Saturday, February 18, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request for a Yemen Zoo

From Barbara:
Could I please request prayers for the animals in the Taiz zoo in Yemen please? They are only being kept alive by some kind people who are donating money to a charity that is feeding them and are not getting enough money to feed them all the time. Only a few bother to donate. They have currently run out of money and the animals will now not eat till they have enough money again. Some have died in the past. There are two domestic cats and two dogs there as well as 280 other animals. Some of the big cats are endangered species. The government authorities will not feed them or sign permits to release them to other sanctuaries which have agreed to take them. It is a terrible situation for the animals. If anyone wants to view the animals they can be seen on a website called “A Lions” I am not trying to raise money, I just want prayers for with God nothing is impossible. Prayers for food and prayers to change the heart of the governing authorities.

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