Monday, August 3, 2015

Prayer Request for Bo the Dog

From Wendy:
"BO" needs as many "prayers" that he can get ... A couple of weeks ago our precious fur baby (dog) started feeling really bad!! He had developed a "cough" and just laid around the house!! We took him to the "vet" and they did an x-ray on him and it showed that he has a collapsed, "treachea" ... For the first time he has been sick, he has now "refused" to eat anything this morning and today! Please say a prayer for "Bo" for God's "healing" and "comfort", because Bo acts as if he's really "scared" and "confused"!! I know that God is the "Devine" healer of all living things He's created and I'm also "praying" that God's will give "Bo" his merciful healing!! Thank you all so much and God bless ya's all!!

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