. He's very aggressive and doesn't like strangers. Of all our cats he's the one we never really worried about because he's so smart and would fight anyone who tried to hurt him or take him. I paint a picture of him that to some may sound negative but he's just very unique. He's a very good boy, very obediant, follows orders and and is always penitant when he does something wrong and soulfully grieves and asks for forgiveness when he knows he's upset you. Because he has so many human qualities my relationship with Ras is more fully realized than one I could have shared with a lot of humans over these years.

Ras is my baby, my buddy, my friend and my companion. I miss him more than I can say and am worried out of my mind. Being removed from everything he knows and loves is the worst possible case scenario for Ras emotionally and I know that he is not with us now against his will.

I know he's scared, miserable and inconsolably unhappy. I'm going crazy because I want to protect and help him and bring him safely back home but don't know where he is, what happened to him or what to do to bring him back. Please pray for Ras and his safe and speedy return. We raised him since he was only a few weeks old and everything about him brings our house so much life and joy. There will not be resolution in our lives if his disappearance remains a mystery.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prayer Request - Mickie the Cat

Donna requests prayers for her very sick cat:
Please pray for our cat Mickie who is very sick and has been at the vet since last night. She has kidney disease and was dehydrated. They are giving her fluids, but she won't eat. If she starts to eat again she may be well enough to come home. She is a very loving cat. We just moved into a new home and want her to be able to enjoy it with us. Please pray that she get's well enough to come home. Thank you.
Please keep Mickie and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Frenchie the Poodle

Claire requests prayers for her seriously ill dog:
Frenchie, our Poodle, is a little over ten years old. In the last two
years he has been thru so much...a serous back operation and one year later
diagnosed with mouth cancer. The medication he was on for the Cancer
seemed to be working, but now Frenchie is going thru some pain. He's
eating everything put in front of him, but you can tell he's in some sort
of pain. The cancer on his gum seems to be gone, but now we wonder if he
has cancer somewhere else or if the back is injured again. He's going to
the doctor today, and I'm worried as to what the diagnosis will be. He's
such a trooper....he's so good ....he's funny. He's just the best little
guy you could ever want to know.Please say a prayer for him and that his
time is not yet up. He means so much to so many.

Thank you.

Please keep Frenchie and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request - Winston the Cat

Janet posted the following prayer request:
Please pray for my daughter's beloved Winston, a 4 yr. old Ragdoll cat, who has been missing for 3 days (since September 18, 2009) in Laguna Hills, Orange County, California. We are heartbroken, and praying for his safe return. Thank you, and God bless you. Janet
Please keep Winston and all the missing pets in your prayers.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Prayer Request for Sundance the Dog

The following prayer request was left:
Please pray for my beloved Sundance - 12 year old vizsla who is suffering from kidney failure. He is kind and good and has watched over me for his entire life.
Please keep Sundance and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prayer Request - Squeakers the Cat

Please pray for our Squeakers who is missing since 9/12/09. I pray that no harm is going to come to him. He is so missed by us.
Please keep Squeakers and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Sad Update on Koda the Cat

Jeanine emailed the sad news about Koda:
Hello, I want to give you an update on Koda. I had to have him euthanized yesterday as he still wouldn't eat, couldn't even walk and was collecting fluid in his lungs. My heart hurts for him, my son and myself, but I want to thank all of you who cared enough to pray for him (and us). We were there with him through the end and he passed quickly - in one-tenth the normal time his vet said. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart - you are all wonderful people. May God bless you.
Please keep Jeanine in your prayers as she grieves for her beloved pet.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Prayer Request for Zenaida's Dog

Zenaida's prayer request is below:
My dog has aggression problem and I feel so bad that it took me 5 yrs. to finally realize I need professional help. I know my dog is trying to cooperate with the training and I can see improvement as the day goes by but staying calm and friendly with other dogs and neighbors outside the house appeared to be long process or almost impossible. Faith is the only thing that 's holding me. Pls, help me pray. I want her to be a happy dog, she was given to us for a reason and I am not losing faith and hope. Thanks.

