Friday, August 28, 2015

Prayer Request for Rose and her Kitten

From comment section:
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, today, after months of trying my best to help a four month old baby girl kitten, she is on her final journey to join all pets who were loved so much by their humans. This is especially hard for me today, because over the course of these four months, "baby cat" was always very skittish and weary of allowing me to get close. In this last week however, I believe she needed me and allowed me to help her in the best possible way I could. Sadly, it just wasn't enough. She was infested with fleas, in which I know have caused other major ailments, as her tummy became very swollen. She is comfortable, I have her in a pet bed, and have been giving her tiny sips of water to keep her tongue moist. She meows, but there is no sound. My heart is broke. I have prayed over her and annoited her with Holy water. I pray that her pain and suffering is small, and she will be comforted as only God can do.

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