Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Spunky the Dog

From Susie:
Spunky has really been thru a lot this year & to be honest I don't think she will make it another year with us.Her breathing is getting harder for her.I let her stay inside all the time now,she stays beside my desk on puppy pads (because of leakage) ,but with 2 little clip on fans that R turned on almost all day long,even at the coldest temps.Her arthritis & illnesses have weaken her back in & back legs so bad she can barely walk at times.In the A M she falls down just trying to get up to go outside.Her whole back in just falls out from under her & flop,there she goes.She has to take antibiotics every month now at least one round,sometimes 2.With the way arthritis has eaten up her back & hips I do not see how the poor things even gets up,let alone walk. She is on pills for bladder leakage , anti-inflammatory & pain everyday,3-4 x daily.But during all this, that will stubby tail that bulldog mixes has wags when she comes near U as best as she can wag it anymore.I cry almost every time I see her do this ! I named her Spunky as a pup cause she had a LOT of spunk & she still has more than any human I ever saw that was in such bad shape as she is.She goes to vet at least every other month to 2 months for blood work & check up,unless anything comes up before. The vet says she is more concerned with Spunkys heart & lungs now more than anything ! She has heart worms,not as bad but she does,they have taken a toll on her heart & lungs ,plus all the other things she has wrong.Please remember her in your prayers too,I thanks you all .God Bless

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