Monday, April 21, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Clancy and Chase the Dogs

From Lou Ann:
I am helping an out-of-town friend network (and praying, too, of course!) to help these two gentle souls, Chase and Clancy, Golden Retrievers, find a new forever home. Article    Chase and Clancy have lived at the Rectory with Msgr. Frank Wissel @ St. Mary's Parish, Greenwich, Connecticut for the last decade. Msgr. Wissel is now retiring in June to a nursing home but sadly is not permitted to take Chase and Clancy to live with him there. Msgr. Wissel and the Rectory Staff at St. Mary's are looking to place these two lovely fellows together with a family or individual who would give them a new forever home. This is so heartbreaking sad. Can a prayer request please be posted for Chase and Clancy to be blessed with a new loving forever home. Precious thanks,

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