Prayer Request for Bebe the Dog

Tanda requested prayers for her missing dog:Please pray for our dog Bebe. Our family is heartbroken as she disappeared on 9/16/2009 from Haines Road in Combine, TX. Our hearts hurt badly as pray for her safe and healthy return. Please bring our family peace. Her name is Bebe, she looks just like Toto from the Wizard of OZ – and we miss her desperately. Should anyone have any information please call us. ...(see note) We are offering a reward.
Note: If you have info. please leave a comment or email me. For privacy reasons, Tanda's phone number will not be posted here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on Koda the Cat and Urgent Prayer Request

Jeanine emailed an update on her cat Koda:
Our cat Koda survived the FLUTD and came home healthy, only to ingest a poisoned mouse that was, of all places, in his carrier under his rug and out of site. This happened on the trip home after the FLUTD care. Thirty-six hours later he was back in the hospital in serious condition and underwent stomach surgery 2 days later to remove a blood clot from his small intestine. He is not bouncing back and has developed edema in his legs from being in a cage all the time. He won't eat and it appears as though there is something else still wrong with him. His vet says that he is out of options at this point and that the next step would be a large city MRI center and that they might not even be able to help him. I am heartbroken at this turn of events and humbly request your prayers for Koda, as only God can heal him now. I am praying for a miracle.
Please pray that Koda heals from this unforeseen complication.

Prayer Request for Yogi's Owner

Please keep Rizalina in your prayers. Her beloved cat Yogi recently died on August 17, 2009.
My wonderful cat Yogi passed on, on August 17, 2009. He is such a special soul. My Dad who strongly disliked cats, had a change of heart, once he met my little Yogi. He was with me and his brother Jack for 10 years (until we meet again) and I was wondering if you can post his name on your website. And i am also a fellow Catholic and was wondering if there are prayers for pets who have passed on. Thank you so much, Rizalina
Pets do not have immortal souls like a human soul. We do hope they will someday be with us in Heaven but we cannot pray for the repose of their souls. I therefore ask that you pray that Rizalina and all pet owners whose pets have died, be comforted.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayer Request - Prince Charles the Puppy

Al requests prayers for his little girl's puppy.

Our daughters puppy has Parvo and is very ill. Please give us your power of prayer to bring
Prince Charles back to us.

Thank you
Please keep Prince Charles and all our sick pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request - Herbie the Puppy

The following is a prayer request from Sharon:
Please pray for my little granddog, Herbie - an 8 month old Pug. He ran off Monday night and got into something that gave him toxic poisoning. He is at the vet's tonight. They are giving him an IV and vitamin K in an attempt to flush the toxins out. I pray for Herbie's recovery. Thank you.

Australian cat returns home after straying 2,400 miles into Outback

Why we should never give up hope of finding a lost pet.


Prayer Request - Levi the Dog

Julie requests prayers for her dog Levi:
Could you please add my Levi to your prayer request? Levi is at the vet's right now with kidney issues. Levi is my baby and my dearest friend. I am so dearly afraid I am going to loose him and I can't handle that. I hoped maybe if many people pray for him to get better maybe our voices will be heard and Levi will get to come home and live a healthy life. I love him so and can't imagine my life without him. He is so very special to me.
Thank you
Please keep Levi and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request - Gabriel the Cat

Please pray for my cat Gabriel. He's been missing since Sept 11. I have been sick with worry. I just want him to be happy and safe even if he doesn't find his way home. I love him so much...every day has been agony. Please keep Gabriel and all our missing pets in your prayers. Please keep the owners in your prayers too. Mahalo!

Prayer Request for Oliver the Dog

Kathi requests prayers for her St. Bernard Oliver:
Please pray for our St. Bernard, Oliver. He had gastric surgery in August and then developed anemia. He has been taken back to the hospital again and his liver in inflamed. He is 8 years old and a true sweetheart. Please add him to your prayer list for us. I KNOW in my heart prayer truly works. Thank you. Is there anything I can do for you? Sincerely, Kathi
Please keep Oliver and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prayer Request for Lisa - Charmer's Owner

Lisa had the very difficult task of deciding to put her beloved pet down. Please pray for her during this painful time.

