Monday, January 27, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Luna the Dog

From Bea:
My son's puppy, an American bulldog, has consumed a bottle of Motrin and now her kidneys are failing. Her name is LUNA and she is in Montgomery, AL. right now being treated. They have given her a 50/50 chance but I KNOW THE REDEEMER AND THE GREAT HEALER. For His name is Jesus Christ! I am asking for you to come into agreement with me as two believers that satan HAS to remove his hands from her immediately and she will be restored to perfect health by my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. All the glory is given to Jesus Christ and He is the only way she can be healed!!!

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Anonymous said...

For precious Luna, Holy St. Anthony, St. Roch, St. Jude, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, please in your mercy take Luna into your healing comforting embrace. Please allow the toxins to safely exit her body, restore her kidney function, restore her health, please bring her through this crisis. May she know how much she is loved and cherished and have the energy to overcome this present crisis. Bless you all. All my prayers.