Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prayer Request for Bijou the Dog

From Linda:
Last night bijou somehow got out of the back yard. We called animal control this morning. No dogs picked up. Everyone look around our immediate block for any signs of a hit animal No signs ! This is good. My Bijou is a sweet Chiquiaua has no bad habits . She has been my baby for 13 yrs. And in good health. At work I had prayed the St. Joseph prayer, The Flower of Carmel. The prayer to St. Anthony for lost things . Everyrhing that I could possibly resight I need additional support. Please prayer for her return


Trevor said...

Dear Linda, please hold onto the fact that not a sparrow falls that God doesn't know about so Bijou is in safe hands. Trevor

Anonymous said...

May the Good Lord watch over your sweet chihuahua, Bijou, keeping her safe, well and free from all harm and guide her home to you, Linda.

Thoughts and prayers are with you for Bijou.

God bless you both!