Will We See Our Pets in Heaven?

Read Lee's post here

No one will really know the answer to this until we actually get to Heaven. I do remember my sister once sharing that a priest told her that if a pet made one happy while on earth, then God would have that pet waiting in Heaven. God wants to see us happy.

That is the gist of what I remember from their discussion. He was a Franciscan priest though :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

HELPFUL ARTICLE - One Simple Step to Radically Boost Your Pet's Immune System

One of my friends shared this with me recently. Hope you don't mind if I post it here:

Read article here

Prayer Request for Eddie the Cat

Please keep Tara's cat Eddie in your prayers:
I just found your website tonight while looking for prayers to say for my sick cat Eddie. He is the most beautiful tuxedo with green soulful eyes and has been the love of my life for the past 13 years. He has been in out and of the vet and emergency hospital all week with urinary blockages. Tomorrow he is being assessed to see if he has bladder stones or something worse. The best case scenario is that he will have successful surgery to remove the stones and be back home with us this time next week.

Please pray for Eddie. I believe in the power of prayer and collective thought and know that miracles do happen in this world. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Stray Cats Mooch and Cher and Updates

My friend Barbara is a feral cat caretaker. I told her we would be keeping two of the cats in your care in our prayers.

The following is an update:
Mooch, the little guy with the hurt paw is fine. He stopped limping the day after I emailed you. Cher, the one who's lost so much weight is still very thin. She eats well and seems to be okay, but is still so skinny. She's not as peppy as usual. We'd appreciate any thoughts or prayers for her.

Thank you so much.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Prayer Request for Gizmo the Dog

Keith requested prayers for his dog Gizmo.
Can you please add my dog Gizmo to your prayer chain? Over the last two months she has had bacteria in her urine and the vet is trying all kinds of stuff. She appears healthy I just hope that this is not the early stages of something big...that it's just something stubborn we, Gizmo and the vet can over come.

Please pray for Gizmo to be well, to beat the bacteria and to not have a serious condition.
Please keep Gizmo and all our sick pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Koda the Cat

Jeanine requested prayers for her son's cat:
Please pray for my son's 2 1/2 year old cat Koda, who I love as much as my own. He is in the hospital battling FLUTD. He has been in and out of the hospital for 10 days now. The vets say he's ok but he refuses to eat and just lays around and drinks water. Blood tests say his kidneys and liver and everything else is alright, but he seems to be failing. My feeling is that only our Lord Jesus Christ can heal him once and for all. Please, please pray for our baby. Thank you.
Please keep Koda and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Sioux the Dog

Julie requested prayers for her dog:
Please pray for my dog Sioux. She is an 11 year old Springer Spaniel. She got sick on Thursday night. I took her to the vet on Friday morning. They took x-rays and it looks like she has a growth on her spleen and her lungs are cloudy. They are pretty sure she has some kind of cancer. I'd appreciate any prayers.
Thank you,
Please keep Sioux and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mourning the Loss of a Pet - Callie the Cat


I'm really sorry to report that Jean's cat Callie died.

Please read Jean's touching tribute to her beloved Kitty cat.

Jean's Blog post

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prayer Request for Bebe the Dog

Steve, Melissa and Lulu left the following prayer request:
Please pray to help us find our pet Chihuahua. She’s about 4-5lbs, white with black ear. Her name is Bebe and was lost in Pecos, TX 79772, on Sept. 4, 2009. We love her so much and have had her for seven years. We really want her back. We pray to St. Anthony, St. Francis, St. Jude, and our lord our God to bring her home safely and soon. We miss you Bebe!!
Please keep Bebe and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Praise Report and Update Sassy the Dog

Sassy's owner emailed me the following:

thanks very much for the prayers for sassy the surgery was a success deeply appreciated
Thanks everyone for your prayers and concerns!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prayer Request for Poptart the Cat

