Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Prayer Request for Pixel the Cat

From the comment section:
I am in tears reading all the lovely tributes and requests for prayers. I am in need of one and so is my cat. My little Pixel, who is 19, is not well. She may have a tumor in her throat that is obstructing her breathing. Because of her age she may not be able to endure any kind of treatment. I have given her all kinds of different foods to see if she will eat. She did eat for a few days but today, she only drank some water. I know that we may have to euthanize her tomorrow or the next day and it's hard. We had to make that hard decision with her sister Digit last year when her tumor got so bad that she could no longer walk. Other than not eating today, Pixel is still feisty and doesn't like being given the liquid medication. I don't want her to be in pain or to suffer. Digit was my husband's lap kitty and Pixel would always be in my lap. She just wants to be alone now and it's hard to watch her and worry about her. I know we have to do what is right for her but it's so hard.

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