Monday, September 7, 2015

Prayer Request for Bobby the Cat

From comment section:
Hello everyone, I am praying for the health and safe return of my beloved 5 year old male kitty Bobby (tabby - gray and black stripes) who was last seen late night of September 1, 2015 (Irving, Texas corner of MacArthur and Meadow Creek) when I came back home from work. I let him out for fresh air like I do sometimes and he never came back like he does always. Please put in a prayer for me. I have been putting in all my efforts to get the word out from morning till night, and been constantly worried. My thoughts of protection go out to him. I cannot think of the worst, it hurts. I wish for a miracle. He was my companion and home isn't home without him. It is an empty shell. I miss him so much. Come back Bobby. I love you always.

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