Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Anan Cara the Cat

From Sandra:
please can i call upon u to say a prayer for a friends cat called Anam Cara was hit by a car not sure if e will walk again but with your prayers ........


Anonymous said...

May the Good Lord hold injured kitty, Anam Cara close in His healing embrace and return Anam Cara to full wellness and mobility.

Sandra, healing thoughts and prayers for Anam Cara are sent your way.

God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

For precious Anan Cara, St. Gertrude, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Martin, please in your mercy take Anan Cara into your healing, comforting embrace. Please restore her energy, heal her wounds and injuries, and please restore her ability to walk again. God Bless her and all caring for her.

Anonymous said...

My dear St. Martin,
you were always the perfect example of Christian charity to all of God's creatures,
so I have the confidence to ask fro your intervention.

Please pray with me for this cat, Anan Cara.

God alone knows what is best...if His will allows it, I pray sincerely and with my whole heart for this cat to recover and enjoy many more happy years with the people who love her.
But if this is not to be,
I pray that she endures as little suffering as possible,
and that an angel sits beside her to pet and soothe her.

Please bless the people who care for this little cat, Lord. Comfort them in this and in all their times of need, and help them to forgive the driver of the car.

Breathe on them, and give them strength and peace, Lord, today, and always.

We humble ask this in the name that is above all names,
that of Jesus the Lord.