Lisa has requested prayers for her missing cat.
Please pray for my beloved kitty baby Poptart, who has been missing since 08/28/2009.
Please keep Poptart and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Gorby the Cat

Esther and Dave have requested prayers for their missing cat.
Please pray for our cat Gorby who has been missing since 9/4/2009.
Please keep Gorby and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Prayer Request for Sassy the Dog

Pouchielu as requested prayers for her little dog.
I have a Pomeranian whos gonna be 11yrs old Wednesday and she has to have surgery Wednesday her name is SASSY the vet said sometimes at that age they don’t come out of the anesthesia we love her to death shes out little baby girl and our life so please pray for SASSY
Please keep Sassy and all our pets undergoing surgery in your prayers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Prayer Request for Xiang Tao the Cat

Trish requested prayers for Xiang Tao:
Xiang Tao and his litter mate were celebrating the improved health of an older sibling (another Himalayan) with a trip to Vermont. The 3 cats frolicked on a suspended deck, playing with the vigor of kittens. When
they scampered inside, their owners thought all 3 were together but later discovered only 2 of the cats were in the house. The wandering Xiang Tao has not returned, and the Green Mountains are not a hospitable environment for pampered beloved pets.

I pray that Xiang Tao will return to his family who miss him terribly.
St. Anthony and St. Francis, please help.

Please keep him and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Minx the Cat

Please keep our oldest cat in your prayers. We thought we had a hairball caused constipation problem. Now it appears she has Feline Urinary Tract Infection. She is straining to urinate, blood in her urine and licking herself. I hope it isn't anything serious. Because of the long weekend, we will be forced to bring her to another vet, further out and probably lots more expensive.

Thank you very much.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prayer Request for Max the Dog

Max the Dog
Josephine has requested prayers for her missing dog Max.
Can you please pray for the safe return of my beloved basset hound Max.
He has been missing since August 30th. I am so upset. I am four months
pregnant and can't seem to stop crying for my dog. I am so worried that
he is suffering. Here is a picture of my baby.

Thanks and God Bless
Please keep Max and all our missing pets in your prayers. We ask for the intercession of St. Anthony to find Max safe and sound.

Sad Update - Buffy the Dog

Ron and Gala wrote the following:
Not long after I emailed you, my husband found Buffy dead. When we look back, we can see little signs that she was not feeling good for 3 days, she had a cough, but I never thought she would die. Anyway, we are thankful she was found and we dont have to keep wondering where she is now. Keep us in your prayers, we are grieving so much, she was just like a child to us. We miss her terribly.
Thanks again for your prayers.
Please keep Ron and Gala in your prayers during this difficult time...losing a beloved pet.

Prayer Request for Buffy the Dog

Ron and Gala have requested prayers for their missing dog:
Buffy has been missing over 24 hours. Please pray for our little yorkie Buffy to return home safely. We have looked everywhere for her. If someone has her, please pray they will return her.We love her and miss her so much.Thank you for this site as I am an animal lover.
Please pray for Buffy and all our missing pets. We ask for the intercession of St. Anthony, patron saint of lost items.

Update on Callie the Cat

Dear Friends:

The other day I posted what now seems to have been a premature praise report on Callie. original post here

Jean shared the following update:

Update on Callie:

Since I wrote you last, Callie has been to the Dr. twice for diagnostic tests and x-rays. She can barely walk and the vet can't figure out what's wrong with her.

Originally, the vet thought that she might have a tumor on her spine or cancer. Something seems to be wrong with her spine, but it didn't show up in the x-rays. She has pain in that area and meows a lot when she is touched there or if you try to pick her up.

In addition to her diabetes medicine, she now takes medication for inflammation. She stays downstairs all the time now and stays close to her food and water.

Would you please continue to pray for her? It breaks my heart to see her like this, when just a few weeks ago she was running and jumping. She is such a sweet, loving cat.

I have used holy water from Lourdes to bless her and have been praying to St. Francis of Assisi for her healing.

