Friday, May 10, 2013

Sad News - Taylor the Cat

From the owner:
...I am mourning what seems to be the sudden, unexplanable death of my beloved Tuxedo boy, Taylor. I am so upset as it just happened this morning. Please post this request for prayers... I am feeling horrible and that somehow I failed him. I am open to any thoughts but would love to hear or see something from him. Thanks for caring for the animals.
Please keep her in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

My sincere condolences, prayers, and hugs to you at this very difficult time. I am truly so very sorry about your precious Taylor. Although I cannot have any pets of my very own here where I live, I do have a tux kitty gentleman who visits my gardens every day and awaits a little treat.
Please do not feel that you failed your Taylor in any way - I can tell from your writing, your message, how you loved and cared for him so I am certain that your Taylor knows your love for him.
I also believe that because of your strong bond, Taylor will indeed find a very special way to let you know he will always be very much with you in spirit . . . though he can't be with you here in earthly form they do find special ways to reach us from above - from Heaven. It may not happen right away, but Taylor will do so in such a way that you will have no doubt that it is your Taylor. I have personally experienced this with some other four-legged friends or I would not tell you of this.
Perhaps it will give you some comfort to keep something of Taylor's very close to you, a collar perhaps, or a toy, and do not be afraid to whisper your feelings to Taylor.
May Taylor rest in eternal peace and perpetual light shine upon him, and may the Holy Angels who carried Taylor home to Heaven also be present to you now at this most difficult time.
Please take care and know that many here are and will be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss of your much loved kitty, ♥Taylor♥.

Comforting thoughts and prayers are sent your way.

God bless you for the loving home you made for your kitty.