Thanks so much!

God bless you,

Please continue to pray for Callie and all our sick and suffering pets. We especially ask for the intercession of Blessed Seelos who is known for healing sick pets.

Urgent Prayers Needed for Charmer the Horse

Charmer - Photo taken 9/5/09

Charmer the Horse
Dear Friends:

The other day I posted a prayer request from Lisa for her horse Charmer here.

Lisa sent me the following update:
Thank you very much Esther, but we received bad news this evening. The infection isn't getting any better and she is going to need to be put down. We brought her home from the hospital and I am spending all the time I can with her. It would require a miracle now to save her. To see her you would never know she is ill, she nickered to me when I arrived at the hospital and she bright eyed and smiling. This is very hard for me, I just lost my other horse of 25 years the weekend after Christmas. My girl Charmer is so very special I can't imagine my barn with out her.
I am asking you to offer your prayers for Charmer that God in His love of his four-legged creatures, especially a faithful animal like a horse, will heal Charmer.

I am specifically asking for the intercession of Blessed Seelos, who is known for healing sick pets.

As always, God's will be done.

Thank you.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Praise Report - Callie the Cat

The following update is from Jean, Callie's owner:

...Callie is doing better and no longer has diarrhea, but I want to bring her in to have the Dr. check on her legs...

Thanks again everyone for your continued prayers. They do work!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prayer Request for Mazi the Dog

Ceann has requested prayers for this little dog who is missing.
Please say a prayer for this family. They have been searching for their dog relentlessly. They have posted a lost dog ad on pretty much every internet site you can think of. I do not know them personally but I feel for them. I have a toy poodle and shepherd mix and I don't know what I'd do if they went missing. Please send hope and prayers their way. Thank you,
Ceann G. - Knoxville, TN

Craigslist post for missing Mazi

Please keep Mazi and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Winnie the Dog

Gayle has requested prayers for Winnie:
Please add Winnie to your prayer list. She was recently diagnosed with Stage III heartworm and will be undergoing treatment. We've only had her a few months and love her very much. Thank you.
Please continue to keep all our sick pets in your daily prayers.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prayer Request for Skeet the Cat

Laura requested prayers for her cat Skeet:
I would greatly appreciate a prayer request for my cat, Skeet. He is a terribly sweet orange tabby, and he's been missing for several days.
I'm trying so hard to hope for the best, but I fear the worst. I have lost my faith over the past few years, but this experience has caused me to turn inward and try to believe in the healing power of God. Thank you so much for your help.
Please keep Skeet and all our missing pets in your prayers. We ask St. Anthony to intercede.

Laura, we lost our orange Tabby Honey for 4 months. Our family was heartbroken. We searched everywhere for her and visited the humane society daily for a month. We prayed for her too and that she be located. God eventually answered our prayers and we found Honey 4 months later.

Please rely on God during the difficult times in your life.

Prayer Request - Brandy the Dog

Please keep my mom's dog in your prayer. He has an infection in his foot. Thank you!

Prayer Request for Charmer the Horse

Lisa F. left the following prayer request for her horse Charmer:
Could you please pray for my horse Charmer, to recover for a serious foot infection. She still has a very strong will to live, but the infection we are fighting just won't give up. We are trying a new procedure today that I pray will destroy all the infection and let her be able to heal.

Thank you, and God Bless you
Lisa and Charmer
Please keep Charmer and all our injured or sick pets in your prayers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prayer Request for Sissy the Cat

Dancing with Pussycats left the following comment:
I'm so glad you posted this. I've been trying unsuccessfully so far to figure out how to petition prayers for my friend's cat. Now I can do it through the comments on this post.

Sissy is around 15 years old and has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Her doctor says surgery would do more harm than good, so she is on medication to try to help her keep food down.

Please pray that Sissy's health improves.

Fabulous website! Every day I pray for my cat, Pollyrose, and every night she gets blessed with holy water just before bedtime.
Please keep Sissy and all our sick pets in your prayers.

BTW, I bless our animals with Holy Water too!